Monday, March 2, 2015

Supporting Israel In The Face Of Violent Opposition; Let's Get It Done

Patriot activists Blaine Cooper and Bobby Powell need YOU to support their efforts to bring a bit of sanity back to Washington DC, where Israel is the new enemy and radical Muslims get cut slack (and benefit from secret deals) by Muslim Liar-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.

Blaine, Bobby, Marine combat veteran Manny Vega, and former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith will join The Liberty Belles and the Defenders of Liberty MC on the West Lawn of the Capital to rally to the defense of Israeli PM Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress.

They will be opposed in the streets of DC by radical Muslims representing Hamas, the PLO, and the Muslim Brotherhood among others, who would like to see nothing less than the total destruction of Israel.

We depend on your support to get this information out.  We will be extremely busy over the next few days, so we are depending on you to share the truth with the world. Make sure that you subscribe to The Truth Is Viral at:

Patriots Invade DC; Taking the Fight to Mordor-on-the-Potomac

Barack Obama has a history of turning his back on Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, all but abandoning the greatest ally the United States has in the Middle East in order to pursue a deal with Iran that will allow the rogue regime the unrestricted ability to develop a nuclear weapon.

The Defenders of Liberty Motorcycle Club will be joined by Former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith, Patriot activist Blaine Cooper, Marine combat veteran Manny Vega, The Liberty Belles, and Bobby Powell, Publisher of The Truth Is Viral, for a pro-Israel rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol as PM Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress On March 3rd - an event boycotted by Obama and many Democratic lawmakers out of sheer spite.

True American Patriots will not sit idly by as Israel is thrown under the bus so he can curry favor with the radical Muslims of ISIS and the Iranian regime. We WILL speak out, and the truth WILL be heard.

We will be extremely busy over the next few days, so we are depending on you to share the truth with the world. Make sure that you subscribe to The Truth Is Viral at:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Marine Patriots Support Netanyahu's Address To Congress; TTiV Goes To DC To Livestream Protests, Interview Politicians

Benjamin Netanyahu
The Truth Is Viral will be going to Washington DC to cover Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו's address to Congress on March 3rd. Bobby Powell, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, will be joining Patriots Blaine Cooper and fellow Marine activist Manny E. Vega, along with Jaime Spears Aldazabal and others, to show Israel that no matter what Barack Obama says or does, the citizens of the United States have her back. 

I'll also be roaming the halls of Congress, tracking down politicians on the Left and the Right to see if I can't get a bit of truth out of them. I realize that getting a politician to tell the truth is a feat in itself, but if anyone can get it done I can. I intend to make the absolute most out of what, for me anyway, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Reza Pahlavi, Son of Shah of Iran
As long as I am there I will also be interviewing Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah of Iran, about the current situation in his home country and the rebel groups he is organizing to oppose the Ayatollahs.

Thanks to a loan (As in I promised to pay it back) from a fellow Patriot and faithful warrior of the One True God I have my gas expenses covered; but unless I want to sleep in my truck I am still going to have to raise the funds necessary to get me and my gear to Washington DC and back to the Great White North.

I'm going to need memory cards and other technical doo-dads, Wi-Fi Hotspot data cards, etc., necessary for a successful livestream of the protests that will inevitably accompany Netanyahu's visit, as well as conduct a first-class interview with the Crown Prince. If you are financially able please visit and click the Paypal button on the right to make a donation towards travel and other expenses.

We need your help to pull this off.  If you are unable to support us monetarily, please share this post with others who might be able to do so, and then keep us in your prayers as we go about our mission of "Saving lives and winning souls for Jesus Christ."

Thank you, God bless, and Semper Fi,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Conner's First Overnight With Gramma & Grampa Powell

Fish sticks, mac n cheese, and chocolate pudding. Yum.

My sweet little boy, our grandson Conner Christian Powell, just went home with his daddy. DeLynn and I were able to enjoy him for an entire day and night, and my suspicions have been confirmed: Conner is the most awesome baby in the world!

