Sunday, April 14, 2013

Revolution Is Coming: Where Do You Stand?

Robert Powell
I have NEVER harmed another human being in my life, and if I go to my grave having never done so I will be a very happy man.

But because I prefer the Truth as opposed to the pablum of lies broadcast by mainstream media I'm someone to watch, an "extremist," a domestic terrorist; and, most likely, so are you. See for yourself.

This saddens me more than anything else. I was raised to believe that the United States was "the land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave." I still believe that as individuals, the bravery of Americans is not in question; but I have come to learn that collectively they have not been "free" for a while now. We live in a gilded cage where it is now a crime to tell the Truth, where it is increasingly true that being an Honorable person speaking Truth to Power can get you black bagged, or worse. There have been a few talk show hosts that have already been thrown in jail or, like Marine Corps veteran turned talk show host (sound familiar?) Brandon Raub, who was arrested and thrown into the looney bin for evaluation only to be released after a judge determined that there was no reason for him to have been arrested in the first place..

After a few days they were all released, including Raub; but as I said, they never should have been arrested in the first place. These arrests were nothing but a form of intimidation aimed at independent journalist and bloggers who publish information about Obama and his goons that is generally unflattering. Future arrests conducted under the Indefinite Detention provision in the N.D.A.A. could be a different matter all together however, because those arrested under the N.D.A.A. have no access to the criminal justice system. They don't get a lawyer, and the military doesn't even have to inform anyone that the person has been arrested. The N.D.A.A. also opens the door for American citizens being "renditioned" to other countries where they could be subjected to the most heinous acts of torture.

The Elite have had the benefit of the best educations that money can buy, but at the same time they are so stupid as to be beyond belief. I think it is because they are so cut off from the real world, literally so insular as to be xenophobically inbred, that they don't have a clue as to how the world really works. Maybe they should crack a history book sometime: Tyrannies rarely end well for the tyrants and those who support them.

Essayist George Santayana famously wrote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Yet the Elites are making the same mistakes as Tyrants throughout history, only in the case of the United States they have come up against a culture such as the world has never seen and they have made a miscalculation. This is a country where the ideals of Liberty and Freedom still fire the imaginations of many ordinary people, even if those ideals differ a bit from person to person; and they won't give them up easily.

The first mistake "they" made was putting together a list of "domestic terrorists" that includes just about everyone. Read through the full list of "extremists" and I guarantee that most people will fall into at least one category; I currently fall into at least a dozen. The second mistake is failing to realize what Admiral Yamamoto is said to have opined concerning an invasion of the American mainland, that it would be a folly because there would be "a rifle behind every blade of grass."

Whether Yamamoto actually said that or not is a matter of historical conjecture, but the sentiment is quite correct. There are 100 Million law-abiding registered gun owners in the United States, with approximately 300 million weapons in their possession (who, by the way, killed no one yesterday.) When they started buying 2 Billion rounds of ammo, 7,000 "personal protection" FULLY AUTOMATIC assault weapons, and 2,300 MRAPS, the DHS was just playing catch up. They are outmanned and outgunned, and once the initial shock of the coming crackdown wears off they are going to understand what Yamamoto meant.

About one-quarter of the 100 Million gun owners in the U.S. are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, and millions of those constitute the most deadly weapon the world has ever seen - a Marine and his rifle. And if the Elite think that the U.S. military is going to stand by and watch as Obama's DHS/TSA goons go all Krystalnacht on the people of the United States they have another think coming. I'm positive that the People are going to have the military on their side. They are, after all, our brothers and sisters. Obama's hand-selected, psychopathic goons may fire on the American people, but the military will not.

The 2nd Amendment demonstration in Lansing taught me one very important lesson: There IS hope, we CAN stand against this Satanic tyranny and survive as long as we need until Christ returns to finish the job. It was 18 degrees, it was snowing, and the roads were treacherous; but over 1,000 people - an entire Battalion if you look at it in military terms - came from all over the state to stand in those conditions for an entire morning to tell Obama and his goons that if they come to Michigan thinking they are going to subjugate her people they are going to have a problem. Had it been a nice Spring day, that number could have easily exceeded 10,000; an entire Division of American Patriots, and I'm here to tell you that every one of those people were deadly serious.

