Friday, March 25, 2016

How To Successfully Fight Tyranny; LEOs Must Stand Up For What Is Right

On January 26th, after Robert LaVoy Finicum was brutally murdered at a "Deadman's Roadblock" outside of Burns Oregon - an action that is against law enforcement policy at both the federal and state level and has resulted in a Department of Justice Inspector General's criminal investigation into five FBI HRT snipers who shot at Finicum's vehicle, and then lied about it to Oregon state investigators - the FBI rounded up dozens of protestors who had been at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and/or the standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada two years ago, and charged them with multiple felonies.

Many of them are being held without bail, including journalist Pete Santilli, which is an unconscionable assault on their rights to a speedy trial and the notion that Americans are innocent until proven guilty. Thieves, rapists, and murderers get bail, so why are the Bundy Ranch/Burns protesters different?

The protesters represent a special threat because the truths they had exposed concerning the criminal actions of the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada and Oregon embarrassed the federal government, and politicians like Nevada Senator Harry Reid and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who are deeply embroiled in public corruption, and have been implicated in the selling of lands belonging to the American people to Chinese and Russian energy interests.

The arrests and subsequent detentions of the protestors, and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, are designed to prevent those who would expose public corruption from continuing their activities, and to frighten others who might take their place.

There is a better way to take down corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, methods that have proven successful in the past; methods that have freed unjustly convicted victims of official misconduct from prison, resulted in the sacking of corrupt prosecutors, and drove Rep. Dan Benishek - A sitting congressman from Michigan's 1st Congressional District - from office with his tail tucked between his legs.

This video explains how American citizens can peacefully force public officials to obey the law; and if they refuse, how to drive them from office. In an exclusive interview with The Pete Santilli Show's Deb Jordan, Santilli's Co-host and Producer speaks about the unconstitutional detention of the incendiary talk show host, and the rest of the political prisoners, who are being held without bail.

At the end of this show, The Truth Is Viral's  Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell  grants several requests/demands that he "jump in the lake," when he takes part in the 2016 Law Enforcement Torch Run's Polar Plunge at Long Lake Michigan, sponsored by the Michigan State Patrol, to raise money for Special Olympics of Michigan.

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