Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Adam Kokesh Cancelled "Armed Revolt" March On D.C.

For more than two weeks, The Truth Is Viral conducted a campaign to stop the "armed revolt" planned by Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh. Despite death threats from the most ridiculous individuals, supporters of Kokesh, we published several episodes detailing his connections to the most unsavory characters, and TTiV host Bobby Powell was busy appearing on nationwide talk shows PPSimmons Radio Network, The Pete Santilli Show, and the Next News Network.

As a result of all of that work - documented in this Episode of The Truth Is Viral - we are pleased to say that Kokesh was stopped dead in his tracks and the armed march on Washington D.C. was cancelled. After pressure began to mount, Kokesh changed his plans, asking his listeners to organize their own efforts to march on the Capitols of their individual states to protest.

Adam Kokesh has refused multiple invitations to appear on The Truth Is Viral, even blocking the show's Facebook page from commenting on his Facebook page where one such invitation was extended; only to be deleted. What he will be doing on this coming Independence Day is anybody's guess; but for now, at least, this one threat to the Republic has been marginalized.

The Truth Is Viral will be watching.


  1. Your operation is a commie treasonous anti-american anti-constitutional bag of crap. You creeps are fake and hiding in the closet circle jerking to naked pictures of your fake jesus.

  2. I like your guy's work and I also worked tirelessly to spread the truth of Adam Kokesh to stop the march. Good work and keep it up!