Friday, June 28, 2013

Anarchist Adam Kokesh Fraud Exposed By Own Team Members


When he was in the Marine Corps, Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh was a "Civil Affairs" POG (Personnel Other Than Grunt). One accurate description of the Marine Corps Civil Affairs duties is "winning hearts and minds" - PsyOps - a military occupational specialty for which he has found a use as a civilian.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, the viewer will see and hear members of Kokesh's own team say that he was initially unmolested by the Washington D.C. Park Police because he was not actually smoking marijuana in front of the White House. You read that correctly; the entire "Smoke Down Prohibition Joint Summit with President Choom" was nothing but a show; theater designed to deceive unsuspecting Internet users into thinking that Kokesh was actually smoking marijuana in front of the White House.

Only Kokesh's inner circle - literally the people closest to him, those who were standing right next to him - knew that he was putting on a dog and pony show for the cameras, that he was not really smoking pot. Kokesh was counting on the fact that there is no Smell-O-Vision App that would expose him as a fraud. He was hoping that Internet viewers would see this act of "civil disobedience," take note of the fact that the Park Police did not arrest him, and then he would claim "victory" over The Man when he wasn't arrested.

Fortunately for you dear viewer, the Truth, and The Truth Is Viral, Adam Kokesh's associates have big mouths. Statements made by two of them, before and after his arrest, confirm the assertions put forth in this video; that Adam Kokesh is a liar, a fraud, and a Traitor, and that he was NOT smoking marijuana in front of the White House when he claimed to be "enjoying a moment of cannabis reflection.

It wasn't until later, when the Livestreams had been turned off and the live Internet audience was gone, that Kokesh's plans to be seen as a dope-smoking peace-loving David taking on the terrible Tyrannical Goliath were changed.  Once the curtain fell on his little act and he was no longer "in character" - The intrepid, fearless marijuana crusader fighting for truth, justice, and the God-given American right to get blazed on your couch and gorge on Cheesy Poofs and Ding Dongs - Kokesh got arrogant (more so than normal) and made the mistake of smoking a REAL marijuana cigarette in front of the Park Police; he was immediately busted.

Not only has Adam Kokesh betrayed his country, he has betrayed those who look up to, follow, and support him. He is a man easily bought with Dollars or Rubles, trained by intelligence agencies in both the United States and Russia like a modern-day Lee Harvey Oswald, a man who has yet to take an oath or make a promise that he hasn't broken, a man who will align himself with persons of the worst possible character in an effort - wholeheartedly endorsed and set into motion by Barack Obama - to destabilize this nation as a paid agent provocateur.


  1. So you're saying he smoked a real joint only after the publicity was over? That sounds like utter bs to me. If he was actually going to smoke it why wouldn't he want people to see that. Why would he even risk getting arrested if he had already faked it? Something about your explanation sounds fishy to me.

    1. But it's exactly the way you described it. He never wanted to get arrested, he wanted to be seen as standing up to "the man" and getting away with smoking a joint in front of the White House. The cops weren't going to go snitching to the media, they couldn't care less. The only people, besides the cops, that knew it wasn't real pot were the ones closest to Kokesh.

  2. Jct:
    Jct: Adam wasn't even smoking a real joint in his demo in front of the White House. When I went on Parliament Hill with 7 pounds of marijuana for the Prime Minister, I smoked a real doobie! Then again, I faced a life sentence with my brass balls and Adam faced nothing with his!

  3. So what if he wasn't smoking real joint in front of the White House? So what if he's a bit of a showman? I admit that Adam can be flakey, and a bit off balance. He sits behind a microphone or in front of a camera, and rambles somewhat aimlessly like lot of radio hosts and video bloggers who have too much time to fill, but he seems fairly harmless to me. I wouldn't take him too seriously. I'm not sure why you let him get under your skin so much. Your last statement about how he's being paid by Obama to destabilize the country as an agent provocateur is a real doozy of a conspiracy theory. I can see how you might come to that conclusion, but you haven't presented any real proof. Adam has his faults, but I wouldn't hold him to such high standards as you do, and then try to tear him down as some kind of evil, dangerous traitor. I think you have gone off the deep end on this one, my friend. I think you need to stop fretting about Adam Kokesh, and chill out. You said you were "done" with him, but you couldn't help but post about him just recently when he got arrested again. Relax, he doesn't have the power "to destabilize this nation." You give his influence too much credit there.