Thursday, January 9, 2014

Shocking Revelations: The Horrifying Truth About Libya

This expose first appeared on Above Top Secret on Nov. 9th, 2011.

The "revolution" in Libya was anything but a popular uprising. The "protestors" that overthrew Moammar Gadaffi were in fact al-Qaeda terrorists that had been unleashed on the country by the CIA under the direction of Barack Hussein Obama, and I prove this in this latest episode of The Truth Is Viral.

Even more shockingly, you will hear an exclusive TTiV interview with a NATO spokesman who states, for the record, that the reason Obama had given for intervening in Libya was an utter lie. Obama had claimed that Gadaffi was about to use chemical weapons on the "protestors," when in fact he had been dispossessed of any WMD capability as early as 2003. NATO not only knew this, they were the ones who had been helping Gadaffi get rid of those weapons.

Barack Obama, however, is not one to let a few facts get in his way when it comes to implementing whatever evil agenda he wishes. Obama, who has been doing whatever he can to support radical Islamists across the Middle East, unleashed the CIA trained and equipped al-Qaeda terrorists and set them on a path of revolution that ended with a new Libyan Central Bank and the black flag of al-Qaeda flying over the Benghazi courthouse.

Assisted by NATO forces and Qatari Army Soldiers, and supplied with weapons from the Gulf Cooperation Council, these al-Qaeda terrorists succeeded in removing the Libyan leader from power before brutally murdering him.

Now, the very same al-Qaeda terrorists Obama has been supporting since he lied during his first inauguration when he swore to support and defend the United States are tear-assing around Syria, wiping out entire Christian villages. Christians are being beheaded and crucified for their faith, their children forced to watch as the evil scum Obama loves so much use the heads of their parents as soccer balls before being dismembered and killed themselves.

And your tax dollars are supporting that horror.

God bless and Semper Fi,


  1. The Noose is Getting closer, but then Al-Qaeda contamination has spread far and wide and into the Pockets of the Western World by those that Fuel their Supplies.

  2. Bobby,

    This was very interesting piece. I was surprise to how much Mormmar did an about face to his old ways. I still remember the flight over Lockerby, Scotland that he had brought down. BUT, he mentioned he was turning form his old ways, I thought a leopard will never changes his spots, in this case, he did! And I stand corrected.

    But I will offer this to plaque your noodle or something that you might want to marinade on or think about... What if there was WMDs in Iraq? What if the reason why there were never there is because they were moved? What if the were moved to SYRIA? Who is buddy-buddy with Syria? Russia? Who jumped up to spotlight on the world stage to observe the destruction of WMDs in Syria? So, why would the world know about this? Maybe because certain threats were made to certain reporters not to release this information?

    Bush was right about the WMDs, but he was too late to get to them. Do your research and probe the bushes of your contacts. Do I have contacts? Nope. I spend too much time thinking about silly stuff or thinking outside of the box.

    Be bless,


  3. You are right that Saddam had moved his WMD's to Syria years before OIF, but you're also wrong because Bush wasn't "late." He KNEW that Saddam had moved the weapons but he didn't care. He wanted to kill Saddam for trying to assassinate his dad, and he used the blood and treasure of the US to get his revenge. He's just lucky that his plans coincided with the plans of the REAL PTB who wanted Saddam gone because he wanted to sell his oil for gold instead of $$$.

    Saddam had done the exact same thing during the first Gulf War when he sent his entire air force to Iran; a mortal enemy of Iraq. Remember that they had just concluded a bloody 8 year war; but in the Middle East, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." That's a messed up way to live, but it's true.

    Finally, I'm glad that you spend your time thinking out of the box. We have that in common.

    God bless you JJ,

  4. Hello Bobby,
    very interesting information. Some of it I knew and some was a news to me. I was blessed with the experience to live in Misurata for 2 and a half months as a 13 year old kid. It was during the summer break. It was a beautiful city. My dad was working there for 3 years as a medical personnel along with many medical people from now post-communist countries. It was in early to mid 80s. People from Czechoslovakia (my dad), Poland, Yugoslavia and some other countries I am sure worked there in hospitals and infrastructure. What struck me was realising that there were cars in front of school, lots of cars and they were cars owned by high schoolers. Coming from a communist country it took a lot of years to save money to buy a family car. Some families didn't have car at all. When I have returned home, there were doing a UNICEF collection for Libyan children. My dad got pissed to say the least, because he saw absolutely NO REASON or NEED to help oil rich Libyan children. I won't go any deeper in to explaining why. We generally know ...

    I always wanted to return to Libya as a tourist and revisit ancient sites as ancient history was my hobby and their sites were extremely well preserved mostly due to lack of western tourists.

    Bobby, may God bless you and protect each your step.