Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My newborn grandson Jaiden Daniel Powell is unable to breathe on his own. He's being transferred from Alpena Regional Medical Center to the U of M hospital in Traverse City in a couple of hours and I will be taking my son over there to be with him.

Fortunately my daughter is available to stay here at home with my wife, who broke her foot last week, so at least I don't have to worry about being in two places at once.

 But we NEED your prayers! Satan is attacking my family mercilessly, and we need an army of Prayer Warriors to stand between us and the Devil. Invoke the protection of Archangel Michael, the Blessed Virgin, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and even Almighty God.

Surround us with a shield of love and faith, bind the Devil and his demons from harming my family, and ask that no matter what happens that the name of Almighty God is glorified in the Highest and that the Devil be thrown into Perdition.

This is Jaiden Daniel Powell on the left, a totally innocent and absolutely precious bundle of joy. He deserves to have a life.

Please share this video with everyone you know and ask that they would also keep us in their prayers. I'll keep everyone updated as circumstances allow.

Thank you all, God bless, and Semper Fi,

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"24" Style Drama As Three American Heroes Foil False Flag Nuclear Attack On US

Three brave Americans stood up to Tyranny a few weeks ago and told Barack Hussein Obama, literally, to take a flying leap as they refused orders to illegally divert control of several nuclear weapons to agents of  Barack Hussein Obama.

On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former CIA spy Dr. Jim Garrow explains how the actions of these men - an Army General, an Air Force General, and a Navy Admiral - who were in charge of safeguarding the nation's nuclear stockpile, saved the lives of 300 million Americans from the devastating effects of a planned EMP attack on the United States: A "false flag" EMP attack perpetrated by the Obama administration using our own nuclear weapons.

As reported by Anthony Gucciardi and Infowars, a secret transfer of nuclear weapons from Dyess Air Force Base was ordered by the Obama administration; but according to Dr. Garrow this transfer broke every established protocol concerning the storage and movement of weapons in the nation's nuclear stockpile and the officers in charge refused to carry them out.

According to seismographic records, on October 8th a magnitude 4.5 earthquake occurred off the coast of South Carolina, giving credence to Dr. Garrow's claim that one of the weapons was actually detonated at sea to keep it out of the hands of traitors who would destroy the United States; the others, according to Dr. Garrow, are still missing.

Two of the officers have been identified in published reports as Air Force Maj. Gen. Michael Carey and Naval Vice-Admiral Tim Giardana. Both men were in charge of several hundred nuclear missiles each, and according to those reports were fired for alleged drinking and gambling, respectively. The Army general, possible the individual who has possession of the remaining nuclear weapons, has not yet been identified in the press, and Dr. Garrow refused to name him during this interview.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christians Beheaded, Churches Burned, Entire Towns Wiped Out As Christian Persecution Escalates Worldwide

Christians have been persecuted since the Roman Emperor Nero fed them to the lions in the Coliseum. Continuing the tradition, Emperor Diocletian wrapped early Christian martyrs in oily rags and set them alight so he could enjoy his roses at night.

Persecution of Christians is back with a vengeance as the radical terrorists of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood - supported by Terrorist-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama - tear across the Middle East burning churches by the score, and religiously cleansing entire towns and villages.

In Syria, the entire Christian village of Maaloula has been cleansed of "infidels" with the brutality one might expect of religious fanatics whose "holy" book tells them to kill Christians and Jews wherever they might be found.

According to news stories and independent video coming out of Syria, Catholic priests have been beheaded {WARNING; NSFW}, nuns have been raped, and little girls have been tortured and have had their limbs cut off; other children have been forced to watch as their parents are beheaded because they refused to renounce their Faith in Jesus Christ, choosing instead to be martyred.

While the guillotines have not yet been brought out in the United States, Christians and Christianity are under unmistakable attack in the United States as well. Here is a brief (and I do mean BRIEF) list of such recent attacks:
 h/t The Last Great Stand

But you want to know what is really sweet? At the link just above this line, you will find my source for the opening segment in this show, the story of an increasingly rare victory for Christians. It seems that after Janet Napolitano labeled Christians (among just about everyone else in the country) as possible domestic terrorists, the Army followed suit with a series of briefings given to commanders and NCOs throughout the Army by decidedly anti-Christian "Academics."

