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Armed Patriots Stand Against Violent Amnesty Supporters; Civilian Militias Patrol Texas Border - LIVE TTiV-GMN Simulcast

I want to begin this very special episode of The Truth Is Viral by thanking the people that made it possible. This was actually a spur of the moment thing as I was just coming back from Illinois where I had taken the boys to see their grandmother in advance of a very serious cancer surgery.


So I put out a call for donations and you responded: Jenny, Shelby, Susan, Gary, Cindy, James, Linda, Maureen, Janet, Sheryl, John, healthlife.com, and Albert all donated to get me to Lansing. But I was particularly blessed by two generous donations from Richard and Scott. It really does humble me, and it makes me proud at the same time, that people think enough of what I do that they are willing to donate their hard-earned dollars to enable me to do it.

My First-Born Child Is My Love And Inspiration
Since the death of my daughter a little over two years ago, the stated mission of The Truth Is Viral is to “Save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ.” I can’t say for sure how many lives we saved but I know for certain that three people have been led to salvation through Jesus Christ after watching one of my shows. I know this because they wrote and told me.

I’m telling you folks, that’s an awesome feeling. See, I’m not a TV preacher and I don’t know that I would ever want to be one. I’m just a filthy sinner that’s been saved and I’m trying to save others the only way I know how, and that’s by reporting the news and relating it to biblical prophecy. I could report this news from the safety of my own home, but after you watch this episode of TTiVLIVE! I think that you will agree that helping me get into the thick of it makes for a much more exciting and informative program. And folks, in this episode of The Truth Is Viral I do get into it. I’ll almost got my skinny ass kicked twice.

Your donations help me do that and one day I hope to be able to hire a video editor full time so that I can concentrate on gathering and delivering the news. For the time being anyway my responsibilities at home preclude the possibility of me doing this every week, but from time to time I hope to be able to bring you more exciting episodes of The Truth Is Viral just like this one. You won’t see any of this on the mainstream media or COINTELPRO alternative media websites.

For this special episode of The Truth Is Viral, I have combined the TTiVLIVE! stream, the stream from the Guerrilla Media Network that was produced by Audiosoldier and simulcast to a potential audience in the millions, and other video we shot that day for this very special TTiVLIVE!. We also go to Texas where patriot Blaine Cooper - the man who stood up to Sen. John McCain and called him a traitor at a town hall meeting -  is with a group of Arizona militia as they protect farmers from Mexican drug cartels and find out about his mission there. Chief Mark Kessler is also in Texas doing some recon. Both of these men will be on TTiV in the very near future to talk about their experiences, and why they are in Texas in the first place.

Folks, we are at war. At stake in this war, at the very minimum, is the American way of life.

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and all of the other race-baiting traitors in Congress want to throw open our borders and give billions of dollars to gang members and disease vectors while ignoring the threat posed by Islamic terrorists who are also sneaking over the border. They want to give billions of dollars to people who have entered this country illegally; providing them shelter, health care, food stamps, and even a lawyer for their immigration hearing, when tax paying natural-born American citizens - many of them veterans  - are going homeless and hungry.

Armed Patriots Protest Against Amnesty For Illegal Aliens
Real Americans have finally had enough and they are turning out to protest this wave of illegal aliens by the tens of thousands. Last weekend there were protests in each of the 50 states, and in this episode of TTiVLIVE! you will see one of them close up.

This was in fact one of several protests occurring in the Metro Detroit and Lansing areas that day. This particular protest was sponsored by Overpasses for America Michigan. Members of Oath Keepers and the III%ers were also there flying their colors, and packing some serious heat.

It’s a good thing too because the group that was protesting on behalf of the illegal aliens calls itself “BAMN,” which stands for "By Any Means Necessary." Folks you need to take these people at their word. While I was there, even though I was being very respectful, I was surrounded by these violent thugs twice and threatened with deadly violence. Had the Michigan State patrol not been there in force I’m sure these scumbags would have initiated some type of violent confrontation. As it was, the boys in blue rescued me twice, and for that I thank them.

As you can plainly see in this video, BAMN wasn’t interested in any type of intelligent dialogue. As far as they are concerned anyone who opposes them is a racist Nazi clan member, and that, apparently, includes just about everyone.

I’d like for viewers to take notice of the fact that there are no swastikas at this protest, not so much as a Confederate flag - not that there’s anything wrong with the Stars and Bars - and that several of the patriots protesting against illegal aliens were black and Hispanic.

Bobby Powell Stands Defiant In Face Of Death Threats
But that didn’t matter to BAMN, and I get into a little bit of trouble as I go behind enemy lines with an African-American to ask the question, “is this man a racist Nazi?” This African-American man had not come to the protest for any particular reason, he was just passing by and happened to agree with the Patriot point of view.

When he heard that BAMN was calling him a racist Nazi simply because he disagreed with them, he wanted to confront them and we followed. That's when things really get exciting! We also go to Texas where we hear from patriot Blaine Cooper who’s down there with a group of militia protecting farmers and ranchers from violent cartel members.

If I wasn’t needed so desperately here at home I would absolutely join my brothers down on the border to protect the lives of American citizens that are being threatened by cartel members, who are terrorists by any definition of the word. I’ve seen videos were cartel members torture and behead their victims just like Muslims and speaking of Muslim terrorists, let’s not forget that threat.

FOX-11 Tweet "3 Terrorists Detained"
Former CIA spy Reza Khalili was on The Truth Is Viral last year and revealed that there are already 40,000 Middle Eastern terrorists in the Western Hemisphere, just waiting for the signal to strike. A post by Dr. Jim Garrow just today talks about how these terrorists are getting ready to pull off a Washington DC sniper-type campaign times 1000, targeting malls and other so-called “soft targets.”

If you’d like to watch that entire episode with Reza Khalili you can do so by clicking this link or clicking it when it appears in the video. Dr. Garrow will be on TTiV most rickey-tick to let us know what he knows.

Let me be clear folks, I’m not against immigrants. My ancestors were immigrants. If you’re not a Native American, your ancestors were immigrants. This country was built by immigrants, literally brick by brick, nail by nail, and track by track. Its strength is its diversity, and it needs a constant influx of new talent and new ideas in order to maintain its status as one of the best places in the world to live; but what is happening now in Texas, Arizona, and California is not even a flood of illegal immigrants, it’s a destructive tsunami designed to place an unmanageable and overwhelming burden on the United States. And it must be stopped.

I’m not heartless, I’m really not, and I don’t think that a majority of conservatives are either. I think that you will find that conservative Christians are among the most charitable people in the world. After the Indonesian tsunami the United States donated a total of $2.8 billion in aid to an area of the world populated almost exclusively by Muslims. More than half of that aid came from private Christian organizations.

Australia ponied up too, donating $1.3 billion dollars to rebuild Bandeh Aceh Indonesia. Bandeh Ache is where the terrorists that blew up the nightclub in Bali came from. Most of the people who died in that explosion were Australian, yet they gave anyway. Iran donated a grand total of $67,000 to aid fellow Muslims after their villages had been washed away by the tsunami. Just sayin'.

But we have to be honest here. This country is more than 17 Trillion dollars in debt, and it is already almost mathematically impossible to ever repay that debt. Natural born taxpaying American citizens are going homeless and hungry, and many of those are veterans.

My Wife Needs Skilled Home Health Care
My wife was told that she cannot have the skilled hospice care she requires because the social services program that provides it is “at capacity.” In other words they have no money. For 20 years she worked two, sometimes three, jobs at a time, and she paid taxes on every penny; but now when she needs help that money is gone. They are “at capacity.” She’s not alone either.

I’ve personally heard dozens of horror stories just as bad as ours; natural born, taxpaying American citizens that are being denied basic health care while Obama finances terrorists and encourages hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to flood our borders and take already scarce resources away from the poorest American citizens. In no universe is that right.

Our citizens suffer and Barack Obama wants to pull another $4 billion out of thin air to provide housing, health, and legal services to illegal aliens who have never contributed so much as a drop of sweat to this country, when a mere $8 million dollars would buy each one of them a first-class plane ticket back to their country of origin. I don’t think so.

Many other people feel the same way. As we saw in this video some of the patriot protesters were Hispanic, a few were black, and we all agree that this is not about race or racism, it’s not about anti-illegal immigration/amnesty protesters being Nazis or Klan members; it’s about illegal immigration and the clear and present danger that it presents to the United States of America.

"The Colossus" Plaque At The Statue Of Liberty
In 1883 American poet Emma Lazarus wrote the words …give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, Tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” While those words were engraved in bronze and placed at the base of the Statue of Liberty - and it’s a beautiful sentiment don’t get me wrong - it is not the national policy of the United States.

The world is filled with wretched huddling masses yearning to breathe free and, as much as we would like to buy the world a Coke and a smile, we simply do not have the resources to take care of all of them. I don’t think that it’s too much to ask those who would like to come to the United States to stop at the golden door, take a ticket, and wait their turn like everybody else.

At the very end of this episode of The Truth Is Viral I’ll tell my OGs what’s going on with my wife and my mom, but if you’ve absolutely got to fly without watching that please take this with you: Remember to follow The Truth Is Viral on twitter, like us on Facebook add me to your Google plus circle. And share the show everywhere you go! As a matter fact while you are on Facebook don’t just share the show on your timeline, share it in every group to which you belong.

We need your help to accomplish our mission of “Saving lives in winning souls for Jesus Christ” in these very last days, so if you’re financially able please go to www.bobpowell.blogspot.com and click the PayPal link to make a donation. That will enable me to buy and maintain the equipment it takes to bring you a show like this, and whenever I’ve built up enough in my war chest and can take a special trip you can count on me to get right into the thick of it.

The first two places I would go if I had the funds are the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver International Airport. I could go and be back from either of these uber creepy Illuminati sites in just a couple of days. In fact there’s this camper I have my eye on right now, a mobile command post that is selling for $5,000.

At $5,000 you might think that it’s a piece of garbage, but this is where prayers and the Lord come in: it only has 19,000 miles on it! It’s in perfect condition and nobody knows about it but me. It’s not in the paper, there’s not even a large sign on it (just a tiny one.) I guess we’ll see if Father wants me to have it, because without your donations there is no way I will ever be able to afford it. I'll take video of it and post it in a fundraising campaign as soon as possible.

Special thanks once again to all those that donated their hard-earned money to get me down to Lansing so I could cover this protest. I feel it is extremely important to show people what we are up against and the only way to do that is to go where the metal meets the meat. I believe that I have successfully exposed BAMN for the vile, racist, and violent thugs that they are, and my friends there are groups like them all over the country.

I hope that you feel as though you got your money’s worth.

Until next time,
God bless you all, Semper Fi, and Ooh Rah

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