Friday, March 10, 2017

Hilarity Ensues When Autistic Anon Trolls Shia LaBeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" Stream

Hollywood drama queen Shia LaBeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" livestream "art project," which was supposed to stream every minute of President Donald Trump's term in office, was trolled in epic fashion by an autistic Anon from the /pol/ message board and /pol/ Ops.

The livestream, which featured mostly snowflakes chanting the mind-numbing phrase into a camera over and over, had been kicked out of every venue where LaBeouf set it up for "inciting violence and posing a threat to public safety." The stream's most recent iteration began to feature a white flag with the words "He Will Not Divide Us" emblazoned across it.

The camera was pointed at the sky, giving no clue as to it's geographic location, and LaBeouf thought it was safe; until the autistic Anon began to analyze the flight patterns of planes in the sky, comparing them to real-time radar returns.

Now that the target was located, /pol/ ( I'll call them "Ops) went into action, hauling down the flag and raising their own surprise...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SHOCK ACLU Statement: "Tyranny" Is Obama's Legacy

According to the ACLU, the true legacy of Barack Hussein Obama is one of absolute “tyranny.” While the left is losing their ever-loving minds, while Hollywood banshees and ordinary snowflakes are screaming at the top of their lungs over the tweets of President Donald Trump, they forget that he hasn’t ordered the murder of three American citizens who had not yet been charged with a crime.

Obama built that.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, we’ll hear ACLU attorney Nate Wessler issue a damning statement on the everlasting legacy of Barack Obama, when he calls the former President, “Judge, jury, and executioner,” over the killings of Anwar al-Alawki, Samir Khan, and al-Alawki’s 16-year-old son Abdulrahman.

We’ll also touch on Trump’s accusation that Obama bugged Trump Tower while the billionaire was running for President of the United States, the latest on the #OregonStandoff and #BundyRanch trials in Oregon and Nevada, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s recent call for blood in the streets, and the Internet’s new hero: Based Stick Man.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Racist Black Muslim Arrested For Bomb Threats To Jewish Community Centers

Tonight on TTiVLIVE!we discuss the Bundy trials in Oregon and Nevada, the racist Communist Muslim terrorist that threatened to blow up Jewish community centers, and the censorship of Donald Trump on Twitter, as well as TTiV on Youtube.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Marine's Epic Rant Proves Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

Today I’m going to put on my editorial hat and speak to all of the Liberals and Progressives who have been absolutely losing their minds over the election of Donald Trump using a little thing I like to call “Common Sense.”

I challenge you to watch this video to the end before making a judgment. If you are as open-minded and tolerant as you claim to be, that should not be a problem.

I’m going to give it to you straight, with no BS, and some of you won’t like it. Because I’m a Christian, I will invariably get comments telling me that my attitude is not Christ-like, and they will say things like, “What Would Jesus Do?”

I’d like to remind those folks that Jesus Christ called the Pharisees, “Vipers,” and, “Hypocrites,” language that would get you killed in Jesus’ day and, in His case, did. And then, with forethought, Christ “fashioned a whip,” and started beating moneychangers who had desecrated His Father’s temple, flipping over tables and generally causing mayhem.

Stand by for some “mayhem” as I introduce a concept known as, “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder.”

The only ammunition that Hillary Clinton and her supporters had against Donald Trump during the campaign was to accuse him of being a meanie, that he says things that are not so nice, that he is someone who hurts the feelings of others, someone who is “deplorable.”

I can’t, and I won’t, defend Donald Trump’s “locker room talk,” but I have to call out the hypocrisy of those on the Left who are the most “offended” by his comments. Would you like to know what I find truly deplorable?

I think it is deplorable when Barack Obama shows off his erection in front of a gaggle of female reporters who are not only unoffended by the display, but openly hoot and holler at the President as if they were having a bachelorette party at a male strip club.

i think it is deplorable for Michelle Obama to claim that “Donald Trump’s comments shook me to the core,” while calling Beyonce a wonderful role model for her children, taking Sasha and Malia to a Jay Z concert where songs like his magnum opus, “Pussy,” is performed.

Check out these lyrics (Ladies, and beta-males, you may want to cover your ears for this.)

"I ain't no rapper, but I'ma say my shit
When it comes down to that motherfuckin' clit, clit, clit
Niggas are sick, sick, sick, turn on you quick, quick, quick
That's why I be givin' mami much, dick, dick, dick
Why'all chumps be coppin' them furs, and all that
Feining for this pussy, as if y'all was on crack
When it comes to the truth, I can't hold back

Malia Obama is barely 18 and she was caught on video openly using drugs and shaking “dat azz” for the camera like a common stripper. Gee, I wonder where she learned that? Beyonce’ and Jay Z… those are some fine role models you chose there Michelle, you did a bang-up job of being a parent. Your daughter is now a hoochie-mama.