Fortunately for the Church, Secretary of the Army John McHugh "has ordered all training and instructions that label evangelicals as 'extremists' or possible domestic terror threats be ended. In a memo distributed to troops on Oct. 18, 2013, McHugh addressed media reports that have highlighted US Army training material that is 'inaccurate, objectionable and otherwise inconsistent' with current Army policy."

Score one for the good guys.

But as previously stated, attacks on Christianity are on the increase, even here in the United States. We are entering the time of Tribulation warned about in the Bible, where before Christ returns for His Bride Christians may very well pay the price for their Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with their lives. There are reports of 30,000 guillotines already in storage at military bases around the country, ready to be used at a moment's notice.
And I saw thrones, and they that sat on them. And judgment was given to them, and to the souls of the ones having been beheaded because of the witness of Jesus, and because of the Word of God, and who had not worshipped the beast nor its image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand. ~ Rev. 20:4

Are you ready to give your life for our King? When the Devil's minions are threatening the life of your child. demanding that you accept the Mark of the Beast, will you stand firm? Will you say, "Praise Jesus, Lord I'm comin' home!" as the blade falls; or will you allow the threats of men and the fear of mortal death to intimidate you into accepting the Mark?

I wish I could count on the Rapture to spare the Church, my family and myself included, from the coming Tribulation; but the Bible says that we will suffer for Christ. We are not, however, "appointed to wrath," so at least - according to the Pre-Wrath Rapture scenario towards which I'm leaning- we will be spared the Hell on Earth that awaits the damned.

Let's just pray that our Father in Heaven will protect us from the schemes of the Devil, who is in the Earth right now seeking whom he may devour. I, for one, intend to give the bastard heartburn if he tries to take a bite out of me or mine. In any case, I know that he can do nothing to me or my family that Father won't allow; His will, not mine, be done.

If that means I have to lose my head, or suffer watching a member of my family being tortured or killed, then so be it. Our mortal lives, a blink of the eye compared to Eternity, are nothing. Pain is momentary, fear can be overcome; remaining steadfast as we proclaim Christ King, no matter what the cost, is paramount.

God bless and keep you all,

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pete Santilli Framed! Criminal Conspiracy By Rivals Vinnie Eastwood And Susan Posel Exposed

I have a message for Anonymous: You’ve been had. A 4-Chan script kiddie falsified evidence against talk show host Pete Santilli, and together with talk show host Vinnie Eastwood and his sidekick Susan Posel of Occupy Corporatism, they claimed this evidence proved that Santilli was an informant for the FBI in order to fool you into attacking his network.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, I lay out the timeline of events that led to Pete Santilli being accused of stealing $500,000 from the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution by rival talk show host Vinnie Eastwood, showing you how Eastwood and Susan Posel of Occupy conspired with Evan Koser to create this lie about Santilli. I’m going to show you screenshots of their conversations and video chats so that you can identify these lying scum, and I’m going to tell you exactly why they did it.

I hate having to waste my time talking about other talk show hosts. Usually there are far more important things to do than talk about someone else’s flawed opinion. But occasionally, some people make claims that do real damage to the lives of real people like the Justin Tribble/Dr. Bill Weld hoax that I just exposed.

The Truth is under attack as well. This show, The Truth Is Viral, is going to be linking up with Pete Santilli’s Guerrilla Media Network and I need to address this issue before I do it because this slanderous accusation could reflect upon my credibility as well. I will not allow that to happen.

First off, I do not agree with Pete Santilli on everything. I admit that I haven’t done the research on Dr. Judy Wood’s theory that the Twin Towers were vaporized by some kind of advanced weaponry. I’m more a controlled demolition kind of guy; but we both agree that criminal elements of the government were responsible.

