Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Of The 20,000 Missiles Stolen From Libyan Armories Already Used By Islamic Jihad To Attack Innocent Israeli Civilians

On this week's edition of The Truth Is Viral, I investigate what happened to 20,000 shoulder-fired heat-seeking, and truck-launched surface-to-surface missiles, that were stolen from Libyan armories during the CIA-backed Libyan "Revolution."

Many of those missiles have found their way into the hands of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip where they have already been used to strike at Israeli civilians, killing one and wounding several others. I also begin the first part of an in-depth look at the specter of war with Iran, from the IAEA report demonizing the Islamic Republic for it's alleged pursuit of a nuclear weapon, to reasons why the Iranian government may actually welcome hostilities with the West.

Over the next few weeks I will be speaking with the people who actually live in the Middle-east, as well as experts on the region, for first hand accounts of what is really going on.

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