Thursday, December 25, 2014

Keeping Christ In Christmas Despite Pagan Associations; The TTiV Christmas Special

Atheists and devil worshipers take great delight in renting billboards to mock Christians and their faith, making sure that Satanic altars are placed next to manger displays in public areas.

Christians of all denominations are under attack all over the world, from within and without. One front is the attack on Christmas, which is so severe that many towns, malls, and businesses now "celebrate" Christmas; without the Christ part. Nowadays, Christmas trees are "holiday trees," Christmas break for schoolchildren is now "Holiday break," and Christmas parades are... well, you know. Even some Christians, citing the belief that Christ was actually born in the Fall season rather than winter, have said that celebrating Christmas is against Scripture.

Scholarly research does prove that when the Roman Emperor Constantine formally adopted Christianity as the official state religion, he also formalized the Festival of Sol Invictus - a pagan celebration of the Sun as a God  already well-established on December 25th since 274 A.D. by Emperor Aurelius - as the date of Christ's birth in an effort to bring pagans into the Church.

On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, TTiV Religion Editor Dr. David Rice explains why the attack on Christmas itself is a tool of the Devil, and why those with pure hearts and intentions have nothing to fear by celebrating the birth of the coming King, Savior, and Messiah, on December 25th.

This episode kicks off by acknowledging the efforts of the Alpena Bike Fest organizers who raised $5,000 for their "Toys For Kids" program last year, an event sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 583  "Operation Holiday," which has provided meals for the underprivileged and toys for children between Thanksgiving and Christmas since 1991. They accept donations all year long, and may be contacted at:

For TTiV OGs, there is some home video interspersed throughout this episode that gives the viewer a glimpse into TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell's 2013 Christmas celebration, and a special message from his wife DeLynn, who is fighting a tremendously courageous battle against cancer.

Merry Christmas to all, and Maranatha; our Salvation draws near.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Torture And The Patriotic American Christian

When I see photos and video of innocent people being beheaded I understand what Evil is, and the Marine in me wants to bring all guns to bear to destroy it with extreme prejudice, using whatever means necessary; going all Jack Bauer if need be in order to protect innocent life. The Christian in me says I must temper my righteous anger so that my actions reflect the Judeo-Christian values I hold and endorse.

"Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord."

So I've been torn on the subject of "torture," particularly when innocent lives are at stake. I remember watching an episode of "24," where Jack Bauer had a man with critical information tied to a chair. This man was a hardened jihadi, time was running out, and Jack set up a video feed that showed the terrorist's family also tied to chairs - with guns to their heads. The man's child was among them.

The man still refused to talk, so Jack ordered his partner to execute the terrorist's wife. A shot rang out and the wife fell back in her chair, out of frame. Jack made it plain that the boy was next to die if the terrorist didn't talk.

He talked and millions of people were saved.

After he spilled the beans though, it was revealed that the wife had not been hurt at all, that her "execution" was a bluff, thereby preserving Jack's status with the audience as a Patriotic hero rather than as an amoral merc.

Was that "torture?" A similar scenario in the recently released report on Enhanced Interrogations says that it is, and that the technique was actually used on a detainee. I don't think that it was torture, nor do I think that the force-feeding of a hunger-striking Kahlid Sheik Mohammed via peanut butter enema was torture.

Some of the EI techniques however, like waterboarding, are torture, having been recognized and implemented as such since the Inquisition.

Having given it some thought and prayer, I have come to the decision that we as a People are better than that, that Christ wouldn't be very happy with us were we to use some of the techniques used by the CIA; techniques that broke down not just the victim, but even those who were implementing them.

We must also consider two other aspects:

1. If any of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines are captured by the enemy, we won't be able to justifiably complain about their treatment if the US condones true torture. As we found out after WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, our enemies don't always play by the rules. Stories about the torture of American prisoners by State actors, despite the fact that they were signatories to the Geneva Convention, are commonplace and well documented, so we can't guarantee how our prisoners are treated in the future either.

Non-state actors like ISIS and al-Qaeda will never conform to international law as it relates to the treatment of prisoners. Nevertheless, we must maintain the moral high ground or we forfeit our right to complain at all when our sons, and possibly daughters, are being held by a hostile force.

Army veteran Cpt. Terry Michael Hestilow talks about the horrific possibility of one of our pilots, possibly a female in today's Air Force, being taken captive by ISIS in this episode of The Truth Is Viral.

2. As Christians, and simply for being Christians, we are considered possible "domestic terrorists" ourselves. Those Christians who "bitterly cling to their guns and Bibles" are of particular interest to the Dept. of Homeland Security, having been classified a greater threat than Islamic extremists. Do we want to have these techniques applied to us as they might be under Executive Order 13603?

That absolutely frightening scenario is laid out in the following episode of The Truth Is Viral by TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell and Pete Santilli, Publisher of the Guerrilla Media Network and brother Marine.

Further, the Obama administration has claimed the "legal" authority to kill any American citizen they choose, without any type of Congressional oversight or judicial review - without so much as a charge of wrongdoing in a court of law - far away from any battlefield. Even the ACLU has called Obama "Judge, jury, and executioner." Attorney General Eric Holder even claims that Obama has the authority to kill American citizens inside the United States, as documented in this episode of The Truth Is Viral:

Back to the subject of torture, I'd like to share an article I read this morning titled, "7 Things Christians Should Know About Torture," from "Cannon and Culture." I know nothing about this website, but this particular article is a good read and should help you understand more about the subject of torture as it relates to our behavior as Children of the Most High God.

Whether you, dear reader, are faithful to a Judeo-Christian belief or not, I think that nearly all Americans share an innate sense of fair play. Despite what ultra-liberal politicians would have us believe as they push the demonstrably false "Hands up, don't shoot" narrative in Ferguson Mo. and across the country, the end does not justify the means.