Adam Kokesh is also a host on the Guerilla Media Network and anyone who knows anything about me knows that Adam Kokesh and I have very little in common.

One thing that we all have in common though, is our love of freedom. We may have slightly differing ideas of what that word means, or how best to go about ensuring that freedom for our children, but we all see how the citizens of the United States are no longer free. Our Constitutional Republic has been replaced by a Tyranny where one man can order the murder of an American citizen without ever charging him with a crime in a court of law, or order the arrest and enslavement of Americans by Executive Order.

There are some people who don’t like that there are those of us who will stand up and fight back. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t think my show is particularly offensive, yet I’ve been the target of hundreds of death threats, some of them have even been directed at my wife and children. If you want to know why I wear a gun when I’m cooking pancakes, that’s why. If anyone thinks they are going to harm my family, they are going to have to go through me to do it.

Then there are others who are simply butthurt. I experienced a bit of that this past week myself when I scooped some Youtube user who had been attempting to expose Justin Tribble for months. It took me two conversations with Justin to get him to come clean, so yeah, this guy that had done all of this work was scooped by someone with a lot more experience and he’s been bitching about it ever since.

Pete Santilli and Susannah Cole have also been the victims of butthurt lately. A bit of background might come in helpful here.

Susan Posel and radio host Vinnie Eastwood used to work with Pete Santilli. From what I understand, when Vinnie and Pete parted company and Pete started using the name Guerilla Media Network, Vinnie said that he was the one who originally came up with the concept. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what was said and what wasn’t. It’s really a he said/he said kind of thing. I would think though, that if Vinnie Eastwood had a legitimate claim then he would take the appropriate legal action to reclaim it instead of going on a campaign of bad-mouthing Pete Santilli.

Susan Posel also used to work with Pete. She was deeply embedded for almost one year with The Pete Santilli Show in 2012; but in November 2012, she asked Pete Santilli NOT to cover Dr. Judy Wood's forensic investigation so much.  That it was driving people away.  Pete told her flat out never to tell him what, or what not to cover.  Approximately 1-2 weeks later she abruptly departed The Pete Santilli Show.

Well this started all kinds of butthurt over at American Freedom Radio where Posel, James Fetzer, Gordon Duff and Danny Romero worked to get Pete's show removed from AFR.  When I first found out that Gordon Duff was aligned against Pete then I was pretty sure I was on the right side.
Duff is one of the Senior Editors at Veteran’s Today, and he is absolutely a shill for the Islamic Republic of Iran. If you ever read an article originating at Veteran’s Today, you can bank on it being Anti-American.

Now I may not like a lot of the things that my government is doing, but I love this country and I would never sell out to the enemy like Duff has just so I could bad mouth the United States and line my pockets with blood money.

Anyway, now you know the source of the bad feelings toward Pete Santilli and the Guerilla Media Network – Disgruntled employees.

Now let’s get to the point of this segment of The Truth Is Viral. At the tail-end of the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution – an event that Susan Posel had been trashing since its inception – Vinnie Eastwood got a call in to his radio show from a woman who had been running the Trucker’s Twitter account; but had just been fired from that position. This woman’s name was Dena Fleming. Another disgruntled employee.

Vinnie Eastwood brought Ms. Dena Fleming on to his program to talk about her Tweet asking “Where’s the money Pete?” in reference to funds that had been donated to the truckers. From the very beginning of the interview Ms. Fleming says over and over "I don't know about the money" and "that’s what I'd like to know, I'm just asking, where the money went."

Never at any point did she even actually accuse Pete Santilli of stealing any donations. To this very day, nobody has accused Pete of stealing any money except for Vinnie Eastwood and Susan Posel, who had absolutely nothing to do with the Trucker’s Ride other than to verbally trash it from the outside.

But there’s something about people that I’m going to start calling “Butthurtalists.” Even though they fail time and time again, they keep on harping on minutia that doesn’t matter and points that they’ve been proven wrong on repeatedly – as if saying it often enough will make it true. And when outright lying about their target doesn’t work, what they do is manufacture evidence to bolster their claims.

