Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ex-CIA Spy: Obama's Secret Deal With An Already Nuclear Iran; Catastrophic EMP Threat When War Starts

Bob Powell
Creator/Host of TTiV
 In this interview with Reza Kahili, a former CIA asset embedded inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, he claims that the Obama administration has sent representatives to Doha Qatar to negotiate a secret deal with their Iranian counterparts; a fact borne out in the public's inability to view the deal struck by dual Iranian/American citizen Valerie Jarrett that supposedly curtails the Iranian capacity to produce nuclear weapons. The Iranians have said that the agreement carries no such restrictions.

Negotiations and deals may be too late however as Kahlili also claims that in addition to almost having completed their own bomb, the Iranians have pursued a parallel program of purchasing nukes on the black market. According to German and Russian sources two of three nukes that were stolen from the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, a predominantly Muslim nation, have ended up in the possession of the Iranians.

Kahlili also reveals that Iran currently has the motivation and the ability to effectively send the United States back to the 1800's with an Electromagnetic Pulse attack.

There is absolutely no way that the Islamic Republic of Iran could ever hope to defeat the United States standing toe-to-toe; but just two nuclear weapons detonating high in the atmosphere over the continental United States would fry every microchip within line-of-sight of the blasts. In seconds there will be no more electricity.

Forget about TV, Facebook, and cell phones; few cars built after 1985 will run after an EMP attack, and that includes police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. Wherever you are when an EMP hits is where you are going to stay, and there will be no one coming to help you. When the three days worth of food that fill the shelves of any one grocery store is gone, there will be no more deliveries. People dependent on medication or electrical devices to stay alive will die as soon as their insulin runs out or their machine's fail. Water pumps will stop working as they are also electrically powered.

Sewage systems will fail almost immediately, contaminating what water may be available; without proper medical care cholera and dysentery will run rampant, and between starvation and disease, up to 90% of the population of the United States will die within one year of the initial attack.

Kahlili also explains why the Iranians have no fear of Israel or the United States, and why they are anxious for the war to start: The Shia 12er belief in the coming of the Twelfth Imam, Imam Mahdi.

According to a video produced by the Islamic Republic of Iran titled "The Coming Is Upon Us" which was revealed to the Western world and translated by Kahlili, once enough blood and violence are visited upon the world, the Shia messiah Imam Mahdi will return to unite Islam and supernaturally sweep away the enemies of Allah. They have no fear of US or Israeli atomic weapons, and may actually strike preemptively.


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