Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Armed Demonstrators Descend On Lansing; Lawmakers Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention (2 of 4)

Nearly a thousand heavily armed demonstrators, some in wheelchairs and some in strollers, descended upon the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing on Wednesday March 20th to draw a line in the sand, telling the Federal government in no uncertain terms that they would oppose any attempts to register or ban any type of currently legal firearm or accessory.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the demonstrators were Republican and Democratic Members of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senators, county sheriffs from around the state of Michigan, and several gun rights organizations.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral the events organizers, spokesmen from Michigan Open Carry, the Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners, and a host of others took the stage, shoulder-to-shoulder with lawmakers and county sheriffs from around Michigan, to tell the Federal government that if they want to take the guns of the citizens of Michigan they are going to have to take them.

The rest of the speakers, including award-winning journalist and 2nd Amendment rights activist Jan Morgan, are featured in the episodes linked below.

Part 1: Author Doug Giles and Mi. Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette
Part 3: The Lawmakers
Part 4: 2nd Amendment Activist Jan Morgan

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  1. so if we pass laws that the gun people don't like. are they gping to shoot us?