And here is where Anonymous really needs to start paying attention, because I am about to prove that Vinnie Eastwood, Susan Posel, and a wannabe hacker who goes by the name of Evan Koser, photoshopped a fax that Pete Santilli was supposed to have sent to his FBI handlers asking why he had been left twisting in the wind. They did this in order to fool Anonymous into thinking that Pete Santilli was an FBI informant, hoping that they would attack the Guerilla Media Network servers – which is exactly what they did.

For weeks, the launch of MY show, The Truth Is Viral, was delayed because Pete was busy dealing with DDOS attacks that shut down his chat room and overloaded his servers. It got to the point where Pete and Susannah were having to record the show the night before so that they could broadcast somewhat uninterrupted. And all this was done because of the lies and evidence fabricated by Eastwood, Posel, and Koser.

The seeds of the plot were hatched on October 12th when Koser contacted Vinnie Eastwood via Twitter and invited him to a hacker’s forum on the 4-Chan internet board. Eastwood accepted the invitation and gave Koser his Skype name so that they could hook up.

The next time we see these guys, it is in a hacker chat room on 4-Chan where they are actively and openly planning their frame job of Pete Santilli. They are calling it “Operation Skullfuck.” Fortunately for Pete, there was a real Patriot in the chat room at the time who took hundreds of screenshots that show the plan unfold from beginning to end, even showing the desktop of one of the hackers while they are inside one of Pete’s servers!

The culmination of this plan was realized when the hackers broke into Pete’s E-Fax account on October 28th where someone created a fake fax from Pete Santilli to the FBI field office in Sacramento that stated Pete’s cover in “Operation Outtruck” was about to be blown. How do I know that this fax was faked? Well that’s easy: There are two different versions of it.
The first version appeared in the 4-Chan chat room. The time stamp on it says that it was sent to the FBI at 19:44 GMT. The only problem with that is that Pete tells me that his faxes have always shown a Pacific Standard Time stamp. OK, well that’s just what Pete says – hardly proof of anything.

But here’s the important part. When Susan Posel posted an image that was purportedly the same fax, it not only looked different with blue smudges all over the image that made it look like an old Xerox copy that had been crumpled up, thrown away, and later retrieved and ironed out. That is something that you should not see from a fax that had never been in anything but an electronic format.

Now here is the kicker: It had a different time stamp. The image that Posel posted to go along with her article accusing Pete Santilli of being an FBI informant had a time stamp of 21:31 GMT. Remember that the image that was captured on screenshot in the 4-Chan chat room had a time stamp of 19:44.

While not proof of anything in itself, it is interesting to note that Susan Posel’s servers are in England
It is very important to note here that BOTH of these images were offered as proof of Santilli being an FBI informant by Eastwood and Posel. So if this was a legitimate fax, why would anyone change the time stamp? They wouldn’t.

But now that they had this image, Koser, Posel, and Eastwood approached the real hackers of Anonymous on the /b/ board who, not ones to let douchebaggery go unnoticed or addressed, launched the attacks on Santilli’s servers totally unaware that they had been duped. At some point however, the attacks abruptly stopped for no apparent reason. If I had to take an educated guess as to why, it would be that Anonymous discovered this discrepancy themselves and called off the attack.

One thing is for sure though: Nothing that Pete Santilli has been accused of since the beginning of the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution has been proven to be true, not by a long shot. Vinnie Eastwood took a Tweet from a fired Ride worker ASKING where the money went – not accusing, asking – and wrote a libelous headline that STATED that Pete Santilli stole the money. Not only did all 12 of Vinnie Eastwood’s listeners believe him, his show got a temporary boost in ratings from people who wanted to know where there money went. And to listen to Vinnie Eastwood, Pete Santilli and Susannah Cole are the Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon.

Well I’m here to tell you that in the year that I have known Pete Santilli he has never lied to me once. If he did, we would not be associated now. Despite the fact that we disagree on a few subjects, Pete has always been very gracious in allowing me to express my opinion on his show. And now he is allowing me to bring The Truth Is Viral to the Guerilla Media Network. So, do I owe him? Yes, I do. But not so much that I would lie for him.

