Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soldier Confirms Camp Grayling FEMA Concentration Camp Rumors

The NDAA authorizes the "legal" indefinite detention of American citizens without a charge, trial, or verdict, the homeland of the United States of America has been declared a battlefield in the Global War On Terror, and the Department of Homeland Security has issued guidelines that can be interpreted so broadly as to make anyone a "terrorist"; that, in addition to their new program of monitoring journalists and collecting their personal information. Where do they intend to put all of these new "subversives"?

In this episode I begin an investigation into FEMA Camps, actually visiting Camp Grayling in Michigan and speaking with a National Guardsman who was stationed there who says he has first hand knowledge of DoD "contractors" building "mock" villages and internment camps that are used for "training purposes."

Part two of the series on FEMA camps - recorded LIVE in Indianapolis at the Super Bowl - will be released this week. It's a very exciting episode and I'm sure that you will all enjoy it.

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EDIT: Here is Part two of the series on FEMA camps which was recorded live at the Super Bowl pre-game party.

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