Since DeLynn is no longer taking chemo she was able to have a little fun with him too, pretty much for the first time since he was born. Last night she played with him and rocked him in the chair, and today she fed him a snack of banana and yogurt, treats that he absolutely loved. Watching her with him brought back a lot of memories from when Colin was a baby.

The last 24 hours have been good ones.

Thank you for that Father.

For those wondering why my wife is no longer taking chemotherapy, it is because it was no longer working. DeLynn feels better, for now, because that poison is no longer circulating in her body; but without it, the cancer will now grow unchecked. She has been enrolled in a trial of a monoclonal antibody called Vectibix, but it is not being offered as a cure, only as a means of giving her a few more months.

We are still awaiting that miracle, and your prayers are desperately requested in that regard. In the meantime, we will enjoy each others company - and an occasional visit from our most precious grandchild - grateful that our Father in Heaven has blessed us with almost 30 years together, and a beautiful family.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bobby and DeLynn.

What A Joke. BOTH Harris-Perry, Her Guest Eric Holder, And The Interview: A Joke!

So MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry interviewed outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder about his accomplishments while in office...

A REAL journalist would have asked Holder why he is STILL in Contempt of Congress more than two years after refusing to come clean on Fast and Furious. Also, Holder comparing himself to Bobby Kennedy is, as one Youtube commenter observed, OFFENSIVE. Bobby Kennedy was a brave Patriot who actually has a lasting legacy; Eric Holder has never been fit to shine Kennedy's shoes, much less fill them.

I would hasten to add that Holder's narcissistic reply is also delusional. His name will be forgotten within a decade (until he comes up for parole, at which point he'll be news for another week or so - fingers crossed.)

Not only does he leave office disgraced through his Contempt of Congress, Eric Holder  - a man who participated in an ARMED takeover of an ROTC office at Columbia University - leaves as a failure, having backed the losing horse in every single instance where race was involved.

From the Trayvon Martin case to Ferguson Mo. and New York City, Holder - with the full backing of fellow race-baiters Barack Obama and Al "Hands up Don;t Shoot" Sharpton - has tried his best to start a race war in this country by portraying black thugs as victims and police officers as racist oppressors, setting free a group of New Black Panthers who had already been convicted of voter intimidation, and using BLM storm troopers in a failed attempt to steal the land white rancher Cliven Bundy's family has worked for over 100 years.

Holder's Justice Department has issued guidelines that name Patriots like the Bundys, veterans returning from serving our nation on foreign shores, "preppers," members of the Tea Party, and even journalists such as myself, as existential threats to the security of the United States: "Domestic terrorists." Yet these same guidelines make absolutely no mention of the REAL threat facing our nation: Islamic extremism.

There are at least 22 terrorist training facilities run by Muslims currently operating inside the United States. Their neighbors hear automatic weapons fire, the local Sheriffs know what's going on, but the FBI hasn't deemed them to be of interest. According to Holder's JustUS Department, these camps are not even worth a bulletin. Islam is the "religion of peace" don'tcha know?

Eric Holder has done everything in his power, including the shameless exploitation of tragedies like Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater shooting, in order to advance the Progressive Left (Read "Communist") agenda of disarming the American people.

This is especially alarming when threats by ISIS and al-Qaeda to attack American citizens at random, butchering them "in their homes or wherever you may find them," are becoming  commonplace. Not only are the threats real, several people have already been beheaded through "workplace violence." No, the woman in Moore Oklahoma was not the first, and I doubt she will be the last.

When it comes to defending the American people against the threat of Islamic terrorism, we are on our own folks. TTiV is ready to meet that threat though, and you can be too; with Silver Bullet Gun Oil. SBGO is a terrifying force-multiplier in the fight against radical Islam. Watch this video to see how you can get a FREE bottle today!

Thank God Eric Holder is just as big a failure as his boss, who could only pass his signature legislation by LYING about it in a deception so huge that a new verb has come into usage: The American people have been bent over and "Grubered." Other than that, just like his bird-of-a-feather Eric Holder, Barack Obama has failed to do ANYTHING significant, and even Obamacare is in danger of being repealed.

