Wednesday, January 27, 2016

URGENT!!! Fed Assault On #OregonStandoff Protestors Imminent; 1 Already Dead, 8 Arrested!

URGENT!!! I just received a phone call from a friend in the FBI, who is a Patriot III%er. He says that 200+ armored vehicles are in Burns now, and the occupiers have until 4 am Pacific time on 1/27/16 to vacate the Refuge before an assault begins.

My source says the peaceful occupiers have to get on Highway 20 and go to Burns before the 4am deadline and they will be granted safe passage. Anyone remaining in the Refuge after 4am local time will be considered an "enemy combatant," and they will be subject to the same type of murder the Feds carried out on LaVoy Finicum yesterday evening.

PLEASE SHARE THIS, and help me Save LIVES!!!

Get the info to ANYONE you know inside the Refuge. Everyone I know, besides Blaine Cooper, has been arrested, and I can't get hold of him.

My friend and fellow broadcaster Pete Santilli has also been arrested. I intend to take his place, but I need your help. Please go to and make a generous donation that will enable me to go to Burns myself.

God bless these fine men,
Semper Fi,