Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks Through Turbulent Times: Happy Thanksgiving From TTiV

My daughter is dead. My mother and wife both have terminal Stage-IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer. It feels as though I am losing everyone I love, one at a time. In the past two years seven of my closest friends and family members have died from cancer or heart attacks. Ironically, and disconcertingly, seven is also the exact number of viewers who have written to tell me that after watching one of my shows, they were led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sweet Jesus, what price must I pay to keep the promise that I made to my daughter,  to bring your children to Salvation as I swore that I would? Will you take one of my loved ones for each soul I bring to your altar? Will you take my entire family to make up for the cowardice I showed when I didn't tell my little girl about You because I was afraid to push her away after having just gotten her into my life after a lifetime of searching for her?

All of this crap going on in our lives Father, the illness, the pain, it's almost too much...

What have I got to be thankful for?

A LOT, as it turns out.

I got an email the other day that asked me to take a few minutes before I went to sleep and thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family. The email said that I shouldn't pray asking for anything; just count my blessings and give thanks for them. It took me about half an hour to recount them all.

As part of dealing with the nearly overwhelming trials our family is experiencing, I have started to attend caregiver and grief counseling at a local cancer support group. The theme for this past meeting was, suitably, to recount those things for which we are thankful. I thought I would share them with you.

May you all be blessed with traveling safety, valuable times with friends and loved ones, and may you remember the Source from Whom all blessings flow.

Happy Thanksgiving.
God bless & Semper Fi,
Bobby and DeLynn Powell
and the entire TTiV staff.


  1. Bobby, I am so sorry to hear about DeLynn. I am glad to hear you will have another Thanksgiving together with her and your mother. Do not fight the tears Bobby, God gave us tears because they are cleansing and shedding tears helps to ease your tensions.
    I am happy you decided to take advantage of the help for caregivers, it will not only help you, it will help her also. Knowing you are taking care of yourself will be a great relief to her and help you both to share the fears and doubts you both are experiencing at this time. It is a wonderful thing, that you both can share God's love at this time.
    Please, when you get the prayer warriors together, be sure to let the members of the site know so we can join our prayers with yours. My pastor and our prayer warriors are praying for you and your family, so I will ask them to join in also.
    We are praying for you and your family. God bless and keep you.

  2. Thank you Karol. I will most certainly promote it ahead of time as I want to get the audience in on the call to prayer too. I'm going to try and get it simulcast on as many shows as possible, I'm looking for a live audience in the millions.

    I KNOW that God can heal her, make her jump right out of bed and do a jig. I'm expecting that, at least, and if we get that miracle I promise right here and now that I will NEVER shut up about it. I will proclaim the name of the Most High God 24/7/365 until I drop from exhaustion.

    God bless, Bobby

  3. Good Morning Mr. Powell. I just watched my first video of you a moment ago and am so sorry for your hardships. Please watch Rick Simpson's Hash Oil, aka 'Phoenix Tears'. It will cancer in the cells as well as stop the cancer from spreading. Also the cbd's in the raw leaves can be juiced and consumed to help aid in the fight. Never give up hope. please feel free to call me. I reside in Colorado. Even if you just wanna talk w a brother Marine, I will be your ear and support! I will keep you both in my prayers as well. May God bless you both! Stay strong, stay hard, stay Marine! Hope to hear back from you soon.

  4. Bobby. I am sorry about your daughter. The Lord has said my people die from lack of knowledge. Someone mentioned Rick Simpson Phoenix tears. Also baking soda and molasses. Dr. Caldwell speaks of cancer as a fungus. Increase phone to 8.0 -8.5 cancer dies.
    I did both. Stopped the oil. Couldn't afford financially. Did the cheap protocol. Which is baking soda and molasses. 80% raw vegetables and 20% cooked. No Processed foods. No dairy. Breast cancer is dead. Lump is decreasing in size. For a year I researched and fought this cancer. Don't fight cancer with conventional medicine ie: chemo and radiation. It kills the immune system. Your body can't heal itself.
    The Lord showed me and saved me. He can for you too!
    I will pray for you too.