Friday, June 28, 2013

Anarchist Adam Kokesh Fraud Exposed By Own Team Members


When he was in the Marine Corps, Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh was a "Civil Affairs" POG (Personnel Other Than Grunt). One accurate description of the Marine Corps Civil Affairs duties is "winning hearts and minds" - PsyOps - a military occupational specialty for which he has found a use as a civilian.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, the viewer will see and hear members of Kokesh's own team say that he was initially unmolested by the Washington D.C. Park Police because he was not actually smoking marijuana in front of the White House. You read that correctly; the entire "Smoke Down Prohibition Joint Summit with President Choom" was nothing but a show; theater designed to deceive unsuspecting Internet users into thinking that Kokesh was actually smoking marijuana in front of the White House.

Only Kokesh's inner circle - literally the people closest to him, those who were standing right next to him - knew that he was putting on a dog and pony show for the cameras, that he was not really smoking pot. Kokesh was counting on the fact that there is no Smell-O-Vision App that would expose him as a fraud. He was hoping that Internet viewers would see this act of "civil disobedience," take note of the fact that the Park Police did not arrest him, and then he would claim "victory" over The Man when he wasn't arrested.

Fortunately for you dear viewer, the Truth, and The Truth Is Viral, Adam Kokesh's associates have big mouths. Statements made by two of them, before and after his arrest, confirm the assertions put forth in this video; that Adam Kokesh is a liar, a fraud, and a Traitor, and that he was NOT smoking marijuana in front of the White House when he claimed to be "enjoying a moment of cannabis reflection.

It wasn't until later, when the Livestreams had been turned off and the live Internet audience was gone, that Kokesh's plans to be seen as a dope-smoking peace-loving David taking on the terrible Tyrannical Goliath were changed.  Once the curtain fell on his little act and he was no longer "in character" - The intrepid, fearless marijuana crusader fighting for truth, justice, and the God-given American right to get blazed on your couch and gorge on Cheesy Poofs and Ding Dongs - Kokesh got arrogant (more so than normal) and made the mistake of smoking a REAL marijuana cigarette in front of the Park Police; he was immediately busted.

Not only has Adam Kokesh betrayed his country, he has betrayed those who look up to, follow, and support him. He is a man easily bought with Dollars or Rubles, trained by intelligence agencies in both the United States and Russia like a modern-day Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who has yet to take an oath or make a promise that he hasn't broken, a man who will align himself with persons of the worst possible character in an effort - wholeheartedly endorsed and set into motion by Barack Obama - to destabilize this nation as a paid agent provocateur.

P P S I M M O N S: SPECIAL REPORT! American 'HERO' Bob Powell stops Obama/Kokesh Attempt To Bring In Martial Law.

Editor's Note: As TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief I am deeply humbled and grateful for the love shown to me by the fine folks at PPSimmons, but the word "hero" simply does not apply here - not to me - "Poo Stirrer" would be more accurate. Heroes fight for Honor, their country, and their brothers with incoming rounds zipping past their heads, and then, more often than not, they come home from foreign shores in body bags or in wheelchairs to weeping loved ones, they don't sit in the safety of their own home and run their mouth like I do.

I'm NO hero. I don't even play one on TV, and I don't think a night spent at a Holiday Inn Express is going to help either. Still, God bless my friends at PPSimmons - Mike Shoesmith and Pastor Carl Gallups - and all of the members of the TTiV family for the tremendous outpouring of love, support, and prayers that have been responsible for making this show an outstanding success. You guys rock.

God bless and Semper Fi,


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Patriots Targeted By FBI For Arrest: Lt. Col. Potter On The Run

Arrests - and murders - of American journalists are on the rise. Andrew Breitbart to Michael Hastings told the Truth to their readers and paid with their lives, giving their last full measure of devotion to the Truth and what a free press represents.

Right now Lt. Col Roy Potter is running for his life. From first-hand information I have received, the Col. was accosted by Federal agents who attempted to arrest him on some made-up BS charge - but he managed to escape and is currently on the run.

