Friday, September 6, 2013

UFO Flap Accompanies Russian Troops In Michigan; US Jet Engages UFO, 3 Aircraft Drop Off Radar

Alpena Michigan, a "Warm and Friendly Port" on the shoreline of Lake Huron has been the epicenter of strange goings on for over a year. A mysterious, and as yet unexplained, explosion rocked hundreds of square miles of the northeastern shore of the Lower Peninsula from Presque Isle 20 miles north of Alpena, to Ossineke 30 miles to the south, and out west to Lachine on June 6th, 2012.

This explosion was reported by scores of frightened citizens on Facebook and in calls to 911. They have also been confirmed by local law enforcement, yet local media has remained strangely - and suspiciously - silent.

This could very well be because the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center is directly in the middle of the locations provided by Facebook users reporting where they were when they felt the explosion; and because the ACRTC is also the new home of a General Dynamics drone facility where R&D, manufacturing, pilot training, and operational missions are soon to become the order of the day, bringing millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs to Alpena County.

In the skies above the ACRTC three UFOs, including a classic TR-3B triangle-shaped craft, have been caught on video, and one witness reported seeing US fighter jets intercept and engage a UFO over Lake Huron 12 hours after the explosion in 2012. That incredible report begged for physical evidence to back up its authenticity, so this reporter went to and looked at the radar tracks for the time frame around the report of the jet's dogfight with the UFO.

Even more incredible than the initial report of the dogfight were the three aircraft that disappeared from radar within 50 miles of Alpena within hours of the reported dogfight. While other planes on the screen, identified by the transponders in their tail sections, continue on to their destinations, these three aircraft approach Alpena and appear to be held motionless for about 15 minutes - as if in a Star Trek-like "tractor beam" - before disappearing from radar. HD screen captures of these disappearances are linked in the video and in the text below.

None of these planes were ever reported missing.

After this explosion was initially reported by The Truth Is Viral last year, the CIA noticed that TTiV noticed, and sought to discredit the report by including the facts presented in a fanciful piece of disinformation titled "380 Michigan Rebels Reported Killed In Michigan Battle" by known CIA disinformation asset Sorcha Faal aka Rabbi David Booth. That the CIA cared at all is a huge red flag indicating their involvement in nefarious activities at the base.

Since then more witnesses have come forward to tell their stories and at least two of them have been victims of intimidation by the military, that intimidation coming in the form of attack helicopters hovering just 20 feet above their backyards. Video of these helicopters and the testimony of a combat-wounded Army Ranger are also linked in this video and in the text below.

Most recently Bob Powell, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Truth Is Viral, encountered four individuals in the Walmart a few miles from the entrance to the base that bore all the hallmarks of Special Forces soldiers. The fact that they began speaking in Russian was the proverbial icing on the cake: These four armed men were Spetsnaz.

Links to supporting video:

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