Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Violent Amnesty Supporters Threaten Journalist At Lansing Immigration Protest

An African-American anti-immigration protestor took offense to being called a "racist Nazi" and "Klan member" by counter-protestors from the radical pro-amnesty group BAMN  (By Any Means Necessary) and decided to ask BAMN supporters if they really thought he was a Nazi at a lively protest in Lansing Michigan where two people had been arrested the previous day.

Bobby Powell, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Truth Is Viral, accompanied the man to the person who was leading their chants on the megaphone where he asked, "Is this black man a Nazi racist just because he doesn't agree with you?" BAMN's response to this perfectly legitimate question was to hurl a torrent of insults and threats of deadly violence.

Kumbaya much?

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  1. You handled them idiots so well you gave me a good laugh when you told that 1 illegal that he was going to have a stroke. Then you shut them down when you told them they're were no Nazi's which I didn't see any at all. I'm sorry that you got threatened by these new liberals. Today's Democratic Party isn't like it was when I was growing up in the 90's they have been taken over by such crazy people that don't listen to reason that's not to say The Republican Party is any better cause I don't belong to either party I am what you would consider just a fairly Conservative person. I want to thank you for your messages about The Bible in your videos they really up lift me that humanity is still good & they get me closer & closer to rededicating my life to Jesus Christ. It was also nice to see a rare appearance by your Wife I mean my whole family sort of went through the same thing for 4 years cause my Grandma was dying of Dementia when she died around Holidays of 2012 when I knew she was going to die I had so much trouble going to sleep 1 night I couldn't come to terms with that she was going to die so I know it must be the worst cause your Wife seems like such a sweet lady. It's been near a year since I got into your videos I got into your work when you did a video on Obama is The Anti Christ. I also recommend you see Dreams From My Real Father directed by Joel Gillbert & thank you for your service.