Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Prosecutorial And Judicial Misconduct Is Why The Government Can't Convict Bundy Ranch Defendants

There are some people claiming that the Bundys aren't being convicted because they are white. Instead of blaming the NOT GUILTY verdicts on the color of their skin (Racist much?) perhaps they should lay the blame (credit) where it belongs; on out of control federal bureaucrats, politically-appointed judicial functionaries, and thugs with badges (although the BLM agents had no arrest authority at the Bundy Ranch) who went out of their way to circumvent the law and invent offenses that never occurred.

Despite being intimidated by lengthy prison terms (20 months so far) without benefit of trial, much less conviction, and demanding that the defendants be brought into court in chains in violation of 9th Circuit precedent, despite “judge” Navarro allowing the government to put on a ridiculous show that features federal agents lying through their teeth in tears on the witness stand claiming PTSD because they saw people with guns (which weren’t pointed at them) exercising their 1st Amendment rights, despite the defendants not being allowed to testify on their own behalf, despite the “judge” stacking the jury with people she THOUGHT would return a conviction, despite all efforts to silence, intimidate, and cheat the defendants, the jury found them NOT GUILTY!


Because the jury isn’t stupid. The government overplayed its hand in such an egregious fashion that the jury could easily see that there was an agenda involved that had nothing to do with the law, evidence, or justice. When the government spends more time attempting to suppress witnesses like BLM Special-Agent-in-Charge Daniel P. Love, further suppressing evidence and testimony rather than present their own or refute it, a casual observer — or a jury — has to stop and wonder why.

The Bundys and their supporters have been held in maximum security federal custody for 19 months, without bail per “judge” Navarro. Their 6th Amendment right has been violated in at least three ways, the 8th, the 2nd, and 1st as well. A JOURNALIST — Peter T. Santill — has also been held as long, for the “crime” of livestreaming the standoff and showing the world the crimes being committed by the BLM against the Bundys. Navarro could not have these men, especially talk show host Santilli, out in the public eye giving lie to the government’s claims. So Navarro did her best to silence them by keeping them locked in a dungeon until she could issue her decree.

And it still didn’t work.

Ever play in the mud as a kid? Remember that a ball of mud will sit in your hand all day long unless you do something to it? What happens when you turn your hand into a fist, compressing the ball of mud? It squirts through your fingers, right? Same thing here. The tighter “judge” Navarro squeezed the defendants, the more real truth was shown to the jury.

The jury didn’t buy the government’s story, no matter how many federal agents got on the stand to lie, shed their honor and manhood along with their tears, and tell the jury (in between sobs) how scared they were, when the fact is it was the fully tac’d-out BLM rent-a-thugs who posed a danger to innocent life down in the wash, and not the Bundys or their supporters.

The government has spent tens of millions of dollars attempting to put the Bundys and their supporters in prison, and the only success they have had is with those defendants too scared to go to trial who accepted plea deals, and a government informant who was plied with liquor by FBI agents and encouraged to make outrageous statements as part of an “interview” with a “documentary film crew.”

“judge” Navarro must understand that her career as a federal judge is over. There is no way she will be able to defend her rulings to an investigatory body, and an investigation will be forthcoming (former BLM SAIC Dan Love knows how this feels, doesn’t he?) She is going to understand that there is a price to be paid for using the power granted to her by virtue of her position to maliciously violate the civil rights of defendants in her courtroom at the behest of her benefactor “Dirty Harry” Reid.

If there is any real justice in the world, and my faith in the system has been restored by these Not Guilty verdicts, “judge” Navarro will be impeached, disbarred, and imprisoned. When she gets out, she can wear a robe — for a moment — in her new career as a Las Vegas stripper.

OK, I’ll admit, I don’t know if Navarro will ever face any serious sanctions for making a mockery out of our judicial system; but after witnessing the despicable way she violated the law, and the rights of the defendants during this trial, if is my most fervent prayer that she does. She is unfit to serve the People of the United States as an impartial trier of fact.

#Stand #ImpeachNavarro #LetMyPeterGo #FreePete

Saturday, September 16, 2017

BLM Agent Daniel P. Love Fired; How You Can Help Send Him To Prison

Daniel P. Love, the Bureau of Land Management agent who led the assault on the Bundy Ranch protestors in 2014, has been fired by the BLM after two blistering reports by the Office of the Inspector General detailing his official misconduct and ethical violations were published.

The first report, published on January 20th, 2017, stated, "the Supervisory Agent (Love) used his official position to provide preferential treatment to his family members while attending the (Burning Man) event; directed five on-duty BLM law enforcement officers to escort his family and provide security for them at the event; and (Love's) family received overnight lodging in BLM-leased facilities."

According to the report, Love also, "violated Federal ethics rules when he used his influence with Burning Man officials to obtain three sold-out tickets and special passes for his father, girlfriend, and a family friend. We (OIG investigators) confirmed that (Love's) girlfriend stayed overnight with him in his BLM assigned trailer, contrary to restrictions in the operations plan for the event."

"He also violated Federal ethics regulations by having a subordinate employee make a hotel reservation for his guests. On at least one occasion, he misused his BLM official vehicle when he transported his girlfriend while at the event."

Further, the report concludes that Love, "improperly intervened in the April 2015 hiring process for a BLM special agent position after he learned that a friend did not make the initial list of candidates to be interviewed."

Full Report:

The report published on August 24th states, "We (OIG investigators) found that the senior manager instructed his subordinate to remove moqui marbles from the evidence room and give them to him, which violated BLM and U.S. Department of the Interior evidence policy, and that he gave marbles to several people, including BLM employees and a contractor who had worked on a project in the OLES office."

"We also confirmed that the senior manager had his subordinate use the senior manager’s computer and personal login information to search the senior manager’s emails for messages pertinent to the document requests, and to “scrub” any messages that could harm the senior manager or any in which he used demeaning or derogatory language."

"(Love's) actions violated Federal security and records management policy as well as various regulations and guidance related to the conduct of Federal employees."

Full Report:

The criminality displayed by former BLM Special-Agent-in-Charge Daniel P. Love is obvious for all to see, yet the US Attorney's office for the State of Nevada declined to press any charges. In the opinion of this observer, their reasoning is clear: They don't want the man who led the outrageous armed assault on the Bundy Ranch going on trial at the same time as the Bundys. With the press coverage his arrest would generate, there is no way they could hide his wrongdoing from a potential jury in the Bundy case.

Federal prosecutors have millions of dollars invested in their persecution of the Bundys and their supporters, and have come up empty-handed almost every time. They can't afford unflattering press coverage of a wannabe "operator" like Love to influence potential Bundy jurors in Nevada, many of whom may have already watched the government try, and fail, to win significant convictions over and over again.

The best way you can help make AUSA Steven Myhre and "judge" Gloria Navarro's worst nightmares come true, is to call and write the US Attorney's office in Nevada to demand that for once an obviously guilty, legitimate federal thug, is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He betrayed his badge and the public trust that was placed in him, repeatedly using his position to benefit himself and hurt those he deemed "criminals," all the while committing the exact same crimes for which they had been arrested.

Daniel P. Love is an example of everything that is wrong with our government, and those we have entrusted to "police the police" must step up and do the right thing. Our country cannot survive with a two-tiered justice system, where the common man is punished while the privileged go free. We fought a Revolution to escape that kind of injustice.

So please take a moment and remind them of their duty to the Constitution, the country, and the Rule of Law. DEMAND that they charge Daniel P. Love with every crime they might be able to prove.