The first few episodes of The Truth Is Viral were hosted at a site called Abovetopsecret. I had just started getting serious with what had been a hobby designed to retrain my brain when I came to the attention of the Three Amigos at ATS and they asked me to produce the show for them. Well that went great for a while, and I was poised to start making some real money. One video on Obama’s illegal intervention in Libya earned me over a thousand dollars and I was really looking forward to getting back to work.

It wasn’t long however before the management at ATS started thinking that they could tell me what to do, what I could put in my show and how long it could be. They didn’t seem to grasp the fact that real investigative journalism can’t be packaged in 5 minute segments. I’ve always prided myself on going into as much detail as I can, explaining a story so thoroughly that it can’t possibly be debunked, and to my mind that is one of the things that have made the show the success that it is.

I successfully resisted their efforts to change the editorial content of my program until I conducted an interview with Malik al-Abdeh, a former BBC journalist who was at that time a member of the Syrian opposition fighting against Bashar al-Assad. That was a GREAT interview, but my video editor – Joe Irvine, son of ATS owner Bill Irvine – screwed up the interview so badly that I refused to put my stamp of approval on it. He had Malik answering the wrong questions, so the interview did not make any sense whatsoever.

I told Joe that I wanted it fixed before he uploaded it as per my agreement with Abovetopsecret. With my name on the show, I had final say on its contents before it was published. Well Joe uploaded it anyway and made me look like a total idiot. And then when I told him to take it down, he refused. I told Bill Irvine and his sidekick Springer that I would no longer work with Joe because I couldn’t trust him. And that was the end of my relationship with Abovetopsecret.

I had worked for almost 20 years to get to that point, where I could once again get in front of a microphone and broadcast to truth hungry listeners and viewers. In fact, I busted my ass; but I gave it up in order to preserve the integrity of The Truth Is Viral. I did that because when my little girl died I swore to her, and to my Father in Heaven, that I would never again be afraid to tell the truth for fear of ridicule or to have some kind of job security. What kind of a father would I be, what kind of a Christian would I be, if I betrayed that promise in order to bring in a few dollars?

So no, I wouldn’t lie for Abovetopsecret and I won’t lie for Pete Santilli either. Thanks in large part to my Division of Truth Warriors, The Truth Is Viral has been extremely successful, and if I have to I will continue to plug along like the little engine that could - doubling my subscriber base and view count every other month just as I have been doing for the past year. So I don’t need to lie for anybody.

I’m honored to be associated with Pete Santilli and the lovely Susannah Cole. I truly believe that they are good people, that they love this country, and that they will do whatever is in their power to try to get it back on the right track. They are polar opposites of liars like Vinnie Eastwood and Susan Posel, who I have to say are the worst kind of scum imaginable. Not only did Eastwood and Posel – a known plagiarist - do everything they could to derail the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution, they have viciously and maliciously attacked Pete Santilli and Susannah Cole with slanderous lies backed up by fabricated evidence. They aren’t journalists, they are hacks that probably work for the FBI themselves. There is, in fact, information that points to that possibility; but without further evidence I am not yet ready to make that claim.

Since they started this smear campaign, not only were the Pete Santilli’s servers hacked and attacked, all of Pete’s private information from his driver’s license to his Social Security number has been posted on the Internet. Not only was Pete’s information posted, the photo's and private numbers of his friends and family members were posted as well. One was of Pete’s beautiful daughter. Do you know what these seriously demented scumbags did? They suggested everyone print off her photo, jack-off on it and mail it to Pete. 

They also encouraged people to call his family members relentlessly after they posted the private numbers of all of his friends and family including those of people who called into his show. They started calling and sending emails threatening the show's sponsors of which Santilli was lucky and only lost one.

And then the death threats started being issued against Pete, his family, friends, and closest associates.

Vinnie Eastwood and Susan Posel, I know that at some point you will be watching this. I have just one question to ask: What is wrong with you? That was actually a rhetorical question because I already know what’s wrong with you. You’re sick, and the both of you need to get some serious mental help.