How we fight the battle - whatever that particular battle may be - will be taken into account on Judgment Day. I, for one, want to be able to tell my Judge that I protected the innocent, defended the weak, and fought with Honor.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bob Powell

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks Through Turbulent Times: Happy Thanksgiving From TTiV

My daughter is dead. My mother and wife both have terminal Stage-IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer. It feels as though I am losing everyone I love, one at a time. In the past two years seven of my closest friends and family members have died from cancer or heart attacks. Ironically, and disconcertingly, seven is also the exact number of viewers who have written to tell me that after watching one of my shows, they were led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sweet Jesus, what price must I pay to keep the promise that I made to my daughter,  to bring your children to Salvation as I swore that I would? Will you take one of my loved ones for each soul I bring to your altar? Will you take my entire family to make up for the cowardice I showed when I didn't tell my little girl about You because I was afraid to push her away after having just gotten her into my life after a lifetime of searching for her?

All of this crap going on in our lives Father, the illness, the pain, it's almost too much...

What have I got to be thankful for?

A LOT, as it turns out.

I got an email the other day that asked me to take a few minutes before I went to sleep and thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family. The email said that I shouldn't pray asking for anything; just count my blessings and give thanks for them. It took me about half an hour to recount them all.

As part of dealing with the nearly overwhelming trials our family is experiencing, I have started to attend caregiver and grief counseling at a local cancer support group. The theme for this past meeting was, suitably, to recount those things for which we are thankful. I thought I would share them with you.

May you all be blessed with traveling safety, valuable times with friends and loved ones, and may you remember the Source from Whom all blessings flow.

Happy Thanksgiving.
God bless & Semper Fi,
Bobby and DeLynn Powell
and the entire TTiV staff.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

TTiV Prayer Warrior Call To Action: "Father, Please Save My Wife"

Celebrating Our Anniversary At A Petoskey B&B 2013, Courtesy Jim Babbitt's Family

I would like to thank all of The Truth Is Viral's subscribers for their loyalty over the past few years. I apologize that I have not been around much lately, but being with and caring for my wife DeLynn takes precedence over everything right now.

All attempts to treat her Stage IV Colorectal and Liver Cancer, including state-of-the-art chemotherapies and a few alternative treatments such as baking soda and molasses, have failed. Her most recent PET scan showed an increase in the number of tumors in both her liver and colon, as well as increased tumor size and metabolic activity.

DeLynn Holds Our Grandson Conner For The 1st Time 1/14

She is in an incredible amount of pain, and she is very weak; but she also has an incredible spirit - the Spirit of a Warrior - and she will NEVER give up.

Her oncologist is continuing three less toxic chemotherapy drugs every other week in hopes of extending her life, but barring a miracle my beloved wife of 28 years will be going Home to Father soon.

We would both appreciate your prayers. Specifically, please ask that Father will completely cure her cancer, diabetes, and the excruciatingly painful diabetic neuropathy that had disabled her long before she was stricken with cancer.

DeLynn @ The Garden Of The Gods in 1987
My poor baby girl has suffered so much over the past 17 years since the neuropathy started in her feet, eventually encompassing every square inch of her body except from the neck up. She describes the pain as being "boiled in oil." This kind, loving, faithful woman has suffered enough, more than enough. She deserves to be healed.

(Look at the photo on the right. Isn't she beautiful?)

If a healing miracle is not God's will, surely He won't begrudge us the strength we, particularly I, will need to cope with her passing. Pray for that strength too, in Jesus' Holy Name, and I know that the Comforter will be with us in these dark days.

As far as producing The Truth Is Viral goes, I will continue to do what I can when I can. We are at war with the Devil himself, and we will ALL take casualties before this battle is over. When my beloved wife DeLynn goes Home to be, and wait for me, with Father, there will be two casualties: Her AND I. Her problems will be over. Mine will have just begun.

Again, all I ask is that you keep us both lifted up to Father in your prayers. Maybe you could put our names on the prayer list at your church to ask your fellow worshipers to mention us. The more people that pray for my wife, the better. I KNOW Father can work miracles, I've SEEN it, and so have TTiV viewers, in this video:  

Our God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the Almighty and Great Physician, CAN heal my wife. If you just watched that video you saw for yourself how the swelling in her arm decreased as she read online prayers left for her. The only question is; "Will He?"

If God miraculously heals my wife, I promise at this moment that I will tirelessly share that healing miracle with the rest of the world as proof that our God Jehovah is indeed the "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords." If saving her is not His will, I will praise Him for the 28 wonderful years that we have had together, the five beautiful children we made, and the privilege of having known true love; but truth be told, I'd much prefer another 28 years together on this Earth, so let's pray for that shall we?

Thank you, God bless and Semper Fi,

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hoax Exposed: No RFID Chips In Ebola Vaccine

Reports are circulating around the internet that mandatory Ebola vaccines are being planned to force American citizens into unwittingly being injected with an RFID chip, which some believe will be the "Mark of the Beast" foretold in the Book of Revelation. These reports are absolutely false.

A website called Nationalreport is responsible for this hoax, which has taken in a large number of victims, terrifying Americans unnecessarily, for no other reason than to generate clicks with their "Fear Porn."

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Publisher Bobby Powell walks the viewer through a series of stories published by Nationalreport that are nothing but utter garbage, stories in which he has been intimately involved, and he tops his evidence off with an interview with the clerk at the Hanna Wyoming Town Hall.

The small mining town of Hanna was picked, apparently at random, by Nationalreport, and populated with fictitious characters who were being "forced to take an RFID chip" under the auspices of Obamacare in order to continue receiving welfare or maintain a job with the town. The town's residents are not very happy about the story published by Nationalreport.

"Rev Michelle Hopkins" - False Prophet & Liar
As long as the topic of this episode is Dis and Misinformation (otherwise known as lying) alternative media personality Rev. Michelle Hopkins can get in on some of this. It seems that a very popular upload by Rev. Hopkins featured video deceptively edited to make Barack Obama say exactly the opposite of his unedited comments.

Hopkins edit is shown in its entirety in this episode; but the unedited Obama speech at Palais Des Beaux Arts in Brussels Belgium can be seen here:

Commenting in her own defense, Hopkins has said, "Well we know that's what Obama is thinking." That may be true, but that fact is that he did not say it, and to deceptively edit video to make it seem as though he had is just that: Deceptive.