PLEASE pray for Lt. Col. Potter's safety, that no trap against him will succeed, that no weapon formed against him will prosper, and that our Heavenly Father will send His warrior angels to protect this great Patriot from the jaws of the Devil, who roams the Earth seeking those whom he may devour.

During her radio show earlier, Katy Rubin (Kitty1948) said - and I agree wholeheartedly - that the Federal government is lost to liars, thieves, and Traitors. Folks, we ARE on the brink of Civil War; throughout history journalists have always been the first targeted for arrest so that the government can maintain control in the information that is being released.

In order to save lives from the nightmare that is about to descend upon this nation, we MUST get our local officials involved. That includes your elected officials as well as law enforcement. I assure you that the majority of them do not have the first clue about what is really going on, and when they find out that they've been lied to this entire time they are going to be PISSED - and they will side with the People.

The Federal government is lost to corruption, and local government - Sheriffs and municipal Police Officers, State Patrol and National Guard are the agencies we need to turn to for help. And they WILL help us!

This is the presentation I gave to elected officials and law enforcement officers in northern Michigan last December. Please note how I was reporting the use of chemical weapons in Syria way back then. The reason Obama was waffling on his "Red Line" was because it was his Syrian al-Qaeda butt buddies who used them.

Send this video to YOUR local officials, or better yet, put together a presentation of your own and go to your next county commission meeting or town council.

Tell them what you know and, as a taxpaying, voting citizen, tell them that you expect your local authorities to stand and protect you when Satan's Scum come rolling into town on one of their 2,700 brand new MRAPS with blue UN helmets.

I have spoken to sheriffs and police officers from all over the country over the past year, and with the very scary exception of one individual who couldn't wait to be granted the authority to toss someone's car without a warrant during a traffic stop, they were unanimous in voicing their concern for the direction our country has taken; and to a man they all swore to me that they would uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution, AND the citizens in their care, unlawful orders be damned.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers (used generically in this instance, I can't speak for the group - I'm only saying I support the ideals to which they hold) don't want DHS psychopaths locking up their friends, neighbors, and family any more than we do, and they most definitely will not stand for UN, German, Chinese or Russian troops rolling through our neighborhoods.

PRAYER is our most powerful weapon ladies and gentlemen, prayer and information. YOU need to stand up now and spread The Truth Is Viral to as many as will listen. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! The arrests - and murders - of journalists like Lt. Col. Potter, Kitty, and myself have begun, and we need your prayers, love, and support now more than ever.

They can come for me if they like, but I know - and so do they - that I have never done or said anything to espouse violence in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I think I have bent over backwards trying to prevent violence and the unnecessary loss of life.

So I'll pray that God gives them a bit of wisdom at this moment, that they might pause and reflect on their plans before acting on them. I would be pleased to no end if I could go to my grave many, many years from now never having harmed a soul; but I am ready to meet my Maker, bringing along some of my new friends, if need be.

Of course getting into Heaven is like getting into an exclusive nightclub; many show up, but few are let past the red velvet rope. I happen to know for certain that I and every member of my family ARE on "the list", so I'm good to go. I can't guarantee my new friends anything though. LOL

I can see the headlines now though, after the Hellfire missile slams into our house, and I can see James Rosen at a White House briefing some weeks later, after everyone has had a chance to dissect what I have said over the years to find that I'm really a nice, loving, caring individual. ;)

JAMES ROSEN: Jay, from all indications, in over 130 videos spread out over five years, Bobby Powell never called for any type of violence, even insisting on several occasions that the only time that violence is permissible is in the defense of yourself, your family, or another innocent from an imminent hostile threat. Powell has stated emphatically on several occasions that murder and terrorism are the tools of the Globalists that seek to enslave mankind, and not the actions of a true Patriot, or human being. So why was he targeted Jay? Was his dying wife a terrorist too? Who made that decision?

JAY CARNEY: Well James, as you well know, this administration has never targeted any American citizen for assassination. In fact, the first we heard of this despicable action was when we picked up the Washington Post this morning. After a thorough investigation over the past few hours however, we have determined that the decision to bomb Mr. Powell's home was made by two low-level IRS employees in Akron Ohio. Consistent with union rules, these two individuals have been suspended from their death squad duties - with pay - and have been assigned to mandatory sensitivity training before they can return to their duties as drone operators.