I do not know what legal remedies might be at Pete’s disposal, but if I were him I would pursue them vigorously. Eastwood may be untouchable because he lives in New Zealand where he’s busy humping koalas; but Susan Posel is another story. She’s an American and subject to laws that prosecute crimes like Defamation of Character, Libel, and Slander.

And then, there is Anonymous. All I know is that when they find out that they were lied to in order to coerce them into taking action against Pete Santilli and the Guerilla Media Network they aren’t going to be happy. All I know is that I would not want to be either Eastwood or Posel if Anon decides to extract a little payback.

In closing this segment, I would like for everyone to know that I did try to get Vinnie Eastwood’s side of the story; but after approaching him about it he immediately blocked me and deleted my question.

People that have nothing to hide do not do that. If Vinnie Eastwood was telling the truth, he should have jumped at the chance to tell his side of the story for my viewers; but he didn’t. He ran and hid like the lying little bitch that he is.
And that is all I have to say about that.

Here is the link to all of the screenshots collected: http://www.scribd.com/doc/190012433/Screen-Shot-Sample

Whistleblower Reveals Sickening Game Government Workers Play With Clients on TTiVLIVE Tonight!

ttivlive on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

After seeing last week's program on which I described how my wife - who is fighting for her life from Stage IV Colorectal and Liver cancer -  lost her Medicaid because I had applied for Obamacare, a woman who has worked with the Michigan Department of Human Services for many years got in touch with me to describe a sickening game being played by social workers throughout Michigan.

She says that social workers receive "Brownie Points" every time that they deny services to clients who qualify for them, that these points are good for promotion, and that race plays a factor when deciding which clients receive what services.

This is a huge scandal, and it is beyond sickening! This goes way beyond my family's personal situation, as this woman tells about other cancer patients and clients of MDHS who have also been denied much needed benefits by social workers in pursuit of Brownie Points that can be traded in for promotions and pay raises.

To watch the live video broadcast right here tonight, Friday Dec. 6th 2013, as this woman's testimony is broadcast for the very first time. For those who have limited bandwidth, you can listen to the audio stream at http://guerillamedianetwork.com/bobby/

EDIT: The interview with the MDHS whistleblower begins at 31:00 minutes into the broadcast linked above.

Then I want you to call in to the show with your own Obamacare or Social Services horror story. The number to call is 218-862-9829. You don't necessarily have to live in Michigan to share your story, but if you do then you will go to the head of the line.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Comet ISON/Nibiru Signals Rapture Before Christmas; Christ Is Come Says Biblical "Prophet"

Thousands of years ago the ancient Sumerians engraved images of our solar system into clay, exhibiting knowledge seemingly way too advanced for a Bronze Age civilization; including knowledge of "The Destroyer" as they called it, a heavenly body that swings past the Earth every few thousand years causing calamity, catastrophe, and mass death.

Nibiru is supposed to be the home of a race of aliens/fallen angels called the Annunaki, and according to Sumerian legends as translated by the late Zechariah Sitchin they created a slave race (modern humans) to mine gold for them.

Recent telescopic images of Comet ISON appear to match the ancient descriptions of Nibiru, "The Destroyer," and it is scheduled to make its closest passage to Earth just before Christmas 2013. On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Biblical scholar Steve Fletcher makes an astonishing claim; that Comet ISON is the "Sign of the coming of the Son of Man" and that before ISON passes from view, the Church will be Raptured.

Valid eschatological theories have been set forth by extremely knowledgeable Biblical scholars for both the Pre-Tribulation and Post-Tribulation/Pre-Wrath Rapture scenarios; but they can't both be right. It is the editorial position of The Truth Is Viral that we should pray for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, but we should also prepare to survive in a world hostile to Christianity as if there will be no Rapture at all.

Further, it is not dogma that will save Humanity, but rather Faith that the blood of Jesus Christ has already paid the price for the sins of the world, and the realization that all individual human beings need to do to obtain Salvation is to acknowledge that sacrifice and accept Christ as their personal Savior.