There is no room in alternative media - Any media for that matter - for hoax websites, or self-proclaimed "Christians," who use fear porn and deception to sway their audience, or publish stories that they know to be untrue in order to generate clicks. Holy cow, isn't the truth terrifying enough?

You can't truly lead people to Christ with a lie either.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bankster Scum Forge Docs To Steal Disabled Granny's Home

EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite a campaign of paper terrorism waged against The Truth Is Viral by Youtube user WheepingWillow2, which forced Publisher Bobby Powell to continually defend the channel against her spurious, bad faith claims of privacy violation and copyright infringement, Youtube has finally restored TTiV's work product and vindicated Bobby's reputation.

We have in our possession several emails and recorded phone calls from her BEGGING for her video to be included in the program so she could show her paperwork to the viewer, as well as screenshots of comments she made after the show had aired thanking us for helping her. It was only when her brother, and others familiar with her situation, started making comments under this video that I REFUSED to delete that WheepingWillow2 went totally bat-sh*t crazy.

We didn't even have to resort to "Fair Use," a doctrine that allows for the use of another person's material for the purposes of news reporting. Our use of her material clearly falls under that category, yet she would not extend the same courtesy to us that she demands of everyone else.

This is how she operates; she uses the law when it suits her, yet claims that it does not apply to her because she will not claim "that name." That is THE most ridiculous thing of which we have ever heard.

We're done with this drama. After she included Bobby, his wife, and children in a "Tort" lawsuit he decided that his family had suffered enough for his sense of accuracy, editorial integrity, and journalistic ethics and removed all of the videos on Youtube that mentioned her in any way. He did not have the time, nor the inclination, to let this soul-sucking vampire - who was so low that she blamed his wife's cancer on his refusal to do exactly what she said -  steal one more moment of his time. Bobby signed for the legal service that WeepingWillow2 sent to TTiV's business address to a local lawyer who was amused at the filing (glad someone was having a good time.) He told Bobby not to worry about it, that WheepingWillow2 has no clue what she's doing. This was proven true when her lawsuit was dismissed for being "frivolous"

Bent on vengeance, WheepingWillow2 called the Alpena County Sheriff's Department in an attempt to get Bobby "SWATTED," a practice where a false claim is made to authorities making them think that an innocent person presents some type of threat. WheepingWillow2 accused Bobby of planning to kill her; a statement so ridiculous that we almost do not want to respond to it. Bobby did, however, meet with Terry King, the Alpena County Undersheriff, who assured him that the Sheriffs Department did not take her report seriously, that his activities as the Publisher of TTiV were completely lawful, even calling Bobby a "great Patriot."

For the record (and every conversation Bobby ever had with WheepingWillow2 and members of the Daviess County Sheriffs Department, including Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain was recorded, every email saved, and many screenshots taken) Bobby and TTiV did nothing but try to help WheepingWillow2 remain in her home to live in peace. (Previous two paragraphs were added 9/15/15 to reflect Bobby's meeting with the Undersheriff.)

WheepingWillow2's home is scheduled to be sold on March 16th, and from what The Truth Is Viral has learned she has no intention of leaving it peacefully.

Bobby spoke with Sgt. Robert Taul of the Daviess County Sheriff's Department today, Friday the 13th 2015, and Sgt. Taul said that the Sheriff's Department was well aware that the extrication of this woman from her home will be problematic, but he assured TTiV that they would do whatever needed to be done to ensure WheepingWillow2's safety.

To be clear: Even though WheepingWillow2 (If I DARED type her real, legal name, it would undoubtedly unleash a new rash of privacy violation complaints through YT's automated system that I would be forced to defend, and I just don't have the time) has demonstrated severe mental instability and a propensity to stab those who try to help her in the back, we will continue to keep her in our prayers.

All we ever tried to do was help this woman, and for our reward we were betrayed, lied to and about, and made the victim of fraudulent copyright complaints that temporarily disabled our ability to broadcast live - a feature that would have come in very handy when we were in Washington DC last week for Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu's visit.

BOBBY SAYS: I have definitely learned a valuable lesson from this nightmare though: From now on I am going to do a LOT more research into the background of those who ask me for help. Had I watched more of her videos I would have realized that she has a pattern of threatening people who have tried to help her with lawsuits when they don't do exactly what she wants.

In my humble opinion, WheepingWillow2 is a scam artist who knows just enough of the law to be dangerous, to allow her to intimidate her victims with lawsuits; but not enough to actually win any of them.

A totally disabled, wheelchair-using, great-grandmother in Kentucky is fighting to remain in her home of 39 years after a bank has presented what she claims to be a forged document to a Daviess County judge claiming that she owes more than $48,000.

Owensboro resident Carol Roberts says that she has been targeted for victimization by her lender, and that all of her attempts to prove that the bank's sole document is a forgery - a document which reopened a case that had previously been dismissed because the bank failed to appear at several hearings - have been rebuffed by the judge.

Sheriff Keith Cain
Bobby Powell, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Truth Is Viral, has been in touch with Daviess County Sheriff Keith Cain about Robert's charges of forged documents and possible collusion between the bank and the presiding judge. Sheriff Cain seemed concerned that one of his constituents is being taken advantage of, and has promised to give Robert's documents a thorough review. Cain's hands may be tied however. If he receives a lawful order from the court to evict Roberts from her home, the Sheriff will have no choice but to carry out that order. So we need to make sure that order is never issued.

Carol Roberts is all alone, she is scared, and she is stubborn. Disabled and living on a pittance of Social Security, she can not afford to hire a lawyer to help her navigate the complex machinations of the legal system. She has mounted a valiant defense on her own, but she really needs expert help.

Please watch this episode of TTIV and see if there is anything that you can do for Carol. If you are a para-legal or attorney licensed to practice in Kentucky then you are in particular need. Even if you can not help Carol yourself you may know someone who can; by simply sharing this video, it may land on the Facebook or Twitter feed of the person who will ultimately come to her aid.