Holder has betrayed the entire profession of law enforcement by putting targets on their backs in the name of a little "payback" for perceived racial injustices. He leaves office disgraced, and with the blood of two New York City police officers and Federal agent Brian Terry is still dripping from his hands.

And Melissa Harris-Perry can only ask, "Will you quack for us?"

What a joke. BOTH Harris-Perry, her guest, and the interview: A joke.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Gutsy Granny Fights Back Against Crooked Banksters; SWAT Teams On Hold As Negotiations Continue

Despite her fears of an imminent raid by a sheriff's department SWAT team, great-grandmother Carol Roberts bravely stands her ground against thieving bankers, corrupt judges, and crooked court officers. Roberts nearly broke down in tears as she asked Bobby Powell, Publisher of The Truth Is Viral, for help fighting what can only be described as an incestuous scam to steal her home and put her in jail.

Watch as Bobby, amazingly with the blessing of Daviess County Ky. Sheriff Keith Cain, enlists the aid of fellow Marine and talk show host Pete Santilli to intervene in the standoff between Roberts and the Sheriff's Department in order to ensure the safety of all involved.

This exciting episode of The Truth Is Viral is one that you do not want to miss. Remember to share with your friends!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Keeping Christ In Christmas Despite Pagan Associations; The 2014 TTiV Christmas Special

Atheists and devil worshipers take great delight in renting billboards to mock Christians and their faith, making sure that Satanic altars are placed next to manger displays in public areas.

Christians of all denominations are under attack all over the world, from within and without. One front is the attack on Christmas, which is so severe that many towns, malls, and businesses now "celebrate" Christmas; without the Christ part. Nowadays, Christmas trees are "holiday trees," Christmas break for schoolchildren is now "Holiday break," and Christmas parades are... well, you know. Even some Christians, citing the belief that Christ was actually born in the Fall season rather than winter, have said that celebrating Christmas is against Scripture.

Scholarly research does prove that when the Roman Emperor Constantine formally adopted Christianity as the official state religion, he also formalized the Festival of Sol Invictus - a pagan celebration of the Sun as a God  already well-established on December 25th since 274 A.D. by Emperor Aurelius - as the date of Christ's birth in an effort to bring pagans into the Church.

On this episode of The Truth Is Viral, TTiV Religion Editor Dr. David Rice explains why the attack on Christmas itself is a tool of the Devil, and why those with pure hearts and intentions have nothing to fear by celebrating the birth of the coming King, Savior, and Messiah, on December 25th.

This episode kicks off by acknowledging the efforts of the Alpena Bike Fest organizers who raised $5,000 for their "Toys For Kids" program last year, an event sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 583  "Operation Holiday," which has provided meals for the underprivileged and toys for children between Thanksgiving and Christmas since 1991. They accept donations all year long, and may be contacted at:

For TTiV OGs, there is some home video interspersed throughout this episode that gives the viewer a glimpse into TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell's 2013 Christmas celebration, and a special message from his wife DeLynn, who is fighting a tremendously courageous battle against cancer.

Merry Christmas to all, and Maranatha; our Salvation draws near.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Torture And The Patriotic American Christian

When I see photos and video of innocent people being beheaded I understand what Evil is, and the Marine in me wants to bring all guns to bear to destroy it with extreme prejudice, using whatever means necessary; going all Jack Bauer if need be in order to protect innocent life. The Christian in me says I must temper my righteous anger so that my actions reflect the Judeo-Christian values I hold and endorse.

"Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord."

So I've been torn on the subject of "torture," particularly when innocent lives are at stake. I remember watching an episode of "24," where Jack Bauer had a man with critical information tied to a chair. This man was a hardened jihadi, time was running out, and Jack set up a video feed that showed the terrorist's family also tied to chairs - with guns to their heads. The man's child was among them.

