Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#AskSean: Is This Enough To Send Obama And Clinton To Jail?

This is my response to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, who asked for video questions to be submitted to his show. My question is this: "Is this interview with an official NATO spokesman enough to jail Hillary Clinton and impeach Barack Obama for conducting an illegal war in Libya?"

Please tweet this video to @seanhannity and make sure to include the #AskSean hashtag. While you're at it, send it to @TGowdySC as well. Let's see if we can finally take them down. What they have been doing is outright Treason.

Watch more of the interview with this official NATO spokesman, who describes how Gadaffi’s convoy was destroyed, and learn the real reasons behind the NATO intervention in Libya, which was led by al-Qaeda terrorist recently released from CIA black sites in Indonesia who were supplied, backed, and trained, by NATO, Qatar, and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Watch as Islamist savages unleash a genocidal pogrom of rape and murder on black African guest workers right after they brutally sodomized the 70-year-old Gadaffi and murdered him in cold blood. Watch as Hillary Clinton cackles with glee upon learning of his death. “We came, we saw, he died. Hahaha,” she exclaims with obvious joy.

Read More And Watch “Shocking Revelations: The Horrifying Truth About Libya at:

Would you like to know why Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi? Here’s a hint: It had nothing to do with a video or random terrorist attack. It had everything to do with the guns that Hillary Clinton was running to Islamists in Syria, and the meeting that Stevens had with the Turkish ambassador earlier in the day to arrange the transfer.

Just today, one of the emails that Clinton tried to scrub from existence was released and it says that US forces were available and “spinning up” to relieve the besieged Benghazi “consulate,” (read CIA safe house) where arrangements to ship the weapons to Turkey, with their final destination the "moderate Syrian rebels" (ISIS) that were fighting against the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were being made.

As Fox News reported early in the investigation, and as proven by the email released today, nearby Quick Reaction Forces were told to “stand down.”

Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and the Navy SEALS that tried to rescue him and repel the assault on the compound, were left to twist in the wind by a gun-running Secretary of State and an absent Commander-in-Chief. The SEALS were lazing the mortar that eventually killed them, fighting for their lives and waiting for an air strike that never came, because they were, quite literally, “Left to Die” at the hands of the merciless savages of Ansar al-Sharia.

The UN estimates that at least 20,000 missiles were stolen from Gadaffi’s armories in the days and weeks after his death, including Stinger-type MANPADS that can be used to target civilian, as well as military, aviation. Some of those missiles found their way into the hands of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip, where they were used to attack Israeli civilians.

How much would you like to bet that some of those shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles found their way into the continental United States, and other countries around the world? If that supposition is true – and since only 3% of cargo containers are scanned for weapons and explosives there is no reason why it wouldn’t be - they could be used in a simultaneous, world-wide attack on civilian aviation in a 9/11-style “spectacular.”

If I was a scumbag Muslim terrorist, that is exactly what I would do. With one blow, they could bring air transportation in the US to a halt; because unlike Israel’s El Al Airlines, US carriers have no anti-missile defense systems built into their planes.

Watch “Some Of The 20,000 Missiles Stolen From Libyan Armories Already Used By Islamic Jihad To Attack Innocent Israeli Civilians" 


Former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said she wasn’t worried about that possibility because “nobody had brought it up.” Well, I hope Uncle Jeh is more concerned; but if he has to wait for someone to think of it for him too, he need wait no longer. I’m bringing it up now.

We are, and have been, at war with Radical Islam, for quite some time; but Barack Obama cannot even use that simple, and quite accurate, two word phrase, in the same sentence. He has, in fact, been supporting the overall Islamic plan to surround Israel with hostile Islamist regimes and destroy her.

With anti-Semitic Ambassador Samantha Power representing the US at the United Nations, when that encirclement is complete, the US will throw Israel to the wolves. Watch Power articulate her plan to betray Israel, in her own words, in this episode of The Truth Is Viral​.

“UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use ‘Genocide’ As Excuse To Invade Israel”