Saturday, September 28, 2013

Navy Yard False Flag Massacre - FULL CCTV Footage

On September 16th 2013, the FBI alleges that a lone "disgruntled employee," who has also been labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for his belief that he was being targeted by mood-altering ELF (Extra Low Frequency) waves, brought a shotgun onto a highly secure military installation and massacred 12 people.

The FBI has released CCTV footage that they claim was taken on the morning of the 16th as Alexis was about to begin his rampage; but except for a couple of unidentifiable individuals at the end of the hall in one scene, there are no other people seen, odd considering that the building was supposed to be full of people. This footage could have been recorded at any time, and proves absolutely nothing except that Alexis was in the building at some time in the past.

The Truth Is Viral has information indicating that the murders at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard are not at all random, much less committed by a lone nut with a mental problem as advertised by the Federal government, that the people murdered were specifically targeted by the Obama Administration because of the duty that had been assigned to them by their commanding officers. According to the information that has been obtained by The Truth Is Viral, those duties would have culminated in the arrest of the President of the United States by members of the United States Armed Forces for the crime of Treason.

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  1. Hey bobby can you tell me if you've heard anything about the military not giving leave too our troops from sept. Too oct. Are they planning something
    For war?

    1. Check this video out, it mentions it in this. I believe the reason they won't give our Military Leave between those dates, is because, they don't want them here @ home when they start rounding up their families to take them to the FEMA Camps. One Man's Opinion.....