The man still refused to talk, so Jack ordered his partner to execute the terrorist's wife. A shot rang out and the wife fell back in her chair, out of frame. Jack made it plain that the boy was next to die if the terrorist didn't talk.

He talked and millions of people were saved.

After he spilled the beans though, it was revealed that the wife had not been hurt at all, that her "execution" was a bluff, thereby preserving Jack's status with the audience as a Patriotic hero rather than as an amoral merc.

Was that "torture?" A similar scenario in the recently released report on Enhanced Interrogations says that it is, and that the technique was actually used on a detainee. I don't think that it was torture, nor do I think that the force-feeding of a hunger-striking Kahlid Sheik Mohammed via peanut butter enema was torture.

Some of the EI techniques however, like waterboarding, are torture, having been recognized and implemented as such since the Inquisition.

Having given it some thought and prayer, I have come to the decision that we as a People are better than that, that Christ wouldn't be very happy with us were we to use some of the techniques used by the CIA; techniques that broke down not just the victim, but even those who were implementing them.

We must also consider two other aspects:

1. If any of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines are captured by the enemy, we won't be able to justifiably complain about their treatment if the US condones true torture. As we found out after WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, our enemies don't always play by the rules. Stories about the torture of American prisoners by State actors, despite the fact that they were signatories to the Geneva Convention, are commonplace and well documented, so we can't guarantee how our prisoners are treated in the future either.

Non-state actors like ISIS and al-Qaeda will never conform to international law as it relates to the treatment of prisoners. Nevertheless, we must maintain the moral high ground or we forfeit our right to complain at all when our sons, and possibly daughters, are being held by a hostile force.

Army veteran Cpt. Terry Michael Hestilow talks about the horrific possibility of one of our pilots, possibly a female in today's Air Force, being taken captive by ISIS in this episode of The Truth Is Viral.

2. As Christians, and simply for being Christians, we are considered possible "domestic terrorists" ourselves. Those Christians who "bitterly cling to their guns and Bibles" are of particular interest to the Dept. of Homeland Security, having been classified a greater threat than Islamic extremists. Do we want to have these techniques applied to us as they might be under Executive Order 13603?

That absolutely frightening scenario is laid out in the following episode of The Truth Is Viral by TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell and Pete Santilli, Publisher of the Guerrilla Media Network and brother Marine.

Further, the Obama administration has claimed the "legal" authority to kill any American citizen they choose, without any type of Congressional oversight or judicial review - without so much as a charge of wrongdoing in a court of law - far away from any battlefield. Even the ACLU has called Obama "Judge, jury, and executioner." Attorney General Eric Holder even claims that Obama has the authority to kill American citizens inside the United States, as documented in this episode of The Truth Is Viral:

Back to the subject of torture, I'd like to share an article I read this morning titled, "7 Things Christians Should Know About Torture," from "Cannon and Culture." I know nothing about this website, but this particular article is a good read and should help you understand more about the subject of torture as it relates to our behavior as Children of the Most High God.

Whether you, dear reader, are faithful to a Judeo-Christian belief or not, I think that nearly all Americans share an innate sense of fair play. Despite what ultra-liberal politicians would have us believe as they push the demonstrably false "Hands up, don't shoot" narrative in Ferguson Mo. and across the country, the end does not justify the means.

How we fight the battle - whatever that particular battle may be - will be taken into account on Judgment Day. I, for one, want to be able to tell my Judge that I protected the innocent, defended the weak, and fought with Honor.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bob Powell

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks Through Turbulent Times: Happy Thanksgiving From TTiV

My daughter is dead. My mother and wife both have terminal Stage-IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer. It feels as though I am losing everyone I love, one at a time. In the past two years seven of my closest friends and family members have died from cancer or heart attacks. Ironically, and disconcertingly, seven is also the exact number of viewers who have written to tell me that after watching one of my shows, they were led to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sweet Jesus, what price must I pay to keep the promise that I made to my daughter,  to bring your children to Salvation as I swore that I would? Will you take one of my loved ones for each soul I bring to your altar? Will you take my entire family to make up for the cowardice I showed when I didn't tell my little girl about You because I was afraid to push her away after having just gotten her into my life after a lifetime of searching for her?