It's been over 30 years since I was in the Marine Corps, but I doubt that the emphasis on Honor has diminished much in that time in any of the services, the Corps especially. We all took an oath to the Constitution, and I don't imagine that there are very many who will break it when the chips are down. When the Obama administration unleashes his goons to confiscate our weapons they will have a few initial successes, but those will be short-lived and fleeting. Resistance will increase until every time they go to a new house the occupants are going to be ready to defend themselves and casualties will mount on both sides, and our numbers are far superior.

As I said I would be a very happy camper if I could go to my grave never having harmed another human being. Even if I had to take a life in self defense I can't imagine a more horrible experience to have to go through, and live with - other than the death of my daughter last year - or the possible death of another of my loved ones in the future. Why do you think that more soldiers commit suicide after returning home than are killed in battle? I've never been in combat, but I've seen enough through my research and lengthy conversations with veterans who have returned from fighting on foreign shores that war is a HORRIBLE thing, and I cringe every time I see these keyboard warriors yelling "BRING IT ON!"

Unfortunately I think they are going to get their wish. A second Revolution or Civil War (whatever you want to call it, it IS going to be THAT bad) is coming, and there is nothing that we can do to avoid it. Obama is determined to implement his Satanic agenda, and the People are determined to remain free.

This war is going to be fought in our neighborhoods and among our homes. Our friends and family are going to suffer in unimaginable ways, they are going to learn first-hand what it is to be truly hungry, and desperate. Our children are going to learn what it is like to take a life, they are going to see the bodies of their friends and family torn by bullets and bombs, and many of them are going to die themselves.

Father forgive me but I just have to say it: "God DAMN anyone who wants this!"

All I can do is continue to share the Truth for as long as I am able, to wake people up and save a few lives while there is still time. They can take away the medical benefits I was getting from Medicaid (they did), they can take away the food stamps that my family depends on to survive (they did that too), and they can threaten me with whatever else they like; I will NOT be silent! I KNOW that members of Law Enforcement, including DHS and probably every other alphabet agency in existence, read what I write and watch my show on a regular basis, and I'm talking directly to you now.

You swore the same oath that every other person who has ever served our Republic has sworn, to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign AND domestic. Do you remember what Honor is? I know that the concept of Honor was taught to you at some point in your military or law enforcement career, and that at some point it wasn't just a concept, but a way of life. At least that's how it worked for me.

Are you willing to trade your Honor for a paycheck? I know you aren't stupid; a lot of you are probably lawyers, especially you Justice Department types. Doesn't it bother you that your boss Eric Holder let the New Black Panthers off the hook after they had been convicted? Doesn't it bother you that he is still in Contempt of Congress 10 months after refusing to tell the truth about his involvement in arming enemies of our country, an act that resulted in the death of one of your own? Border Patrol agent Brian Terry's blood stains his hands. HE'S the one you should be arresting!

By the way, as long as you're reading this, the Alpena County Sheriffs Department forwarded the results of their investigation into the threats to burn my children to death while they slept on their beds and gang rape my wife to the FBI months ago, yet I have yet to receive a phone call from them about the case. As far as I know, the FBI hasn't done one damn thing about these threats; but if I were to say something like that on my show, you can bet that SWAT/HRT teams would be rappelling from helicopters onto my roof and driving an MRAP with a battering ram through my front door.

But because I'm WHITE and the offenders are BLACK I get no justice. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, after all the POTUS and his Attorney General are two of the biggest racists ever to hold public office. If my 15-year-old son is murdered by one of his Obama's supporters, will he qualify for a few of the POTUS's crocodile tears? If my wife is raped and murdered because he and his butt buddy Eric Holder failed to act, is he going to invite me to the Rose Garden for a beer? If he did, I'd spit it in his face.

