Monday, March 21, 2011

Freak Supermoon Hail Storm: Upstate South Carolina 3/19/2011

My son and I went out for a day of father/son activities on Saturday, March 19th 2011. The day began beautifully, with clear blue skies and a forecast high in the mid-80's.

That all changed around 3 p.m. when ominous storm clouds rolled in - "Heavy, black, and pendulous" - looking much like Chuckie Gray's balls. ;) ;)

The heavens broke open and 15 minutes later there was 4 inches of golf ball sized hail on the ground. Trees were down, and those that remained standing had been stripped of their vegetation by the hail and high winds.

I didn't notice until I was done making this video that all of my tulips have been decimated; what were beautiful yellow flowers are now a beaten mass of green pulp. My LAWN CHAIRS were destroyed by the force of the hail too. The rubber slats were torn and shredded. I'll have to make an update to show the damage I missed in this video because it's just incredible.