Steve Fletcher
It is important to note here that Fletcher is not setting a specific date for the Rapture, acknowledging that "no man knows the day or the hour, not even the Angels in Heaven, but the Father alone." While Fletcher does say that the Rapture will occur sometime between now and Christmas, he says that Comet ISON is only the "sign" of Christ's coming.

Also, the comparison between images of Comet ISON and Nibiru was brought forth during this interview by TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell and not Steve Fletcher, who says in the interview that he had not made that connection.

If you would like to follow along on Steve Fletcher's blog, A Trumpet For My People, as you listen to this interview, simply click this link and it will take you to Steve's Facebook page where all of the topics discussed are listed: https://www.facebook.com/FLETCHDOCTOR/media_set?set=a.10202839943265095.1073741843.1396864781&type=1

The Truth Is Viral and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell does not necessarily endorse Steve Fletcher's theory that the Rapture will occur before Christmas. We simply present this information for your consideration. We PRAY that Fletcher is right, but remember; we should repent of our sins and be prepared to go Home right now, and we should also prepare to survive in case there will be no Rapture at all. Are you willing to stake the safety of your family based on someone else's interpretation of Scripture?

In any case, everything is about to change. Get ready.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cancer Victim's Obamacare Nightmare; Denied Coverage By Obama Death Panel

Barack Obama has said that the thing he's best at is killing people. For once, he's telling the truth. I know this because he has killed me and my wife with the health care legislation that bears his name, no matter how hard the Left is now insisting on calling it the Affordable Care Act instead of Obamacare. Whatever they call it, it's still a lie; and the provisions therein have ensured that my wife will die a painful, and needless death. And I won't be far behind. 

That's not hyperbole folks. After trying, and failing, to log in to Obamacare's joke of a website on October 1st, I went to our family doctor who had one of his employees working as an Obamacare "navigator" and reapplied for the Medicaid that was taken away from me last year when I first reported $200 in income from the show.
Bobby & DeLynn Powell
Not only was my application for Medicaid denied, my wife's was too even though she was recertified for her Medicaid just two months ago. There is no doubt that her Medicaid was cancelled because I applied for Obamacare! In case you are unfamiliar, she is in the midst of a heroic battle against Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer. To top it all off, I got a letter last week telling me that my son Adam would no longer be getting free school lunches. GEEZ!

You have to remember that even though I look fairly strong on camera I really AM disabled. I'm in tremendous pain, all of the time. I spend most of the day on the couch in my own homemade traction contraption hooked up to a TENS unit so that I can get on my feet for a few hours a day to film the show without limping and grunting and groaning like a caveman.

Ask Sir Patrick, my beloved friend and TTiV Admin who just happens to live a couple of blocks away. He heard me grunt ALL DAY (UUHHH, AHHHH, DAMN!!!) when I helped him move a couple of weeks ago. LOL! He's not in much better shape with a messed up knee and other painful afflictions. Between the two of us we make a funny pair of broken-down old farts.

Back to business, I have ongoing medical issues that are fatal if left untreated; and I'm not talking about fatal 20 years from now either. I could literally die at any time.

Oh screw it. I wasn't going to say anything but I'm not going to be able to hide it much longer anyway. Here goes.

My liver is on the brink of failure due to Hepatitis C that I contracted from a tattoo I got to celebrate my graduation from Advanced Infantry Training at Camp Geiger in 1979. (Thanks a lot Zeke, you ass!) I'm getting sicker all of the time, which is why there was no new show last week. It is taking every bit of strength that I have to take care of DeLynn and the house.

Anyway, I've done the standard treatment for Hep C twice since I first found out that I had it in 1994. It was discovered during blood tests taken when I was hospitalized after the chemical leak that robbed me of my ability to read, write, and speak without stuttering to the point of babbling. Let me tell you it is NOT pleasant.