And that lying bastard would say it wit a straight face too I'll betcha - LOL

Please share this post!!! Don't assume someone else will do it because statistically only 10-30% of those who "like" a post will click their mouse one more time and actually share it with their friends. Also, in an effort to force page owners to PAY in order for their posts to be seen, they use some kind of filtering software to make sure that only 14% of a page's subscribers see any particular post. The Truth is getting SCREWED!

One last thing: If you are at all able, please make a donation to The Truth Is Viral today. I have a Skype subscription due and minutes to buy as this is how I bring you first-hand interviews, it is time to renew my domain name and the attending email accounts through Godaddy, I need ink cartridges for my printers, gas to get out of town and cover some very important stories - like the Islamization of Dearborn and the collapse of Detroit - there are copying, fax, and UPS charges, my Post Office box fee is due, and just general stuff like that which is necessary for running any business.

I put every dime I can spare from my Social Security disability into producing this show. Last year, after donations and expenses were taken into account and all was said and done, I spent over $800 of my own money producing The Truth Is Viral. That was a month and a half of our income at that time.

Last August, when TTiV started earning money from the Google ads that appear in the video or at the blog, my first check was for a little over $200. Like an honest man I reported this income to the Department of Social Services here in Michigan. I also supplied receipts proving that my expenses EXCEEDED the income generated by the ads. Guess what happened...

Even though I reported a net loss for the 4th Quarter of 2012, and despite the fact that my wife is battling Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer, the State of Michigan, in all its wisdom, took away our Medicaid at the end of December. The Michigan Medicaid program pays the 20% of our medical bills that Medicare does not cover, AND it paid $100 a month for each of us for our Medicare insurance.

I stopped opening the bills and answering calls from debt collectors once our share of the cost of her care hit $60,000. What in the Hell am I supposed to do with that? All opening up the bills did was remind me how financially screwed we are, a very depressing thought TBH.

The State of Michigan, in all its wisdom, didn't seem to care that I was now bringing in more than $400 less than I would if I just sat on my couch and shut my mouth, or that by taking away our Medicaid they doomed us to an insurmountable debt. The State of Michigan went one step further and took away the $400 a month in food stamps we had been getting.

So now by January, between lost cash benefits and food stamps, we're bringing in $800 a month less than if I were to just sit on my couch, shut my mouth, and watched reruns of my favorite Sci-Fi shows. Besides the 20% of DeLynn's cancer treatment we can't afford to pay (thank God they can't turn her away), because I don't have Medicaid either I can't get the spine surgery I need to free the trapped nerves running down my left arm. I can barely use it anymore, and even though I'm right-handed it sure would be nice if I could pick up my tripod or a plate of food without pain shooting down my arm.

A couple of weeks ago we learned that DeLynn got her Medicaid back, I didn't but she did, so thank God for that. Medicaid will go back three months and pay medical bills. That still leaves us with over three months when she had no coverage at all. Even though I'm sure this decision is going to take care of quite a bit of what we owed, I'm still not looking forward to seeing the final tally.

TTiV family, we need your help to stay on the air. As I said earlier, we put every dime we can spare towards the production costs of this show, even taking out a loan on my truck to keep it going just a little while longer, hoping and praying for some kind of miracle, the right person with a stack of cash - an "Angel Investor" who believed in what we are doing - to come along; but one never did.

We did get a little over $170 in donations last month which were greatly appreciated; but it's still not nearly enough just to get us to the break-even point. We are OUT of money, bills are due, and in order to keep our domain and keep TTiV on the air we need your help now, before the 1st of the month! It is very simple to do your part and contribute to the fight.

I need your help to keep the promise that I made to my daughter, and to Father; that I would continue to speak Truth to Power as long as I was able. Just click on one of the two Paypal buttons, and you can make a one time donation in any amount or become part of the TTiV Army and Subscribe to donate a set amount each month.

Think of it this way: By clicking a $5 monthly donation - the cost of one McDonald's coffee a week - you will be making a real difference in our ability to gather and disseminate the Truth. Just think of the damage I could do if we had a proper budget!