Click the share button, it'll only take a second and you could literally save someone's life. Here is the link to Carol's original video, where you can find much more information in the video description and comment section:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

FOX Host Blasts Network For Covering Up McCain Links To ISIS Leader

On the June 23rd episode of the FOX News program "The Five," co-host Eric Bolling blasted the network for refusing to show photographs of US Senator John McCain meeting with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi when he was still a "moderate Syrian rebel."

"There are photographs of United States Senators meeting with terrorists that we won't run here," Bolling said. "We don't know who our friends are, we don't know who we're arming, we don't know who we're giving money to, we don't know who we're training... we should just stop."

The Truth Is Viral is not afraid to publish those photographs. You will see them in this episode as we pay homage to Eric Bolling, a truth-teller awash in a sea of MSM lies; the TTiV "Good Guy of the Week."

Obama's Triple Threat Of Ebola, Islamic Terror, And Slavery By Exec Order

Imagine a devastating series of terrorist attacks on malls, schools, hotels, and hospitals in the midst of an Ebola outbreak in the US. Yes the idea is terrifying. And it is all too possible, so much so that the federal government has already begun to act on Presidential Executive Orders 13603 and 13295, forcing doctors in Texas to work on combating the Ebola virus.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bobby Powell appears on the Pete Santilli Show and the two expose the true agenda behind these executive orders and the latest DHS Intelligence Assessment that fingers Patriots rather than Muslims as the biggest emerging threat.

The Department of Homeland Security is warning officers that there is a much greater threat posed by peaceful ranchers like Cliven Bundy than by ISIS terrorists and those they have called to wage individual jihad and "slaughter" Americans, particularly members of the military and their families, and other Westerners. They also send a message to federal agents in the hopes that it is not too late to wake them up to the truth.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Army Officer: "Wait Until ISIS Captures One Of Our Pilots And Beheads Him (Or Her) On TV"

Since the bombing campaign against ISIS began on September 23rd, the US has launched about 450 sorties. By contrast, Operation Desert Storm kicked off with more than 1,000 sorties the first day. Obama's ISIS strategy is a joke, much like his "coalition."

The Iraqi army is in shambles. If Iraqi soldiers didn't drop their weapons and run from a much smaller ISIS force, they turned around and joined them. Qatar won't commit troops to fight ISIS, nor will Jordan, Saudi Arabia, or the Gulf Emirate states. They have, in fact, been ISIS' largest supporters, having given millions of dollars and tons of weaponry to the terrorist army in hopes that they would help overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


Turkey won't fight ISIS unless ISIS is dumb enough to enter Turkey. The Turks have had tanks on a hill outside of the Syrian border city of Kobani for weeks, watching as a humanitarian crisis brewed, watching as Syrian Kurds were slaughtered. They even helped ISIS out a bit by striking Kurds on the Turkish side of the border. We can't count on Turkey.

Every military talking head that can get in front of a microphone and a camera is telling the American public that the fight against ISIS can not be won without "boots on the ground." This is a well known military fact, something which is apparently lost on the US Commander-in-Chief.

Or is it?

Last year Obama was stymied when he tried to get American troops into Syria by claiming the Syrian government had used chemical weapons on civilians, the same lie that he used against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi a year earlier. But this time he failed. As determined by UN investigator Carla Del Ponte', Obama's "Red Line" was crossed not by Assad, but by the "moderate Syrian rebels" Obama and members of Congress had been supporting.

The beheadings of American journalists and other Westerners by ISIS terrorists have already inflamed the passions of the American public, with many calling for American troops to be inserted into the conflict. Imagine what will happen when an American pilot, possibly a woman, is shot down and subsequently beheaded by ISIS. The American public would demand that Obama send American troops into harm's way to destroy ISIS.

This scenario is not at all far-fetched. Not only has ISIS acquired shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles from a fleeing Iraqi army, they have also taken possession of more than 20,000 similar MANPAD platforms that were "liberated" from Gadaffi's armories as detailed in this episode of The Truth Is Viral:

US Ambassador Christopher Stephens was, in fact, running guns from al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya to ISIS through Turkey. That is why he was killed.

Sen John McCain with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
In this episode of The Truth Is Viral we present photographic and video evidence that far right members of the Republican party, including Arizona Senator John McCain, are actively supporting ISIS terrorists. Special guest Captain Terry Michael Hestilow - a possible 2016 Presidential candidate - breaks down the situation in Iraq and Syria, explaining why Obama's plan is destined for failure; and what his real objectives might be.

Captain Terry Michael Hestilow USA (Ret)
Cpt. Hestilow is a life-long soldier, having fought as a private in the jungles of Vietnam, working his way up the ranks and retiring as a Captain after his tours in Afghanistan. His Judeo-Christian influenced opinions, further formed by a lifetime of experience as an American soldier, are well worth hearing.

Cpt. Hestilow also talks about the deployment of US troops to West Africa, where the Ebola virus has killed upwards of 4,000 people, and the threat that the virus - and ISIS terrorists who have pledged to strike American soldiers and their families, "slaughtering them in their homes - pose to American citizens abroad and at home.

This episode concludes with an update on the health of the wife of TTiV Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell. DeLynn has received several get well cards in the mail and hundreds of comments and prayers on the TTiV Facebook page, and she wanted me to make sure to tell everyone how grateful she is for all of the prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes.

"Never give up, never surrender."

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bobby Powell
The Truth Is Viral

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To Defeat ISIS Terrorists; Fight Terror With Terror (And Swine Fat)

The Truth Is Viral is pleased to welcome Silver Bullet Gun Oil to the TTiV family. To celebrate this partnership, TTiV will be giving away a goodie bag containing a bottle of SBGO, a TTiV t-shirt, and an ISIS Hunting Permit bumper sticker.

In order to win this goodie bag, you need to upload a video around a minute in length telling me why you want a bottle of Silver Bullet Gun Oil. Send the link to your video to my Facebook inbox at The funniest and/or most entertaining video will win.