All of this crap going on in our lives Father, the illness, the pain, it's almost too much...

What have I got to be thankful for?

A LOT, as it turns out.

I got an email the other day that asked me to take a few minutes before I went to sleep and thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family. The email said that I shouldn't pray asking for anything; just count my blessings and give thanks for them. It took me about half an hour to recount them all.

As part of dealing with the nearly overwhelming trials our family is experiencing, I have started to attend caregiver and grief counseling at a local cancer support group. The theme for this past meeting was, suitably, to recount those things for which we are thankful. I thought I would share them with you.

May you all be blessed with traveling safety, valuable times with friends and loved ones, and may you remember the Source from Whom all blessings flow.

Happy Thanksgiving.
God bless & Semper Fi,
Bobby and DeLynn Powell
and the entire TTiV staff.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

TTiV Prayer Warrior Call To Action: "Father, Please Save My Wife"

Celebrating Our Anniversary At A Petoskey B&B 2013, Courtesy Jim Babbitt's Family

I would like to thank all of The Truth Is Viral's subscribers for their loyalty over the past few years. I apologize that I have not been around much lately, but being with and caring for my wife DeLynn takes precedence over everything right now.

All attempts to treat her Stage IV Colorectal and Liver Cancer, including state-of-the-art chemotherapies and a few alternative treatments such as baking soda and molasses, have failed. Her most recent PET scan showed an increase in the number of tumors in both her liver and colon, as well as increased tumor size and metabolic activity.

DeLynn Holds Our Grandson Conner For The 1st Time 1/14

She is in an incredible amount of pain, and she is very weak; but she also has an incredible spirit - the Spirit of a Warrior - and she will NEVER give up.

Her oncologist is continuing three less toxic chemotherapy drugs every other week in hopes of extending her life, but barring a miracle my beloved wife of 28 years will be going Home to Father soon.

We would both appreciate your prayers. Specifically, please ask that Father will completely cure her cancer, diabetes, and the excruciatingly painful diabetic neuropathy that had disabled her long before she was stricken with cancer.

DeLynn @ The Garden Of The Gods in 1987
My poor baby girl has suffered so much over the past 17 years since the neuropathy started in her feet, eventually encompassing every square inch of her body except from the neck up. She describes the pain as being "boiled in oil." This kind, loving, faithful woman has suffered enough, more than enough. She deserves to be healed.

(Look at the photo on the right. Isn't she beautiful?)

If a healing miracle is not God's will, surely He won't begrudge us the strength we, particularly I, will need to cope with her passing. Pray for that strength too, in Jesus' Holy Name, and I know that the Comforter will be with us in these dark days.

As far as producing The Truth Is Viral goes, I will continue to do what I can when I can. We are at war with the Devil himself, and we will ALL take casualties before this battle is over. When my beloved wife DeLynn goes Home to be, and wait for me, with Father, there will be two casualties: Her AND I. Her problems will be over. Mine will have just begun.

Again, all I ask is that you keep us both lifted up to Father in your prayers. Maybe you could put our names on the prayer list at your church to ask your fellow worshipers to mention us. The more people that pray for my wife, the better. I KNOW Father can work miracles, I've SEEN it, and so have TTiV viewers, in this video:  

Our God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the Almighty and Great Physician, CAN heal my wife. If you just watched that video you saw for yourself how the swelling in her arm decreased as she read online prayers left for her. The only question is; "Will He?"

If God miraculously heals my wife, I promise at this moment that I will tirelessly share that healing miracle with the rest of the world as proof that our God Jehovah is indeed the "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords." If saving her is not His will, I will praise Him for the 28 wonderful years that we have had together, the five beautiful children we made, and the privilege of having known true love; but truth be told, I'd much prefer another 28 years together on this Earth, so let's pray for that shall we?

Thank you, God bless and Semper Fi,