Doesn't it bother you that your Commander-in-Chief can sentence an American citizen to death all by himself? The 5th Amendment guarantees every American citizen a trial before they can lose life, liberty, or property. Did Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Khan, or al-Awlaki's 16-year-old son (who never did a thing to anyone) get a trial before a jury of their peers? Did they even have a military tribunal determine their guilt? Was there any Congressional oversight? Was a judge involved at any point? The answers to all of those questions is, of course, "no."

The decision to kill those American citizens without any type of due process was made by Barack Obama alone. That is murder any way you cut it, and I was under the impression that not even the President was above the law. Apparently this is one of the few times I'm ever wrong. Even the ACLU has called Barack Obama "Judge, jury, and executioner." on this very program. That's as close as a lawyer is going to get when he's calling someone who hasn't yet been convicted a murderer, and for the ACLU to say it you KNOW that there is something wrong here.

You might want to ask him why he has been giving weapons, training, and logistical support to the AQ scumbags that murdered Christopher Stevens and our brothers-in-arms; or why he just gave $123 million dollars, in addition to the $48 million dollars from earlier this year, to those same al-Qaeda scumbags in Syria. Why has Obama been giving F-16s and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, while cutting the pay for our own military, closing their memorials, and refusing to pay benefits to our Honored Dead. HE'S the one you should be arresting!

But you can't arrest either of them, I know, your "hands are tied." At least do what you can to honor your oath and protect the people that you KNOW are no threat to this nation by refusing any unconstitutional orders to arrest them or confiscate their weapons under the NDAA or any other such treasonous legislation. Congress passed it yes, but Michigan nullified it in both houses UNANIMOUSLY. Other states have done the same. County sheriffs are standing up by the hundreds to oppose any gun grabs. Why do you think that is?

I don't envy you, I really don't. I know that many, if not most of you, are conflicted right now. You have spent your lives enforcing the law, and now you're being asked to do unconscionable things in the name of new laws that you know in your heart are wrong. Shooting targets of little boys, old men, and pregnant women? Really? Is that what we've come to? Is that what you have come to? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Remember what Santayana said about forgetting history and being doomed to repeat it? What did Hitler do with his Brown Shirts when he was done with them; the useful idiots? Does the Night of the Long Knives ring a bell? When Obama is done with you, he'll do exactly what Hitler did, and you and your family will disappear into a "re-education camp." Don't believe me? Do your own research:

You are going to have a decision to make in the not too distant future. Are you going to hold on to your Honor even though it might cost you your job, or your life? Or are you going to keep on doing the Devil's bidding for a steady paycheck and retirement benefits? So yeah, I don't envy you. You are faced with 100 Million law-abiding, Constitution-loving Patriots in front, and you have Traitors to your rear that are going to kill you as soon as your usefulness is at an end.

Life's a bitch innit? Now grab onto your sack, man up, and do what you KNOW to be right! Defend the Constitution and the People of the United States!

God bless us all, and Semper Fi,
Bob Powell
The Truth Is Viral


  1. SemperFi, Marine. I took that oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC December 20, 1963 when I enlisted into the Army and continued to take it when I reenlisted and will go to my grave defending it. Oh,, I also added a silent one "I will defend those that can not defend themselves or even those that will not defend themselves." "AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL IS A SLAVE; WHEREAS AN ARMED ONE IS FREE!", which one are you? US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM) and now a Retired USAF TSgt (E-6).

  2. Ooh Rah Trooper! God bless you for your outstanding service.


  3. I sincerely hope and pray you are wrong. If any such event should occur, our democratic republic will be at an end. There is no guarantee that the results of such a conflict will be any better than what we have now, and chances are that millions will die in the process, leaving the nation in shambles. I would expect we may end up with half a dozen warlords holding different parts of the country, much of Alaska and Canada would be occupied by Russians, Taiwan and South Korea would fall to China, and the Pacific islands of Guam, Midway and the state of Hawaii would all likely be targeted. Chances are that the US Southwest may even join Mexico.

    We need a far better solution.

  4. I certainly don't "want" it though I desperately want our Constitutional Republic back as it was intended.