Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jim Carrey's Comeuppance; Michigan Lawmakers Nullify NDAA, Stand Against Fed Gun Grab: "Come And Take Them" (Part 3 of 4)

Nearly a thousand heavily armed demonstrators, some in wheelchairs and some in strollers, descended upon the Michigan State Capitol building in Lansing on Wednesday March 20th to draw a line in the sand, telling the Federal government in no uncertain terms that they would oppose any attempts to register or ban any type of currently legal firearm or accessory.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the demonstrators were Republican and Democratic Members of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senators, county sheriffs from around the state of Michigan, and several gun rights organizations.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral those lawmakers stand before the crowd vowing to support their 2nd Amendment rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic, telling the Federal government that they want to take the guns of the citizens of the State of Michigan then they would have to literally "come and take them."

This is the same bi-partisan group of lawmakers that led the fight against the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the Federal government to arrest any American citizen without a charge and hold them indefinitely without a trial. By unanimous vote in both houses, Michigan Senators and Representatives told the Federal government, "I don't think so," and nullified it altogether.

The rest of the speakers, including award-winning journalist and 2nd Amendment rights activist Jan Morgan, are featured in the episodes linked below.

In this episode I also take on has-been not-so-funny man Jim Carrey, whose disgraceful video "Cold Dead Hand" made fun of 2nd Amendment Icon Charlton Heston, using the tragedy at the Sandy Hook school and other mass shootings as fodder for his "comedy". In this writer's opinion, Jim Carrey is a P.O.S. I used to love his movies, stupid as they were, but I will never watch another.

In fact, I am sponsoring "Jim Carrey's Comeuppance," an event at which I will get as creative as I possibly can as I destroy the old Jim Carrey video tapes and DVDs that I have asked TTiV viewers to send. I'm thinking wood chipper for the tapes; the DVDs are going to make great skeet targets!

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Part 1: Author Doug Giles and Mi. Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette
Part 2: The Organizers
Part 4: 2nd Amendment Activist Jan Morgan

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  1. Jim Carrey isn't even American, he needs to mind his own business. Who is he to decide American politics?

  2. Thank you Bob!!!!! Keep information coming !!