Interferon and Ribavirin were the standard treatment for Hep C when I underwent the first regimen of chemo that, for me, lasted 51 weeks. I completed that year of Hell and was told that I was "virus-free." Until 1998, when I was told it had returned. So I went through the chemo again, updated to include a drug called "Pegasus," until I was informed that I was "virus-free" once more.

The last time I had a blood test done, in September of 2012, my Hepatitis C viral load was higher than it had ever been. I need to take the chemotherapy again, but...

The difference between taking the treatment now and taking it then are two-fold. In 1998, DeLynn was healthy. She was, in fact, pregnant with Adam so she was radiantly beautiful! My point is, she was able to take care of me, something that she did without ever having a single thought for herself.

The treatment for Hep C is extremely debilitating. For an entire year she fed me, helped me in and out of bed to go to the bathroom, even bathing me when I was too weak to do it myself. That is exactly what I do for her now. If I were to start chemotherapy too, who would take care of her? I wouldn't be able to do it. We'd have to have someone come in to take care of both of us.

Even if I were so inclined, I couldn't afford the treatment. I still have Medicare (for the moment,) but that only pays 80% of hospital expenses, and not a dime on prescriptions. They took away my Medicaid and a third of our disability income - including every penny of food stamps and the $200 monthly Medicare premium that Medicaid had been paying for - once I reported PRE-expenses income of $200.

And then there's the MS. During a brain scan that I received in 2008, "2-3mm foci" were found scattered throughout my brain, "indicative of Multiple Sclerosis or another demyelinating disease." Thank God I have been pretty much asymptomatic; so far.

Basically, I'm screwed.

So forget me, let's focus on my wife. This isn't right, the way we're being treated by the government; at ANY level. It was just as IRS employees were being outed for targeting Tea Partiers that I finally got fed up with not getting ANY phone calls returned from Social Services (not one call returned in 6 months) and went down there demanding to speak to her supervisor, threatening to expose their garbage on this program.

So despite the extremely hopeful news that DeLynn's most recent PET scan revealed, that most of the tumors in her liver are no longer showing any metabolic activity (they have calcified, turned to stone!) my wife is probably going to die anyway without Medicaid to pay for ongoing treatments to kill the rest of the cancer. Our "worker" targeted us because of the content of my show, I'm sure of it. I'm sure because our problems didn't begin until I told her that I was trying to go back to work and gave her the website address. I was made doubly sure when her supervisor turned DeLynn's Medicaid back on while I was waiting in the lobby without even talking to me!

When Obamacare rolled out I was hoping that something might have changed, that the new rules would allow me to get my Medicaid back and get what medical care I could. My doctor gave me a prescription for pain killers for my left arm, which at the moment is pretty much useless. I couldn't get the prescription filled for almost two weeks because even the generic brand cost $30 I didn't have. It wasn't until one of you beautiful people sent in a donation that I was able to buy the medicine and get some relief.

One of my doctor's employees had been assigned as an Obamacare "navigator," and she told me that my application would be sent right to Grand Rapids, that it would bypass our local office and all of the attending problems altogether, and that I should never have lost my Medicaid in the first place.

We spent an hour and a half going over my income and expenses from the show, my medical history, prognoses, and current medical needs. Then she hit the enter button and shot it off to Grand Rapids just like she said she would.

Then the next week we got a letter from the local office requesting information on every damn thing under the Sun; information that we have provided them half a dozen times this year, information that was included in what we gave the Obamavator.

I'm done... I can't do any more.

Maybe if Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, Greta van Sustren, or Greg Gutfeld picks this story up on one of their shows we'll finally get some justice. It's not right for my wife to be needlessly upset all of the time, scared to death that they are going to leave her - and me - to die needlessly and in pain. 
Please Tweet the following Tweets and let's see if we can get the attention of someone who can help us. I need you guys to help us here; then I'd appreciate it greatly if you would ask Father to be with us. We're really being tested, but my Faith in God is unshakeable and I know that whatever happens He will be here with us; our Rock, our Mighty Fortress, and our High Tower.

Kinda like you guys, my TTiV family.

God bless and Semper Fi,

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