Your face does NOT have to be visible in order to qualify. If you do not wish to reveal your identity to the world, you do not have to. TTiV Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell will be the sole judge of the videos, and no other person will ever know the identity of the creator if that is the winner's personal preference.

If you can't wait to lubricate your weapon with this terrifying force-multiplier in the war on radical Islam, or simply don't wish to enter this contest, you can still get a bottle of SBGO with the limited edition TTiV logo (and a secret surprise!) by visiting and entering the promo code "TTiV".


Saturday, August 30, 2014

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Bobby Powell's Wife Still In Hospital, Suffers Heart Attack


Folks, my wife - who has been bravely battling Stage 4 Colo-rectal and liver cancer for nearly two years -  has been getting worse and worse over the past few months. I had to call an ambulance last Saturday afternoon due to her increasing refusal to make sense. And then she stopped talking all together. I did not realize it at the time, but she had slipped into a diabetic coma, her heart racing at nearly 200 BPM.

As you watch the video you will notice that I couldn't find her "Do Not Resuscitate" order. Well thank God I couldn't find it because a few minutes after I left the hospital Saturday night DeLynn had a heart attack, and for several minutes she was gone; but because I had left instructions to revive her that is exactly what they did. Her written DNR stated that should her breathing ever stop they were to let her go.

Even though I went against her wishes, ultimately she was glad that I did. Apparently there are several levels of care to withhold, it's not as simple as "pulling the plug." The way that she had her paperwork filled out, the doctors would have stopped working on her as soon as she stopped breathing, which she did a few times. We both agreed that was WAY too soon, so we will be sitting down with a couple of the hospital's social workers to correctly fill out Living Wills for both of us.

Over the past few days she has improved enough to be moved out of ICU into a semi-private room; but even though they control every gram of food and every dram of liquid that she ingests, and measure everything that comes out, they can not get her diabetes under control, nor can they get her heart rate stabilized. I don't imagine that they will let her come home until they get those two things leveled out, probably some time next week.

Seeing as how she is not yet out of the woods, your continued prayers will be much appreciated.

From what I understand, they are finally going to send a couple of home health care nurses to help us out too. Nothing like having a client literally dying because they didn't have a skilled medical practitioner taking care of them to make bureaucrats realize they weren't "at capacity" after all. When people still had a lick of common sense they called that "Closing the barn door after the horses have escaped," and it was something to be avoided.

I'm sorry if I sound bitter, I don't want to be. I don't want to lose my wife is all. She really is my everything.

What a roller coaster of a week it has been dear friends. First, DeLynn dies (and is resuscitated of course) and then I wake up looking like a Walking Dead reject with a bloody crust the size of a quarter in my left ear where blood had pooled, and with my right eye swollen shut as if it had been super glued with blood. I have no idea why I'm leaking blood from my ear and eye like this (I'm fairly certain Ebola has nothing to do with it) but I wish I wasn't. I could do without that bit of worry.

No, I'm not going to go to the hospital. I'm not even done paying for my last hospital tab. I still have my Medicare, but because of the pittance I earn with TTiV I am no longer eligible for Medicaid. 20% of the hospital bill and 100% of any regular office visit must come out of my pocket, and since I haven't been producing many shows lately all I have in my pockets is lint.

Youtube even took the ability to monetize away from my interview with Chaldean Christian spokesman Mark Arabo because the subject was "too sensitive." This has been happening with greater and greater frequency as the channel has grown  and more people pay attention to it. Google (which is failing in it's attempt to "Don't Be Evil") is trying to make it economically unfeasible to broadcast Christian content.

Too bad Google doesn't know me the way you know me. They'd realize that their attempts to silence me by withholding money is a futile gesture. This has never been, and never will be, about money.

My Inspiration
Your prayers are the manna upon which we survive, and we need them now more than ever. The Devil is attacking me and my family ferociously. He tried to keep me from spreading the Truth by beating us down economically, but he failed. So now he's literally trying to kill us.

Stoopid Monkey: Almighty God is providing Overwatch.

But with your help we WILL get through this, and we will be stronger for it, so that we may continue our mission to "Save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ." Can we get it done? Can I get an "Amen"?

God Bless and Semper Fi,

If anyone would like to send DeLynn a Get Well card, you can send it to this address:

DeLynn Powell
c/o The Truth Is Viral
P.O. Box 91
Alpena, Mi.,

If you are financially able you can support this ministry by clicking the Paypal button on the top right of the page, or by sending a donation to the P.O. Box listed above. Donations from disabled veterans are kindly refused. You have done enough for this country. God bless you, and Semper Fi!

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PLEASE everyone, if you EVER cared a lick about me and my family I need you to do this for me! I'm not ready to lose the love of my life; not tonight, and not ever.

I am more than ready to be prepared to expect a miracle. In order to get a miracle, you must first ask for it. Here goes, "Father you know I am a wicked sinner, and while I don't have it within myself to do anything, Jesus Christ saved the world. He has that kind of Power. Would it be possible for Him to use a little bit of it to spare my wife, a good, decent woman, from the horrors of the illnesses that have ravaged her for over a decade?

Christ also tells us that nothing is beyond our reach, that if we need something all we need do is call on His holy name and it will be granted to us.

Father, Jesus, I want my wife to live. I not only want her to live, I want her to be healthy again. I want the cancer gone, the diabetes kaput, and the diabetic neuropathy to simply melt away. I don't want to be rich, I don't want to be famous, I just want the woman that you gave to me to be my companion, the mother of my children, and the moral compass that You knew I needed, to be healthy again.

Lord, you brought your friend Lazarus back from the dead, even after he'd been in the grave for three days, so I KNOW you can do it again; if you just had the will. Father grant me this and I swear that I will work much harder to save lives and win souls for you. I will forfeit my own life if need be to save just one more soul, with my beloved wife at my side.

In Jesus Holy Name we pray.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

EMERGENCY VIDEO!! TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell's Wife Is IN Hospital, In A Diabetic Coma

DeLynn Holds Our Grandson Conner For The 1st Time 1/14
Folks, my wife has been getting worse and worse over the past few months. I had to call an ambulance this afternoon due to her increasing refusal to make sense. And then she stopped talking all together.

I'll be broadcasting a live show later tonight during which I hope that you will join me in praying for her complete recovery. I've never been much for "laying on of hands" but at this point we have nothing left to lose.

At the very least, please make sure that you share this video in EVERY way you know how. TTiV has 25,000 Subscribers and that is an ARMY by any definition. I need my foot soldiers out there sending this show to all of the forums you can think of, shoot it out in emails to ALL of your friends, Post it on Facebook; not just on your timeline, but in each group to which you belong.

PLEASE everyone, if you EVER cared a lick about me I need you to do this for me! I'm not ready to lose the love of my life; not tonight, and not ever.

I'm a wicked sinner, but I am more than ready to be prepared to expect a miracle. In order to get a miracle, you must first ask for it. Here goes, "Father you know I am a wicked sinner, and while I don't have it within myself to do anything, Jesus Christ saved the world. He kinda had a home field advantage though didn't He Father?

Christ also tells us that nothing is beyond his reach, that is we need something all we need do is call on your holy name and it will be granted to us.

Father, Jesus, I want my wife to live. I not only want her to live, I want her to be healthy again. I want the cancer gone, the diabetes kaput, and the diabetic neuropathy to simply melt away.

Lord, you have brought men back from the dead, even after he'd been stinking up his own grave for three days, so I KNOW you can go it again; if you just had the will.

Father grant me this and I swear that I will work much harder to save lives and win souls for you.

In Jesus Holy Name we pray.

PS: Check out the little video above, the reason that she got so ill so quick in the first place. If there had been enough money for hospice, DeLynn wouldn't be in the hospital. If she wasn't white, she wouldn't be in the hospital/ Thank you Barack Hussein Obama.

Friday, August 8, 2014

ISIS Terrorists Behead Christian Women And Children In Iraqi Genocide; 350K "Under The Knife"

EDITOR'S NOTE: A series of very disturbing photographs depicting the barbaric atrocities inflicted on Christians in Syria and Iraq by ISIS terrorist originally accompanied this story. They have been taken down, but are available on the internet simply by searching if you doubt that these atrocities are indeed taking place; beheadings of children, rapes, sexual slavery, crucifixions... Basically, if it's the most vile, disgusting, Satanic blood-letting degenerate human activity that can be imagined, ISIS is using it as a weapon against their enemies.

There is NO violence or gore in the video above.

As many as 350,000 Christians in Syria, Iraq, and other areas of the Middle-east that have fallen to the army ant-like advance of the Islamist terror group known as ISIS, ISIL, or simply IS - The Islamic State - are in "imminent danger" of being murdered in the most horrific fashion for refusing to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ or convert to the ISIS brand of Islam.

On this extremely urgent and important episode of The Truth Is Viral, spokesman for the global Chaldean Christian community Mark Arabo tells of entire cities in Northern Iraq where Christians have been evacuated ahead of the most horrifically barbaric ethnic cleansing since the Crusades. Arabo says tens of thousands of Christians have already fallen to the bloody sword of ISIS terrorists. Christian men and boys are crucified and/or beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam; but only after being forced to watch their wives, daughters, and sisters raped and beheaded first.

The onslaught of the terrorist horde has been so brutal that even the vaunted Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, long extremely capable military allies of the United States in northern Iraq, have been defeated. The city of Qaraqoush, the largest Christian community in Iraq, and four suburbs have fallen to ISIS along with Mosul, Iraq's second largest city and home to the Mosul dam which has also come under ISIS control.

The UN estimates that up to 50,000 Christians and members of the Yazidi minority, along with Shia and Sufi Muslims, have fled to Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq. The mountain is completely surrounded by ISIS terrorists and the terrified civilians have been issued an ultimatum: Convert or die. There have been reports that ISIS has offered to let some Christians live if they paid a religious "jizya" tax, but when they came forward with the money they were robbed and murdered anyway.

In response to the impending genocide of Christians in Iraq, American President Barack Obama authorized air drops of humanitarian aid to the beseiged Christians on Mount Sinjar and, reluctantly, also authorized air strikes on ISIS positions. While this action from Obama is indeed welcome, observers have to wonder what took him so long. ISIS has been ravaging Syria and Iraq for many months, destroying shrines holy to all three Abrahamic religions and murdering anyone - Shia and Sufi Muslims included - who refused to bend a knee to their bloodthirsty god and bloodthirsty religion. Entire Christian villages like Maaloula have been wiped out and tens of thousands of Christians have died; tortured, raped, crucified, and beheaded.

The images embedded in this story and in the video are absolutely tame compared to the horrors this reporter has seen while researching this story. ISIS terrorists are tech-savvy and are not the least bit afraid to upload evidence of their atrocities to the internet.

Men, women, and even children - little girls no older than six or seven - have been beheaded by these Satanically-inspired animals for holding onto their faith and refusing to renounce their Savior Jesus Christ. The males are often crucified, the females nearly always raped before being killed or sold into sexual slavery, as a war prize, to the very terrorists who killed their families.

The souls of these brave Christians are, without a doubt, the ones spoken of in the Book of Revelation, which reads in Chapter 6, verse 9:, "I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. And they cried with a loud voice, saying, "How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?" Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed.”

Arabo has been desperately trying to arrange safe havens to which persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria can flee. "All we want is to wake up in the morning, say an Our Father and a Hail Mary, and not have to worry about being beheaded," he said. "Many thousands have already fallen under the knife."

Islam: The Religion of Peace?
France is offering asylum to Iraqi Christians, and Arabo is lobbying to get other European countries on board. "We can not, in good faith, tell Christians that are being persecuted and beheaded to stay where they are. 350,000 Iraqi Christians are in imminent danger," Arabo continued. "We have to do what we can as human beings, with a human heart, to make sure that we pray for them, contact members of Congress, the President, and even the United Nations, to get the world community to come together and offer these people a home."

If you would like to know more about how you can help our Christian brothers and sisters fleeing persecution and near-certain death at the hands of the most bloodthirsty terrorists the world has ever seen, please visit or

 Getting this information out to the world is EXTREMELY important. The stated mission of The Truth Is Viral is to "Save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ" in these very last days. It doesn't get any more real than this folks, so remember to share this episode in every way that you can. Share it to all of your social media platforms, on your Facebook timeline and in each of the groups to which you belong.

Lives are depending on us. Let's get it done!

God bless all of our brothers and sisters all over the world who are facing persecution that we in the West can scarcely imagine. Keep them lifted up to the Lord in prayer, ask for His divine protection for everyone who finds themselves face-to-face with these Satanic, murdering scum.

Semper Fi,
Bobby Powell
The Truth Is Viral

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Violent Amnesty Supporters Threaten Journalist At Lansing Immigration Protest

An African-American anti-immigration protestor took offense to being called a "racist Nazi" and "Klan member" by counter-protestors from the radical pro-amnesty group BAMN  (By Any Means Necessary) and decided to ask BAMN supporters if they really thought he was a Nazi at a lively protest in Lansing Michigan where two people had been arrested the previous day.

Bobby Powell, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Truth Is Viral, accompanied the man to the person who was leading their chants on the megaphone where he asked, "Is this black man a Nazi racist just because he doesn't agree with you?" BAMN's response to this perfectly legitimate question was to hurl a torrent of insults and threats of deadly violence.

Kumbaya much?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Armed Patriots Stand Against Violent Amnesty Supporters; Civilian Militias Patrol Texas Border - LIVE TTiV-GMN Simulcast

I want to begin this very special episode of The Truth Is Viral by thanking the people that made it possible. This was actually a spur of the moment thing as I was just coming back from Illinois where I had taken the boys to see their grandmother in advance of a very serious cancer surgery.


So I put out a call for donations and you responded: Jenny, Shelby, Susan, Gary, Cindy, James, Linda, Maureen, Janet, Sheryl, John,, and Albert all donated to get me to Lansing. But I was particularly blessed by two generous donations from Richard and Scott. It really does humble me, and it makes me proud at the same time, that people think enough of what I do that they are willing to donate their hard-earned dollars to enable me to do it.

My First-Born Child Is My Love And Inspiration
Since the death of my daughter a little over two years ago, the stated mission of The Truth Is Viral is to “Save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ.” I can’t say for sure how many lives we saved but I know for certain that three people have been led to salvation through Jesus Christ after watching one of my shows. I know this because they wrote and told me.

I’m telling you folks, that’s an awesome feeling. See, I’m not a TV preacher and I don’t know that I would ever want to be one. I’m just a filthy sinner that’s been saved and I’m trying to save others the only way I know how, and that’s by reporting the news and relating it to biblical prophecy. I could report this news from the safety of my own home, but after you watch this episode of TTiVLIVE! I think that you will agree that helping me get into the thick of it makes for a much more exciting and informative program. And folks, in this episode of The Truth Is Viral I do get into it. I’ll almost got my skinny ass kicked twice.

Your donations help me do that and one day I hope to be able to hire a video editor full time so that I can concentrate on gathering and delivering the news. For the time being anyway my responsibilities at home preclude the possibility of me doing this every week, but from time to time I hope to be able to bring you more exciting episodes of The Truth Is Viral just like this one. You won’t see any of this on the mainstream media or COINTELPRO alternative media websites.

For this special episode of The Truth Is Viral, I have combined the TTiVLIVE! stream, the stream from the Guerrilla Media Network that was produced by Audiosoldier and simulcast to a potential audience in the millions, and other video we shot that day for this very special TTiVLIVE!. We also go to Texas where patriot Blaine Cooper - the man who stood up to Sen. John McCain and called him a traitor at a town hall meeting -  is with a group of Arizona militia as they protect farmers from Mexican drug cartels and find out about his mission there. Chief Mark Kessler is also in Texas doing some recon. Both of these men will be on TTiV in the very near future to talk about their experiences, and why they are in Texas in the first place.

Folks, we are at war. At stake in this war, at the very minimum, is the American way of life.

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and all of the other race-baiting traitors in Congress want to throw open our borders and give billions of dollars to gang members and disease vectors while ignoring the threat posed by Islamic terrorists who are also sneaking over the border. They want to give billions of dollars to people who have entered this country illegally; providing them shelter, health care, food stamps, and even a lawyer for their immigration hearing, when tax paying natural-born American citizens - many of them veterans  - are going homeless and hungry.

Armed Patriots Protest Against Amnesty For Illegal Aliens
Real Americans have finally had enough and they are turning out to protest this wave of illegal aliens by the tens of thousands. Last weekend there were protests in each of the 50 states, and in this episode of TTiVLIVE! you will see one of them close up.

This was in fact one of several protests occurring in the Metro Detroit and Lansing areas that day. This particular protest was sponsored by Overpasses for America Michigan. Members of Oath Keepers and the III%ers were also there flying their colors, and packing some serious heat.

It’s a good thing too because the group that was protesting on behalf of the illegal aliens calls itself “BAMN,” which stands for "By Any Means Necessary." Folks you need to take these people at their word. While I was there, even though I was being very respectful, I was surrounded by these violent thugs twice and threatened with deadly violence. Had the Michigan State patrol not been there in force I’m sure these scumbags would have initiated some type of violent confrontation. As it was, the boys in blue rescued me twice, and for that I thank them.

As you can plainly see in this video, BAMN wasn’t interested in any type of intelligent dialogue. As far as they are concerned anyone who opposes them is a racist Nazi clan member, and that, apparently, includes just about everyone.

I’d like for viewers to take notice of the fact that there are no swastikas at this protest, not so much as a Confederate flag - not that there’s anything wrong with the Stars and Bars - and that several of the patriots protesting against illegal aliens were black and Hispanic.

Bobby Powell Stands Defiant In Face Of Death Threats
But that didn’t matter to BAMN, and I get into a little bit of trouble as I go behind enemy lines with an African-American to ask the question, “is this man a racist Nazi?” This African-American man had not come to the protest for any particular reason, he was just passing by and happened to agree with the Patriot point of view.

