Saturday, August 23, 2014

EMERGENCY VIDEO!! TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell's Wife Is IN Hospital, In A Diabetic Coma

DeLynn Holds Our Grandson Conner For The 1st Time 1/14
Folks, my wife has been getting worse and worse over the past few months. I had to call an ambulance this afternoon due to her increasing refusal to make sense. And then she stopped talking all together.

I'll be broadcasting a live show later tonight during which I hope that you will join me in praying for her complete recovery. I've never been much for "laying on of hands" but at this point we have nothing left to lose.

At the very least, please make sure that you share this video in EVERY way you know how. TTiV has 25,000 Subscribers and that is an ARMY by any definition. I need my foot soldiers out there sending this show to all of the forums you can think of, shoot it out in emails to ALL of your friends, Post it on Facebook; not just on your timeline, but in each group to which you belong.

PLEASE everyone, if you EVER cared a lick about me I need you to do this for me! I'm not ready to lose the love of my life; not tonight, and not ever.

I'm a wicked sinner, but I am more than ready to be prepared to expect a miracle. In order to get a miracle, you must first ask for it. Here goes, "Father you know I am a wicked sinner, and while I don't have it within myself to do anything, Jesus Christ saved the world. He kinda had a home field advantage though didn't He Father?

Christ also tells us that nothing is beyond his reach, that is we need something all we need do is call on your holy name and it will be granted to us.

Father, Jesus, I want my wife to live. I not only want her to live, I want her to be healthy again. I want the cancer gone, the diabetes kaput, and the diabetic neuropathy to simply melt away.

Lord, you have brought men back from the dead, even after he'd been stinking up his own grave for three days, so I KNOW you can go it again; if you just had the will.

Father grant me this and I swear that I will work much harder to save lives and win souls for you.

In Jesus Holy Name we pray.

PS: Check out the little video above, the reason that she got so ill so quick in the first place. If there had been enough money for hospice, DeLynn wouldn't be in the hospital. If she wasn't white, she wouldn't be in the hospital/ Thank you Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. I will send up my prayers for your wife and for you. May God give you the strength to get through this. God Bless, ~Lizzy

  2. yesterday was one year that i lost my mom bobby. i am thinking and praying for you and your family brother. try to stay strong for her and your kids. they need you to more than anything now! got your back brother, if i can help let me know...

  3. I am praying for you both. His will be done.

  4. Bobby, my thoughts and prayers are being sent your way tonight as have been sent many other nights. I pray the Good Lord will send his healing powers to your wife. God be with you both dear sir!

  5. Just sent a prayer bro. Your brother in Knoxville gorman

  6. I will fix her so this never happens again, for FREE.

    It os my service to all service personal.

    I work with Dr Ron Rosedale, the best metabolic specialist in the world. It would be my pleasure to make her well. I did not serve, this is how I serve to all vets.

    My blog,


  7. God has put you front and center in my prayers this morning Bobby. I will share on my news feed in hopes that many more will join in. Gods love and peace be with you today Bobby and I pray for DaLynn's healing no matter how God works this out.....It will be for his glory. There is the Ultimate healing.........remember that's song Bobby.......I cry very easily lately and my tears are for you both this morning. Jeremiah ain't got nothin on me these days.......and I count it all to God's glory.

  8. Prayers and best wishes for you and your family Bobby.

  9. Stanley Thomas FowlerAugust 24, 2014 at 5:20 PM

    i believe your wife will return home to you, and when she does, you might consider some alternative treatment. i will be glad to offer information

  10. WisemenSTILLseekhimAugust 24, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    Stand on the red letters in Matthew, Bob. No weapon formed against us...Stay close to God, stay humble, pray for those who persecute you. God Bless you and your family.

  11. Well, many years ago when I studied Social Work I was taught
    to do all I could for recipients. I was taught yes, there are a few leaches
    here and there but for the most part recipients can’t do any better. I was
    taught to care and was taught that the
    Social Workers making fun of recipients were uncouth and needed to be weeded
    out of the system. What happened to all the caring Social Workers? As for the
    psychopathic Social Workers snatching kids from the home –well I was taught
    preservation of the family was most important if at all possible. Nowadays kids
    get snatched for no better reason than the home isn’t spic-n-span. During my
    days as a Social Worker we would try to find out why the home isn’t so clean
    and perhaps get volunteers to help out until the family could do better. Are
    all the loving hearted Social Workers retired or what? I am sorry the Social Work profession has gone
    to hell to the point that individuals like Mrs. Powell have to suffer way too
    much as it is but add cancer to that and not enough pain medicine if any at all
    and it’s a horrible way to have to die.

  12. Mr. Powell, Next time you encounter an uncouth Social Worker
    turn them in to the National Association of Social Workers in Washington DC. And most states have an organization as well –perhaps in MI it might be called the Michigan Association of Social Workers or some other name like that. In most states a Social Worker must be a member of both the national and state organizations to get a job. And these organizations have authority to hear charges against Social Workers that are members and many a Social Worker has been dropped as members and once dropped they cannot usually get another job in Social Work without being a member. This might not be the case in Southern states but MidWestern states have stricter rules. Let me express that being a Social Worker in most states you must be of good character just like a nurse must be of good character. And making fun of recipients and or beating them out of services they clearly quality for is uncouth no matter how one may try to disguise it. Don’t let anymore Social Workers knock you around. File complaints at the national and state lever. It really burns me up to think Mrs. Powell was denied benefits based on the color of her skin.