Saturday, October 25, 2014

FOX Host Blasts Network For Covering Up McCain Links To ISIS Leader

On the June 23rd episode of the FOX News program "The Five," co-host Eric Bolling blasted the network for refusing to show photographs of US Senator John McCain meeting with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi when he was still a "moderate Syrian rebel."

"There are photographs of United States Senators meeting with terrorists that we won't run here," Bolling said. "We don't know who our friends are, we don't know who we're arming, we don't know who we're giving money to, we don't know who we're training... we should just stop."

The Truth Is Viral is not afraid to publish those photographs. You will see them in this episode as we pay homage to Eric Bolling, a truth-teller awash in a sea of MSM lies; the TTiV "Good Guy of the Week."


  1. The sooner We grasp that the whole "ebola" thing is a psyop, the more We can do to prevent what They want to do to Us.

    Worth every minute to watch!


    What We're Up Against

  2. Good job Bobby, thanks for bringing this out. Eric is a for real honest guy and I enjoy The Five also. Hope things are better at home and DeLynn is doing at least "well". I would like to recommend you check out Mike Adams has a lot of info on natural medications for cancer. It is worth a look see! You both are on our prayer list, do not give up, God is in the miracle business. God bless!

  3. WTF has happened to John McCain I think he's losing his mind like Harry Reid.

  4. An executive order is meaningless in the wrong context. It like McDonald's issuing an executive (McDonald's) order that everyone will wear a blue shirt for the next week. That order is only valid for McDonald's workers, not me. An Executive order only applies to the people that work directly for the Executive, otherwise DO NOT follow it!

    Oh, they may try to intimidate you into following it, like the gold confiscation. Don't fall for it though. If GOP takes the Senate, the next 2 years will probably be full of bogus EOs. Stand strong and refuse, do not submit!