Monday, September 16, 2013

Satan's Seat: Obama The Antichrist And The Abomination Of Desolation

When Barack Obama was at the Mile High Stadium, in Denver CO, accepting the DNC nomination for President in 2008, he had them build a replica of the Altar of Zeus at Pergamos from which he accepted the nomination.

This past June, Obama once again appeared on the Altar of Zeus at the Brandenberg Gate when he visited Germany and gave a speech to a small crowd (most of whom actually had to be paid to attend.)

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, author Steve Fletcher talks about how Obama's affinity for portraying himself as a god (ever notice the halos around his head when he appears on magazine covers?), repeated visits to the Altar of Zeus, and other recent events point to Barack Obama being the Antichrist; including the Abomination of Desolation he says occurred when Obama set foot in the birthplace of Christ in Bethlehem (Obama was pretty rude if you watch the video of his visit.)

From Fletcher's blog:
Here is just a handful of the compiled evidence to show Obama to be the Antichrist.

1. Obama made a COVENANT WITH MANY when he received the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, 2009. This was not a prize, but a pre-payment on a promise to bring the peace they had been waiting for. He has broken the covenant just as Daniel 9:27 explains. He is a traitor, he is not a man of peace. Now, exactly 3.5 years later as the Bible predicts, they want their peace prize back.

2. The Abomination of Desolation according to Daniel and Jesus has been fulfilled, and is fully documented. Matt 24:15. This documentation shows confirmation on three levels.
a. The details of the Abomination event itself.
b. Confirmation from the timelines of Daniel going back to 1947 and the Order to Restore Jerusalem.
c. Characteristics of the Antichrist that are fulfilled in astounding fashion by Barack Obama.

3. This is a supporting video that if you have not seen you need to take the time to see it. The evidence is astronomical. THE SON OF PERDITION: BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

With everything that is happening in our world today, with all the signs we are seeing fulfilled every day of the closeness of Christ's return, and right now WW3 about to break out in the Middle East... are you on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ, is your lamp full and are you ready for Christ's Return? 

What is happening now is just one more sign that indeed all things are coming together at once, the END TIME IS NOW, AND RAPTURE AND JUDGMENT ARE IMMINENT.

According to Fletcher, one of the major events to transpire proving that Barack Obama is the Antichrist was the Abomination of Desolation, which Fletcher claims took place on March 22nd 2013 when Barack Obama stood in the birthplace of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

The Abomination of Desolation is the last prophetic event that needs to be fulfilled before the Second Coming of Christ (there are no prerequisite events for the Rapture, which is a completely separate event), and Fletcher's most recent research claims that Comet Ison is the "Sign of the coming of the Son of Man," and that the Rapture is imminent.

Steve is careful not to set a date for the Rapture, only claiming that the comet is the "sign of His coming," and that before the comet fades from view Christ will Rapture the faithful. Hopefully he will grant The Truth Is Viral another interview to talk about that.

In any case, please Lord, come soon and rescue us from the evil that has defiled your creation and murdered your children.

God bless and protect us all as we fight to save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ in these last days,


  1. Bobby everything about Obama is a Fraud! He uses a fake SS number. Fake selective service card. He's not an American! He is a Fraud and he is the Antichrist out to destroy America by any means possible.

  2. Now we need the title and where we can get our download of the Word of God that you have shared

  3. Hi Bobby, I sent a check to your Po Box but it came back, saying po box was closed? Tx for all your hard work, God Bless you and your family.

    1. Hi John. It WAS closed because I couldn't afford to pay for the box, but I have just paid for the next six months in advance so if you would like to try again your help will be greatly appreciated brother.

      God bless and Semper Fi,

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  5. Bobby, Fletcher really takes the long way around the barn to say what could have been said in 10 minutes, and we STILL got almost none of the specifics of his theory. Is there anywhere he completely spells out what he is talking about?


  6. Bobby,

    After reviewing this commentary with Pastor Steve is something else. It is something else. Though his argument is sound good, but there is one flaw... The Antichrist will sign a PEACE TREATY with Israel. This has not been as of lately. Though there is a "Seven Year" treaty that John Kerry and Barry is trying to get through or signed, but it has not happened yet.

    Pastor Steve did help me to process the different religious sites there in Israel and their significance. BUT! I will have to wait for the peace treaty to be sign so that the Antichrist can be known. Will Barry become the Antichrist? I do not know, but I seriously doubt it. Will Barry help to bring in the Antichrist? Now, that is a possibility.

    Be bless,