But for now, we are just trying to survive. I have literally spent every dime I had or could borrow to keep the Truth alive. We have nothing left, and we need your help. If you believe in what I am trying to do, please donate whatever you can afford, whatever you won't miss, to this extremely dangerous fight to save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ. Can I get an "Amen"?

Even if you can't afford to donate to The Cause, please remember to make that tiny extra effort to share the show - including THIS post - in every way you can, and when you see an ad pop up, click them! Every 1/10th of a cent counts.

Remember, it's always darkest just before the dawn. Don't fear what men can do to your body, any pain is going to be temporary and the Glory that await is going to be worth it. All you have to do now is look up brothers and sisters for our Redemption DOES draweth nigh.

God bless and protect us all until the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I need another "Amen" on that one!

Semper Fi.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Obama's Terrorist Ties; al-Qaeda Beheadings Of Christians Begin In Syria

Despite the claim that Islam is a "religion of peace," even the casual truthful observer must admit that there are significant numbers of Muslims who wish to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate, and any refusing to submit will literally lose their heads.

In Syria this threat does not extend only to Christians and Jews, but to those Shia and Sufi Muslims that make up about 16% of the population. The world has watched as Sunni Muslims belonging to various terrorist organizations, all flying al-Qaeda's black flag of Jihad, have ravaged Libya; destroying Sufi shrines and beheading "apostates" and black African guest workers that supported Gadaffi by the thousands. And now they have set their sights on the Islamization of Syria.

With help from the Obama Administration - which is now providing money, weapons, and training to the al-Qaeda terrorists Obama claims to have defeated, but are now, literally, on his payroll - the very same al-Qaeda terrorists that he unleashed on Gadaffi have now moved on to Syria where they are continuing their campaign of terror, murdering Christians and non-Sunni Muslims in every area they take over.

In this special live episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell takes the viewer on a journey into the heart of darkness, exposing the truth about the brutality of Radical Islam. This episode will be a brutal assault on the senses, and sensibilities, of most people; but it is the Truth, and must be seen by those who are oblivious to the true nature of the enemy we face. This is Evil pure and simple.

EXTREME viewer discretion is advised.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lil Wayne Desecrates American Flag; A Veteran Responds

Outrage swirled as a video of rapper Lil Wayne trampling on an American flag was released on the Internet. Wayne defended his actions in a post on Facebook.

"It was never my intention to desecrate the flag of the United States of America. I was shooting a video for a song off my album entitled 'God Bless Amerika'. The clip that surfaced on the Internet was a camera trick clip that revealed that behind the American Flag was the Hoods of America," he said. "In the final edit of the video you will see the flag fall to reveal what is behind it but will never see it on the ground." the rapper posted.

Last week the Home and Garden network received complaints about using an American flag as a table decoration.

It is the editorial position of The Truth Is Viral that the American flag is not a table decoration, and regardless of what the end product of Lil Wayne's video may look like, it is never OK to purposely let an American flag touch the ground, much less trample on it.

While the men currently in control of the government are apparently clueless as to what the flag represents, or if the reader of this missive has forgotten, the flag - The one that drapes the caskets of those who gave their final measure of devotion for it - represents the blood and bandages of all who fought for the ideals that were set forth by the Founders; that all men are created equal. This sentiment is echoed when we pledge allegiance to the flag, the ending phrase being, "...with Liberty, and Justice, for All."

No matter how far the Republic has fallen, as we approach the 4th of July, Independence Day 2013, let us keep in mind what the flag represents and remember those who died for those ideals. Let us have one symbol left to rally around, something that represents the best of America and Americans, something that we don't throw away when we're done with it. Something that we treat with respect.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

UN Ambassador Samantha Power Would Use "Genocide" As Excuse To Invade Israel

President Barack Hussein Obama nominated Irish-American Samantha Power to the position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations despite her history of anti-Israeli statements, and plans to deploy a "mammoth protection force" inside Israel in the event of a "genocide" being perpetrated on the Palestinians to protect them from Jewish aggression. While that might seem like an improbable scenario, it is worth noting that Israel is already being accused of perpetrating genocide every single day.