I think it is deplorable when liberals condemn Tim Tebow for giving thanks to God on the football field, but consider Colin Kapernik to be some kind of hero because he refuses to rise for the national anthem. Kapernik, who has had every advantage that life in the United States has to offer, is nothing but a disrespectful punk. If he feels that strongly about disrespecting the United States, perhaps he’d like to take me up on my #FlagChallenge? I kinda doubt he will though.

I think it is deplorable when liberals like Miley Cyrus can ride a dildo, fellate a sex doll, and masturbate on stage in front of teen and pre-teen boys and girls and be praised for it. Then she starts raging against Donald Trump and his, “grab her by the pussy” comment by encouraging the CHILDREN in the front row to literally grab hers, yet instead of being accused of demeaning women she is called “daring” and a “role model.” It is even more deplorable that parents allow their children to attend one of her sickening displays.

I think it is deplorable when liberals like Cyrus, Katy Perry, Amy Schumer, and self-confessed child molester Lena Dunham, use sex to sell themselves and then have the temerity to call Donald Trump a misogynist, suffering selective amnesia when it comes to the rapes and sexual assaults committed by Bill Clinton and covered up by his wife Hillary, crimes that include threatening the victims.

I think it is deplorable that Madonna can proclaim that “love will win” in one breath, and “Fuck you,” in the next. Apparently, Madonna only loves people who think EXACTLY LIKE HER. And what about her promise to fellate any man who voted for Hillary Clinton?

Not only was that a disgusting offer to make, when Hillary lost she reneged on her promise just like the dozens of celebrities that said they would leave the country if Donald Trump were elected President. Well he has been elected President. So why are they all still here?

I think Ashley Judd is deplorable. She thinks that yellow emojis should be banned because they represent “White Privilege,” and instead of putting forth a valid political argument for the empowerment of women all she can do is hurl a string of personal insults at the President of the United States in a rant that could be accurately described as “totally unhinged.”

I think it is deplorable that the woman these people supported with all of their hearts, Hillary Clinton, would laugh about the savage murder of Moammar Gadaffi…

…or the brutal rape of a 12-year-old girl when she represented the child’s assailant…

…and then claim to be a champion of women and children. I think it is deplorable that Hillary Clinton accepted scores of millions of dollars from countries where gays are imprisoned and executed, and then claims to stand for gay rights. I don’t recall Hillary’s State Department condemning the treatment of gays in Muslim countries a single time.

I also don’t see any Hollywood celebrities using their platforms to decry the horrific treatment of gays and women in Muslim countries. Comedian Sarah Silverman once said that she made fun of Christians because it was easy, that they don’t behead you as a Muslim would.

I didn’t see Silverman standing up for Bernie Sanders after it was proven that the DNC conspired to steal the nomination from him either. This is a common trait among Liberals; they can’t take responsibility for anything. If wrongdoing wasn’t committed by a straight white man, it just didn’t happen.

I think it is deplorable when the Democratic Party puts out anti-Trump ads that feature Latino children and the elderly using language that would make a sailor or Marine on a 6-month float blush.

That is outright child and elder abuse, but liberals call it “edgy” and “funny.” I find that to be truly deplorable.

I think it’s deplorable that Hillary Clinton and staffers at the Democratic National Committee call Latinos “Taco Bowl” voters, and gay voters, “Homos;” that they can conspire to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders, call him a “Dufus,” and label his supporters “basement dwellers,” and the Lamestream Media and progressive Left say nothing, even actively conspiring to hide or discount evidence of wrongdoing by anyone on the Left.

In fact, the Wikileaks release of Clinton advisor John Podesta’s emails shows that Hillary Clinton has “hatred in her heart” for ordinary Americans, as well as Podesta’s own observation that Hillary Clinton lies quite often.

Over at Project Veritas, film-maker James O’Keefe released damning footage of Clinton operatives proudly describing how they incited violence at Trump rallies during the campaign at the behest, and with the largess of, Communist billionaire George Soros. Then, O’Keefe’s investigative reporters infiltrated Anarchist and Communist groups that planned to use Butyric acid bombs at inaugural balls in Washington DC; but the Lamestream media would not report his findings although the police and Secret Service took them very seriously. I find that deplorable.

