Thursday, December 25, 2014

Keeping Christ In Christmas Despite Pagan Associations; The TTiV Christmas Special

Atheists and devil worshipers take great delight in renting billboards to mock Christians and their faith, making sure that Satanic altars are placed next to manger displays in public areas.

Christians of all denominations are under attack all over the world, from within and without. One front is the attack on Christmas, which is so severe that many towns, malls, and businesses now "celebrate" Christmas; without the Christ part. Nowadays, Christmas trees are "holiday trees," Christmas break for schoolchildren is now "Holiday break," and Christmas parades are... well, you know. Even some Christians, citing the belief that Christ was actually born in the Fall season rather than winter, have said that celebrating Christmas is against Scripture.

Scholarly research does prove that when the Roman Emperor Constantine formally adopted Christianity as the official state religion, he also formalized the Festival of Sol Invictus - a pagan celebration of the Sun as a God  already well-established on December 25th since 274 A.D. by Emperor Aurelius - as the date of Christ's birth in an effort to bring pagans into the Church.

On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, TTiV Religion Editor Dr. David Rice explains why the attack on Christmas itself is a tool of the Devil, and why those with pure hearts and intentions have nothing to fear by celebrating the birth of the coming King, Savior, and Messiah, on December 25th.

This episode kicks off by acknowledging the efforts of the Alpena Bike Fest organizers who raised $5,000 for their "Toys For Kids" program last year, an event sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 583  "Operation Holiday," which has provided meals for the underprivileged and toys for children between Thanksgiving and Christmas since 1991. They accept donations all year long, and may be contacted at:

For TTiV OGs, there is some home video interspersed throughout this episode that gives the viewer a glimpse into TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell's 2013 Christmas celebration, and a special message from his wife DeLynn, who is fighting a tremendously courageous battle against cancer.

Merry Christmas to all, and Maranatha; our Salvation draws near.

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  1. Hey Bobby Happy New Year we're done with what was I can a really intense year & 2014 was an intense year to me with the we got slammed with Snow I'm sure you did too. To Harry "The Body" Reid's lies about all horror stories are untrue. To The Bundy Ranch which the involved were true patriots as are you my man. cause I am a buff for conspiracy's & you bring these shows to us & ever since I found your channel in The Summer of 2013 it was a show on is Obama The Antichrist I thought it was a pretty good show I decided to check out more of you videos that's when I learned you were not only a good man but a strong willed man. Your new video has your Wife up & about with you you 2 saying Marry Christmas made me feel good. I agree with I'm not typically 1 you'd think of as religious although I really do need to recommit my life to the lord I can say don't doubt what God will do. I've told you about my Grandmother who had Dementia & you know it started when she fell on the porch going out of the house to buy something at the store. I think the trauma of falling down that hard on an 83 year old Woman's body caused it but this was in 08 & for 4 & half years she went through & anytime she had a fall or accident during this I always heard she won't be able to move around on her own & what not or she'll never be the same I was like you don't know this lady cause I knew it was in God's hands. As bad as she got & as confused as she was she new me & my Brother she anytime she was up & moving she expected a hug. But during The Holidays of 2012 we knew she was going to die & 1 night I couldn't sleep knowing that someone I was close to for 26 years is going to die I had to come to terms with what God wanted not what I wanted.

    Bobby if you'd like I link you to her Grave in a town about 7 or 8 miles from where I live.