Power supports Barack Obama's plan to surround Israel with hostile Islamist regimes with the hopes that they will do his dirty work and destroy the Jewish state. Over the past several years Obama has given money, training, weapons, and even air support to al-Qaeda terrorists across North Africa, from Tunisia to Egypt, and now ISIS in Syria; overthrowing one moderate government after another in favor of radical Islamists represented by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now that Israel's encirclement is almost complete, all that remains in Obama's plan to throw Israel to her enemies is to abandon the Jewish state in the United Nations. That's where Samantha Power will insert the cold dagger of betrayal into the back of the Jewish people. The United States has historically stood behind Israel, vetoing every vote to condemn the Jewish state; until now.

Given Power's history of anti-Jewish statements, this program finds it incredible that her nomination was supported by prominent Jewish-Americans - including the Anti-defamation League and Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren - who have either not seen Power's comments or are willfully deluding themselves that she has any interest at all in continuing the United States' historic support of the State of Israel.

A paradigm shift in U.S./Israeli relations has begun. Israel will literally be surrounded by Muslim enemies keen on destroying her, and the Israelis will not be defended in the U.N. by the U.S. Now alone in the world, the Israelis will have to rely on their own military skill - and up to 600 undeclared nuclear weapons - if they hope to keep the promise they have made to themselves at the conclusion of the Second World War: Never Again.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Plea To Kid Rock: Please Fulfill Cancer Victim's Bucket List Wish

UPDATE 6/20/13 We finally heard from Kid Rock's management, and due to circumstances beyond his control he will not be able to help us. It's nobody's fault - he would have done it if he could I'm sure - it was just simply not meant to be.

I'd like to thank everyone that has lifted us up to Father in prayer, as well as everyone who shared this video to get it seen. God bless you all,

Bobby & DeLynn

"It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long,
Caught somewhere between a boy and man,
She was seventeen and she was far from in-between,
It was summertime in Northern Michigan" ~ Kid Rock, "All Summer Long"

I have been with my wife for almost half of my life, she means everything to me and I am frightened to death that this will be the last Summer we will ever spend together. If it is Father's will that she come Home, I want to give her one last gift before she goes to Glory. I want to re-shoot Kid Rock's music video "All Summer Long" on Grand Lake in Presque Isle Michigan where we spent our first Summer together in 1989.

I have been trying to get in touch with Kid Rock for months to no avail, and I am hoping that with your help I might be able to get his attention. Please help me make this video viral, thereby increasing the chance that someone in Kid Rock's camp will see it and let him know that two of his fans need him to help us.

Please share this video in every way you can. Put it on Twitter, Facebook, in every forum you frequent, send it to your entire email address book and ask your friends to do the same. Then do it again. This is really the only thing that I'm asking, I hope it isn't too much trouble.

God bless you, and as always, Semper Fi and Ooh Rah,
Bob Powell
The Truth Is Viral

P.O. Box 91
Alpena, Mi.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Iranian Email To Time Magazine Shows Western Journalists Are Muzzled

An email intended for a senior editor at Time Magazine, which was accidentally sent to The Truth Is Viral by Iranian press officer Alireza Miryousefi, shows that the "fixing" agency they are using to handle arrangements for a Time reporter in Iran has told the magazine that their reporter would not be allowed to conduct any unsupervised interviews or even have dinner outside of their Iranian state approved hotel.

"Ali, we are hearing from Ivan Sahar that journalists will not be allowed to conduct individual interviews, or even have dinner outside the hotel," the email from a senior editor at Time magazine stated. 

If Time Magazine's own "fixer" is telling them that their reporter would basically be locked down inside his hotel without a government minder, the question has to be asked: Is there any truth at all coming out of Iran, or just information the Islamic Republic approves?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Adam Kokesh Cancelled "Armed Revolt" March On D.C.

For more than two weeks, The Truth Is Viral conducted a campaign to stop the "armed revolt" planned by Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh. Despite death threats from the most ridiculous individuals, supporters of Kokesh, we published several episodes detailing his connections to the most unsavory characters, and TTiV host Bobby Powell was busy appearing on nationwide talk shows PPSimmons Radio Network, The Pete Santilli Show, and the Next News Network.