I think it is deplorable that race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson encourage George Soros-funded #BlackLivesMatter thugs to burn down cities, ambush police officers, and attack random white people, because a cop shot a black man, even if the cop himself was black and the decedent a thug, yet they have not one word to say about the bloody battlefield known as Chiraq, where more black people have been killed by other black people in gang violence than soldiers who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

I think it is deplorable that more than 50% of black pregnancies are terminated on an abortionist’s table, snuffing out the lives of hundreds of thousands of beautiful children, who by natural design were full of unlimited potential, every single year, and the Revs Sharpton and Jackson are nowhere to be found.

These men are not Christians if they can simply turn a blind eye to the genocide of black Americans that is taking place in this country because it wouldn’t be politically correct. Both of them should be ashamed of themselves and turn in their collars.

Planned Parenthood is carrying out a genocide against black Americans, a genocide planned by the organizations founder Margaret Sanger, one of Hillary Clinton’s personal heros, who equated black people to weeds that needed to be exterminated, and the Progressive Left is all for it.

I think it is deplorable that those innocent black lives don’t matter to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and that Conservative Pro-life voters are pretty much the only people saying anything about the national disgrace of abortion.

I think it is deplorable that children are being sexualized by the media. Little girls are being dressed up like whores and paraded around on stage and we’re being told that this is normal. I guarantee that every pedophile in America had every episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras,” and other programs like it, set to record on their DVRs. Liberal Hollywood is actually feeding that sickness on a daily basis.

The new FOX sitcom, “The Mick,” repeatedly subjects a six-year-old boy to overtly sexual situations. In one episode he is encouraged to wear a dress, and he says, “I can feel the breeze on my vagina.” In another, after burning his tongue on a Japanese hibachi grill, his guardian actually puts a bondage device on his head that forces his mouth to remain open.

The Learning Channel has a show called, “I Am Jazz,” about another little boy who was dressed as a girl, and even put on artificial hormones at an early age, by delusional parents. To make matters worse, their “doctor” just performed surgery on the child to make sure that he didn’t go through natural male puberty. He was physically mutilated, emasculated, by the doctor with the full cooperation of the child’s parents. That isn’t just deplorable, it’s downright horrific, barbaric, and criminal.

Even the prestigious National Geographic is trying to normalize transgenderism in children. In their January 2017 edition they told the story of Avery Jackson, a nine-year-old boy whose parents Debi and Tom started dressing him as a girl when he was just four years old.

This poor child doesn’t know any better, having been brainwashed by his own parents; but they do. I have no idea why the Jackson’s or any other parent would subject their child to this kind of psychological and physical abuse, because all of the established models of Developmental Psychology state that a child that young is incapable of seeing themselves as a sexual being.

I think it’s deplorable that young children are being told by their parents that they are, “gay,” or “transgender,” filling their heads with the nonsense that this is OK, normal, or natural. Not one of the accepted models of Developmental Psychology states that a child has any awareness of their sexuality until puberty.

The Sigmund Freud school states that the fourth stage of childhood development is the latency stage, and it occurs from age five until puberty. A child's sexual interests are repressed during the latency stage and are not awakened until hormones begin to flow when the child reaches puberty.

Eric Ericsson’s model of Developmental Psychology states the same thing, that children do not begin to think about their sexual identity until they reach what he called the psychosocial stage “Identity vs. Role Confusion,” when a child asks, “Who am I,” and “What can I be?” That stage doesn’t begin until the child is at least 11 years old.

The World Health Organization considers Gender Dysphoria a mental disorder, as does the DSM-5, the go to source for all things psychological. A psychologist at Johns Hopkins University concurs, publishing a paper stating that “transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

These pre-pubescent children are being manipulated by their parents and sympathetic doctors in a process psychologist B.F. Skinner called “operant conditioning.” They are being trained, like rats negotiating a water-filled maze, to act in a manner that is in opposition to normal childhood development. They are being emotionally abused by adults who put their own need to advance a particular social agenda in front of the needs of the child.

Liberals, you have lost any moral high ground with me, so chill out and have a nice frosty glass of shut the Hell up until you stop using children to advance your sick agenda, learn to act like grownups, and stop throwing temper tantrums because you didn’t get your way. I mean really, who dresses up like a huge vagina and acts like a bunch of idiots in order to make a point?

Grow up already.

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Thank you for watching, my name is Bob Powell, and as always: God bless, Semper Fi, and Ooh Rah.