Sunday, January 27, 2013

URGENT! TTiV Is DEAD In The Water!

The motherboard to my only true computer fried on Friday night. I went to restart it as I normally do before rendering a show, and it just never came back on. I took it to Staples, they ran a test and determined that the motherboard was toast. As of this moment, the only way I can access the internet is with a borrowed 7in tablet.

With the Open Carry demonstration in Lansing less than two weeks away, it is imperative that I get back online as quickly as possible.  Once again I must turn to you to keep the show alive

I have yet to see a penny in profit from this show. In truth I probably never will, and that's OK. This has never been about money, if it was I'd be failing at it miserably. I even took out a loan on my truck two weeks ago with the intention of buying a new computer myself, but DeLynn needed medication and other supplies that Medicare wasn't going to pay for, so that money is gone. A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS  A PILL FOR EMEND!  We got a waiver for future prescriptions - $7 for three pills - but we won't be reimbursed for what we've already spent. I've sold whatever I have of value except for my guns, and borrowed every penny I can to keep the truth, and my wife, alive . I have nothing left.

So if The Truth Is Viral is going to survive, I need your help. As of this writing, I've received $175, but I am going to need at least $750 to get back online. Please look to the right and click on the Paypal DONATE button. Send me a one time donation for the new computer and consider subscribing on a monthly basis. If each of my subscribers were to give me just one dollar a month, I would have the resources I need to really take it to TPTB. Just look at the damage I'm doing with practically no budget at all!  Surely it's worth .25 cents a show to get the REAL truth, from first-hand sources.

But not everyone will donate the cost of a cup of coffee, some can't; so if you are able, please take up the slack by subscribing for $10 or $20 a month, whatever you can afford. There is an affordable option available for just about everyone's budget. I'm doing whatever I can to keep the momentum going, to keep the truth alive. Please do your part by supporting me however you can, even if it is just to share this information.

God bless, Semper Fi, and Ooh Rah,



  1. Sir I've been fallowing you on your YouTube channel and I would love to help .that being said where or how can I do a donation. Sincerely chad of southern ill

  2. Bobby- I hope you read this. Your story about the explosion back in June there in Michigan I put on my site and it continues, especially this week to get thousands of pageviews. ( I just update the story a bit because of all the sudden pageviews on it and saw the news about your wife. If no one has told you, I highly recommend you look up the full version of the movie "Dr. Burzynski" on You Tube. This may provide valuable information to pray about regarding the care of your wife.
    Many Blessings to you and your wife my friend,

    Gary ( The "Weeping Eagle" )

  3. Sir this is rhe first day I've ever seen or heard of you or seen you show but I'm on board and when I get paid you'll get paid I'm so sorry about all the problems in you life and it's just satan not wanting you to inform people, I commend you for all your'e doing . stay strong and God Bless You Your Family and America