As a result of all of that work - documented in this Episode of The Truth Is Viral - we are pleased to say that Kokesh was stopped dead in his tracks and the armed march on Washington D.C. was cancelled. After pressure began to mount, Kokesh changed his plans, asking his listeners to organize their own efforts to march on the Capitols of their individual states to protest.

Adam Kokesh has refused multiple invitations to appear on The Truth Is Viral, even blocking the show's Facebook page from commenting on his Facebook page where one such invitation was extended; only to be deleted. What he will be doing on this coming Independence Day is anybody's guess; but for now, at least, this one threat to the Republic has been marginalized.

The Truth Is Viral will be watching.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

True Patriots vs Anarchist Adam Kokesh: Promoting Freedom With Common Sense

Questions about Anarcho-capitalist Adam Kokesh's connections with the Muslim Brotherhood remained in the mind of internet radio host Pete Santilli when he invited TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bob Powell onto the Pete Santilli Show to defend a report last week that accused the incendiary activist of participating in events alongside enemies of the United States including the Muslim Brotherhood front known as the Islamic Society of Boston; spiritual home of the brothers Tsarnaev, who stand accused of detonating two bombs at the Boston Marathon.

In case you missed it, here is that report: Adam Kokesh Exposed: Open Carry March On Washington Is A Trap!

The explosive discussion between these two broadcaster heats up as Bob tears into Kokesh for his connections to people who truly hate the United States, proves that Kokesh is anything but a Libertarian as he claims, and justifiably rags on his horrific fashion sense; but seriously, who is going to listen to a man who looks like a bum and flaunts the law with statements like "F&@k the law, smoke it anyway!" and "Make no mistake, this IS an armed revolt against the government of the United States."?

Adam Kokesh is an undeniably charismatic personality; then again, so was Hitler. It is not the editorial position of this program that Adam Kokesh is a Nazi, just that certain individuals can lie convincingly and have even well meaning, and knowledgeable, individuals believing everything they say. The Truth Is Viral has great love and respect for Pete Santilli, his assistant Susannah Cole, and the work that they do to defend the Republic and people of the United States; but we fear that in this instance they have fallen under the spell of a conman.

Kokesh has been invited onto this program four separate times to defend himself against the accusations leveled at him by investigative journalist Tim Brown of - accusations verified by The Truth Is Viral - invitations we know he has received, but as of this writing he refuses to do so.

The editorial policy of The Truth Is Viral is that the 2nd Amendment issue is one of the utmost importance to the citizens of the United States, that the effort to protect it should be left to sober, responsible individuals who don't go around advocating the violent overthrow of the United States Government, and that Adam Kokesh should stick to trying to legalize marijuana. Real Patriots don't need, or want, the "help" of an individual who calls the Constitution of the United States a "failed experiment" and advocates getting rid of it all together. Apparently the oath that Kokesh swore to "protect and defend" it doesn't mean much to him.

Further, it is the position of The Truth Is Viral that County Sheriffs are the individuals that the Founders meant to lead the "well-regulated militia" that is the focus of the 2nd Amendment. Almost 500 individual Sheriffs from every state in the Union and 22 state Sheriff's Associations have publicly stated that they would not enforce any unconstitutional gun laws, and these men of "manly firmness" - men such as Sheriff Richard Mack, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Sheriff Denny Peyman - were not only charged by the Founders with the duty of leading their local militia, but also by their constituents; their neighbors, friends, and family, who depend upon them to stand by their oath to "Preserve, Protect, and Defend The Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic."

County Sheriffs are elected officials. They were selected by their neighbors, their friends, and their families, to serve their interests and protect them not only from common criminals, but from a Federal government turned Tyrannical. As demonstrated by those intuitive Sheriffs that can see the writing on the wall, warnings so plain that one does not have to be the Prophet Daniel to interpret them, it is the firm belief of TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bob Powell that County Sheriffs are going to be the last line of defense against the Tyranny that has fallen upon the citizens of these United States; and it is these men, not radical activists like Adam Kokesh, that should be supported and charged with our defense.

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association: