Thursday, April 18, 2013

CIA Spy: "Iranian Regime Responsible For Boston Marathon Bombing," More Attacks To Come

A former CIA spy who had once been embedded inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps and maintains contacts within the regime today, says that a highly placed source inside the Iranian intelligence apparatus has said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the bombings at the Boston Marathon that took the lives of three people and injured 176 more, many of the injured suffering traumatic amputation. 

Reza Kahlili says that the United States was warned months ago that these types of attacks would take place, and that the Iranians see President Barack Obama as weak, and unwilling to confront Iran in a shooting war. If, however, war does begin between the Islamic regime and the United States and/or Israel over their nuclear program, Kahlili says there are scores of al-Quds trained terrorists already in position in the United States just waiting for orders to strike soft targets like malls, movie theaters, and critical infrastructure around the nation.

UPDATE 4/19/13 -: In a story released on World Net Daily today, the CIA spy featured in this interview says that just because the bombers were Chechen does not mean they were not controlled by Iran. Kahlili has said, even in this interview, that the Iranians use proxies all of the time; most famously Hamas and Hezbollah, so that if the terrorists are captured or killed, there is no evidence linking them back to the Islamic regime.

Also, recall that the Iranians tried to use a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C. a couple of years ago. Add that to the fact that Chechens are fierce fighters who have ZERO compassion for innocents as evidenced by the Beslan Elementary School Massacre, and that they go off to wage Jihad for the "fun" of it, and Kahlili may still be right.



  1. this might not be far from the truth. there are a lot of arab immigrants in the USA and UK who may not like what NATO are doing in perhaps their home countries.

  2. there may be more attacks like this in future, in particular the summer as an EU arms embargo into Syria is lifted at the end of May, so from then on the UK will send in some heavy artillery to destroy the rest of syria and hezbollah, leaving a clear path for USA to enter Iran (possibly after a covert attack by Israel on Iran, then Iran retaliating and the USA blaming them for slaughter, making USA the heroes sent in to rescue the jews of Israel). Obama has shown he is a weak president, but he is a puppet after all, even his birth certificate is fake ffs.

  3. THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS...Just the ones in the WhiteHouse who have a ONE WORLD ORDER agenda. FALSE FLAGS were made in the USA and genocide 'helps' the Elite sleep well.. Americans just BELIEVE all the propaganda out there and live in FEAR. FEAR = MONEY for the wealthy..

  4. Mossad/CIA black op attack to blame Iran is what I believe. Obama, F.B.I. and media want to pinned it on "domestic Terrorism' to go after their political enemies here also Obama would knows Israel pushing us to war again. . Craft International was on scene, don't know what their involvement was but their were in typically government contractor working uniform. I spotted their lead instructor Rich Emberlin there.(The founder of Craft Chris Kyle was killed a few months ago) Senate just happens to pass support for a Israeli attack on Iran after this happened. So many things that stink about this whole thing and we will never know the truth.

  5. Bob, if Iran considers Obama weak, why strenghten Obama with an attack that leads back to Iran as you say?

    1. In the first place I didn't say it, Reza did. As far as trying to figure out why the Iranians do anything, I'm still at a loss to explain their actions. One thing I know for sure is that the Iranian mullahs are convinced in the imminent return of the Imam Mahdi, and they are doing all they can to make it happen.

      Reza explains how the Iranians are "Driven by Religion" to so what they do in the interview I had with him last October.