Thursday, February 4, 2016

Government Sanctioned Murders Of Patriots Continue; Perverts, Traitors, Informants Responsible

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, the government-sanctioned assassination of rancher LaVoy Finicum is definitively exposed from all angles.

In addition to enhanced FBI video footage of Finicum’s murder, presented throughout the show, The Truth Is Viral will be exposing the criminal past of the FBI Special Agent in Charge of the standoff at Mahleur Wildlife Refuge, and the US Attorney for Oregon who was fired by the DOJ she was a sexual deviant, a stalker who obsessed on her underlings.

You will see BLM officials plot to defraud the United States Government while paying far below market value for properties they want to seize, so that people like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton can profit by selling the mineral rights to the Chinese and Russians.

You will learn that it was corrupt local, state, and federal officials who created a climate of fear in Harney County, dressing up like militia and attempting to sow discord. There is a reason the Harney County Fire Chief Chris Briels resigned in disgust.

There is a reason that three top officials in the Harney County School District resigned their positions as well. At the very least, the occupation of the Mahleur National Wildlife Refuge has exposed deep-seeded, incestuous, and nepotistic corruption at all levels of government that have awakened the locals and require further investigation.

We’ll also be hearing from a man who goes by the name of Mark McConnell, whose interpretation of events has been picked up by the mainstream media as definitive. However, through the eyewitness testimony of two of the occupants of the vehicle LaVoy Finicum was driving, you will learn how the government laid an ambush in a deliberate attempt to kill everyone in the vehicle.

One of these witnesses, Shawna Cox, states that she believes it was McConnell who set them up to be murdered, and also how her son-in-law was killed in a mysterious explosion in the garage where all of her weapons had been stored.

According to KSL TV, Special Agent Bretzing was the subject of a criminal investigation at his previous duty station in Salt Lake City. According to this report, Bretzing was accused of mishandling classified materials, just like Hillary Clinton.

But instead of ending his career, the FBI simply moved him to a new duty station, much like the Roman Catholic Church when it transfers a pedophile priest from one parish to another, or more contextually, when the FBI transferred HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi from Ruby Ridge to Waco after he shot Vickie Weaver in the face while she held her baby in her arms. Congressional testimony proves that Horiuchi fired on unarmed Branch Davidians as they fled the inferno started by the FBI.

You can read more about Bretzing’s criminality here:

Mark McConnell says that he was in a second vehicle that was also stopped as the two car convoy was headed to a meeting with a Sheriff in a neighboring county who was sympathetic to the issues raised by the Bundys. Please take his testimony with a huge grain of salt – maybe a shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage – as he lies for the government and says LaVoy Finicum “charged” at police.

Methinks Mr. McConnell is not as smart as he thinks he is. I also think he should consider disappearing for a while, because a lot of people are very upset with him.

Victoria Sharpe
18-year-old Gospel singer Victoria Sharp and documentarian Shawna Cox, two women who were actually inside the vehicle that was ambushed, both state that McConnell, whose description of the ambush has been taken as Gospel by the mainstream media, was lying through his teeth; that over 100 rounds were fired into the vehicle long after LaVoy Finicum lay dead on the ground. Shawna Cox states that she believes it was McConnell who set them up for the ambush.

In the video above, you will listen to portions of the eyewitness testimony of these two young ladies who are lucky to be alive. Credit for these interviews goes to Alex Ansary, who spoke to 18-year-old Victoria Sharpe, and Rick Koerber of Free Capitalist Radio who spoke to Shawna Cox.

LaVoy Finicum and Shawna Cox
Just today, I learned of the tragic death of Shawna Cox’s son-in-law. As a condition of her release, the FBI required that all weapons be removed from her home. After her husband took them to their daughter’s house to store them in their garage, the garage mysteriously exploded, killing her son-in-law and destroying the garage where the weapons were stored. Click this link to listen to the entire interview as uploaded by shuff1111.

After everything that has been exposed by first-hand eyewitnesses, I believe that a prima fascia case exists to charge all those who participated in the murder of LaVoy Finicum with premeditated 1st degree murder, the attempted murder of the rest of the occupants of the vehicle, and a slew of other charges.

Thanks to the footage provided by the FBI, it is clear that LaVoy Finicum exited the vehicle with his hands up and presented no threat; but was mercilessly gunned down by pre-positioned snipers nevertheless.

The insane number of rounds that pelted the vehicle after Finicum was down, even though not a single shot was fired at law enforcement – which totally goes against the Oath that Sworn Officers in Oregon must take - indicate a desire to kill every occupant of that vehicle, and is, in and of itself, evidence of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and felonious armed assault under color of law in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy.

The People demand to see photographs of the vehicle, after-action reports from the officers involved, all audio recordings and body camera footage of the event, and the immediate suspension without pay of every officer involved pending a true independent investigation by an outside body and formal charges in a court of law. We demand that an investigation also be launched into the mysterious death of Shawna Cox’s son-in-law.

The People demand the immediate release of the Hammonds.

Peter Thomas Santilli Mugshot
The People also demand the immediate and unconditional release of all those arrested in this horrific abuse of power, including Peter Thomas Santilli, a journalist who was only doing his job. The FBI has used Santilli’s live streams as part of the evidence used to indict those at the refuge with various federal crimes, and some have used this opportunity to attack Santilli as being an FBI mole or “Douchebag Turncoat.”

Well let me tell everybody something right now: I know Pete Santilli as well as I know anyone. When my wife died last August I was lost and did not know which way to turn. The woman who had been the center of my life for more than a quarter century was gone, and I had no idea how to move forward with my life.

It was Pete Santilli and Deb Jordan who took me and my son in, breaking bread with us and making us feel at home, in their home. It was Pete Santilli and Deb Jordan who loved us unconditionally, and did everything in their power to help us heal. I wish I was able to say that it helped, but it didn’t. I was looking for my wife, for the strength that I drew from her, but she wasn’t there. So I returned home and began to deal with the fact that my life has changed forever. It’s taken me 6 months, but I’m well on my way back.

Had I been able, I would have been at the Mahleur Wildlife Refuge doing the same thing Pete was doing, and I’d probably be locked up right now. But let me ask you, how is what Pete Santilli did any different from broadcasting the destruction of the Berlin Wall, or going to a war zone to cover events as they unfold live?

Does the federal government intend to arrest the RT reporters who were at the Mahleur Wildlife Refuge, or how about the HBO Vice crew? How about me? Should I expect a SWAT team to come haul me away for speaking the truth? Has that time come?

Those who are perpetuating these lies about Pete Santilli, who I consider to be one of the bravest, most patriotic, and most dedicated alternative media journalists out there, are NOBODYS.

I already smacked down Vinnie Eastwood and Susan Posel, who refused to come on The Truth Is Viral to defend their claims that Pete was a thief and an FBI informant once; but now they are hopping on this new bandwagon, hoping to ride on Pete’s coattails a little bit longer to supplement their normal 15 viewer audience base.

Another publication has called Pete a “Douchebag Turncoat.”

“Hannibal Smith,” a coward with a shady history as a “journalist,” and has assumed the character of the leader of the A-Team as his nom de plume, has taken the lead in assassinating the character of Pete Santilli. Writing for, which only came online last August.

"Hannibal Smith" claims that he is “the voice of I.W.I, the group of individuals who stopped several flag burning, anti police, and anti veteran movements in 2015. In 2016 I write for New Foxes while keeping watch over various extremist movements.”

Let’s overlook the grammatical errors in Smith’s bio on NewsFoxes for a moment, and simply take a look at him. Pete Santilli and I have no problem putting our real names, faces, and reputations on the line when we report the news, so why does “Hannibal Smith” choose to hide behind a pseudonym and a photograph of George Peppard?

Because he’s a LIAR, that’s why. “Hannibal Smith” can disappear, change his name, and start writing fantastic bullshit under another name, and many of you people buy it because you are desperately looking for someone to blame. "Hannibal Smith" is no journalist, and never has been. At best he’s an anonymous hack, the Sorcha Faal of the Patriot movement. If I were you, I’d avoid anything he publishes like the plague.

My long time viewers know me, and they know I don’t lie. If I had the slightest suspicion that Pete Santilli was a federal informant, I would let you know; but through my personal interactions with him over the past three years, I can tell you in all candor that I would put my life in that man’s hands.

Pete Santilli is a man of Honor, a United States Marine who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States just as I did, a REAL journalist who puts himself IN the shit to bring you the news you will never see on the mainstream media, and I am honored to call him my brother.

And that’s the Truth, “whether you like it or not.”

Stay tuned to The Truth Is Viral for an Earth-shattering new Hillary Clinton scandal. No, it has nothing to do with her emails or private servers, but will prove that the Clintons have been running guns all over the world, to terrorists and enemies of the United States, for decades.

The Devil has tried his best to keep me down, taking my daughter, my mother, and my wife, since I began publishing The Truth Is Viral; but he made a serious tactical error: He didn’t kill me, and now I’m coming to “get some.”

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Until next time, my name is Bob Powell, and as always, “God bless, Semper Fi, and Ooh Rah.”