When he heard that BAMN was calling him a racist Nazi simply because he disagreed with them, he wanted to confront them and we followed. That's when things really get exciting! We also go to Texas where we hear from patriot Blaine Cooper who’s down there with a group of militia protecting farmers and ranchers from violent cartel members.

If I wasn’t needed so desperately here at home I would absolutely join my brothers down on the border to protect the lives of American citizens that are being threatened by cartel members, who are terrorists by any definition of the word. I’ve seen videos were cartel members torture and behead their victims just like Muslims and speaking of Muslim terrorists, let’s not forget that threat.

FOX-11 Tweet "3 Terrorists Detained"
Former CIA spy Reza Khalili was on The Truth Is Viral last year and revealed that there are already 40,000 Middle Eastern terrorists in the Western Hemisphere, just waiting for the signal to strike. A post by Dr. Jim Garrow just today talks about how these terrorists are getting ready to pull off a Washington DC sniper-type campaign times 1000, targeting malls and other so-called “soft targets.”

If you’d like to watch that entire episode with Reza Khalili you can do so by clicking this link or clicking it when it appears in the video. Dr. Garrow will be on TTiV most rickey-tick to let us know what he knows.

Let me be clear folks, I’m not against immigrants. My ancestors were immigrants. If you’re not a Native American, your ancestors were immigrants. This country was built by immigrants, literally brick by brick, nail by nail, and track by track. Its strength is its diversity, and it needs a constant influx of new talent and new ideas in order to maintain its status as one of the best places in the world to live; but what is happening now in Texas, Arizona, and California is not even a flood of illegal immigrants, it’s a destructive tsunami designed to place an unmanageable and overwhelming burden on the United States. And it must be stopped.

I’m not heartless, I’m really not, and I don’t think that a majority of conservatives are either. I think that you will find that conservative Christians are among the most charitable people in the world. After the Indonesian tsunami the United States donated a total of $2.8 billion in aid to an area of the world populated almost exclusively by Muslims. More than half of that aid came from private Christian organizations.

Australia ponied up too, donating $1.3 billion dollars to rebuild Bandeh Aceh Indonesia. Bandeh Ache is where the terrorists that blew up the nightclub in Bali came from. Most of the people who died in that explosion were Australian, yet they gave anyway. Iran donated a grand total of $67,000 to aid fellow Muslims after their villages had been washed away by the tsunami. Just sayin'.

But we have to be honest here. This country is more than 17 Trillion dollars in debt, and it is already almost mathematically impossible to ever repay that debt. Natural born taxpaying American citizens are going homeless and hungry, and many of those are veterans.

My Wife Needs Skilled Home Health Care
My wife was told that she cannot have the skilled hospice care she requires because the social services program that provides it is “at capacity.” In other words they have no money. For 20 years she worked two, sometimes three, jobs at a time, and she paid taxes on every penny; but now when she needs help that money is gone. They are “at capacity.” She’s not alone either.

I’ve personally heard dozens of horror stories just as bad as ours; natural born, taxpaying American citizens that are being denied basic health care while Obama finances terrorists and encourages hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood our borders and take already scarce resources away from the poorest American citizens. In no universe is that right.

Our citizens suffer and Barack Obama wants to pull another $4 billion out of thin air to provide housing, health, and legal services to illegal aliens who have never contributed so much as a drop of sweat to this country, when a mere $8 million dollars would buy each one of them a first-class plane ticket back to their country of origin. I don’t think so.

Many other people feel the same way. As we saw in this video some of the patriot protesters were Hispanic, a few were black, and we all agree that this is not about race or racism, it’s not about anti-illegal immigration/amnesty protesters being Nazis or Klan members; it’s about illegal immigration and the clear and present danger that it presents to the United States of America.

"The Colossus" Plaque At The Statue Of Liberty
In 1883 American poet Emma Lazarus wrote the words …give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, Tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” While those words were engraved in bronze and placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty - and it’s a beautiful sentiment don’t get me wrong - it is not the national policy of the United States.

The world is filled with wretched huddling masses yearning to breathe free and, as much as we would like to buy the world a Coke and a smile, we simply do not have the resources to take care of all of them. I don’t think that it’s too much to ask those who would like to come to the United States to stop at the golden door, take a ticket, and wait their turn like everybody else.

At the very end of this episode of The Truth Is Viral I’ll tell my OGs what’s going on with my wife and my mom, but if you’ve absolutely got to fly without watching that please take this with you: Remember to follow The Truth Is Viral on twitter, like us on Facebook add me to your Google plus circle. And share the show everywhere you go! As a matter fact while you are on Facebook don’t just share the show on your timeline, share it in every group to which you belong.

We need your help to accomplish our mission of “Saving lives in winning souls for Jesus Christ” in these very last days, so if you’re financially able please go to and click the PayPal link to make a donation. That will enable me to buy and maintain the equipment it takes to bring you a show like this, and whenever I’ve built up enough in my war chest and can take a special trip you can count on me to get right into the thick of it.

The first two places I would go if I had the funds are the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver International Airport. I could go and be back from either of these uber creepy Illuminati sites in just a couple of days. In fact there’s this camper I have my eye on right now, a mobile command post that is selling for $5,000.

At $5,000 you might think that it’s a piece of garbage, but this is where prayers and the Lord come in: it only has 19,000 miles on it! It’s in perfect condition and nobody knows about it but me. It’s not in the paper, there’s not even a large sign on it (just a tiny one.) I guess we’ll see if Father wants me to have it, because without your donations there is no way I will ever be able to afford it. I'll take video of it and post it in a fundraising campaign as soon as possible.

Special thanks once again to all those that donated their hard-earned money to get me down to Lansing so I could cover this protest. I feel it is extremely important to show people what we are up against and the only way to do that is to go where the metal meets the meat. I believe that I have successfully exposed BAMN for the vile, racist, and violent thugs that they are, and my friends there are groups like them all over the country.

I hope that you feel as though you got your money’s worth.

Until next time,
God bless you all, Semper Fi, and Ooh Rah