Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mi. Rep. Jack Bergman Demands Congressional Sexual Predators Be Named, Top Dems Call For "Incivility," Violence, And Blood

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Not Rapey At All, Mr. Franken
Last year at the height of the #MeToo movement, two powerful legislators were forced to resign after it was reported that they had used sexually abused women on more than one occasion. It started when a photograph surfaced of Minnesota Senator Al Franken groping the breasts of radio host LeeAnn Tweeden, and got worse when Tweeden told of Franken forcing himself on her during a USO show in 2006.

Disgraced Congressman John Conyers
Then it was reported that Democratic representative John Conyers, the longest-serving member of Congress, paid $27,000 to settle a 2015 complaint from a former staffer who said she was fired after refusing his sexual advances. The money came out of Conyers’s taxpayer-funded office budget.

But since 1995 there has been a congressional slush fund created by the Congressional Accountability Act, which makes members and their employees anything but accountable. If any member of Congress or a member of their staff is accused of discrimination or harassment, settlement costs get bankrolled by taxpayers. Secretly.

The Washington Post reports that the office has paid up to $17 million for 264 settlements and awards to federal employees since 1997. Last year alone, the US Treasury confidentially paid $934,754 to settle sexual harassment and other complaints, but the total amount paid out is estimated to be between $15 and $17 million dollars. Those badly needed tax dollars resolved a total of 264 sexual harassment and discrimination complaints lodged against US Congressmen, Senators, and their staffs.

These sexual predators didn’t even have to pay the damages out of their own pockets, and because non-disclosure agreements were signed by the victims, nobody ever knew about it. Several Congressmen have said they didn’t even know this slush fund existed, or that their colleagues had been accused of these transgressions.

Shortly after Franken and Conyers resigned, stripper Stormy Daniels reappeared with her accusations that she had slept with President Trump and for nearly 6 months the lamestream media could talk of nothing else. And POOF, just like that, the #MeToo scandal in Congress came to an abrupt halt. That is totally UNSAT!

Gen. Bergman Serves Michigan's 1st District
With your help, and the backing of Honorable Congressmen like Marine Lt. General Jack Bergman who represents me and the rest of Michigan’s 1st Congressional district, we can get rid of the predators in Congress once and for all.

I spoke to General Bergman last Friday and asked him if he would sponsor or support legislation that would publish the names of the offenders, whose identities have been kept secret by non-disclosure agreements, and he said that not only should the sexual predators in Congress and the Senate be outed, no federal dollars should be spent compensating victims. Any monetary recompense must come directly from the personal funds of the perpetrators.

We have a social contract with our representatives in the hallowed halls of Congress. We elect them to do our bidding, and they carry out those instructions with some sense of decency and honor. When they fail, then they deserve to be replaced.

Join General Bergman and I in a campaign for transparency called, “#WeWantNames.” The American people deserve to know if their elected representatives are out there perving on women, or men, and it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they represent. It makes absolutely zero difference if the elected representative is a Republican or a Democrat. The American people, regardless of their political philosophy, deserve to have honorable men and women representing their point of view in Congress.

Send this video to your House Representative and both of your Senators. Post it on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags, #WeWantNames and #MeToo, remembering to share it on your timeline and in all of your groups. Let them know that we will not allow sexual harassers, rapists, or pedophiles, to remain in Congress.

Let them know that we expect every penny of the money disbursed to victims to be repaid from the personal funds of the Congressmen involved, and that we expect the accused to resign from office. If they refuse to resign, it is incumbent upon the leadership in the House and the Senate to expel the offenders.

If you really want to #DrainTheSwamp, folks, this is your best opportunity.


TOP DEMOCRATS CALL FOR VIOLENCE AND “INCIVILITY” UNTIL THEY ARE RETURNED TO POWER! Rep. Maxine Waters, Former Atty Gen. Loretta Lynch, And Hillary Clinton Encourage Violence Against Republicans. Sen. Rand Paul Fears Violent Rhetoric Will Result In The Assassination Of Members Of Congress.

SPECIAL GUEST: Peter D’Abrosca, Senior Reporter for Big League Politics, joins the program in an insightful interview with a first-hand perspective on what it is like to be assaulted by "frothing ANTIFA thugs."
Dwayne Dixon, the leader of "Redneck Revolt," a violent ANTIFA group, will go on trial November 15th to face assault charges stemming from the riot that saw the "Silent Sam" statue torn down by a radical mob at the University of North Carolina.


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