Friday, July 17, 2015

Emergency Call To Action: Prayer Urgently Needed!

After all attempts at treatment have failed, we have only a miraculous healing from God upon which we can count. We believe God can do anything, including the healing of a desperately ill woman.

Please pray for TTiV Publisher Bobby Powell, his wife, and his family, as they fight for her life; then share this video so as to reach as many as possible. We're quickly running out of time, so please, pray for us and help us realize a miracle.


  1. Been praying hard today...asked Father to surround her with angels and that they bring healing and great comfort to this precious saint. Love you both so much and will be continuing in fervent prayer as we await His answers and sustaining grace.
    Psa 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

  2. you are God and we will bless you even if the healing doesn't come…great song...Bobby you are a wonderful brave man of God and I have learned so much from your posts. It seems very unfair in this life when people we love are taken from us to soon, I pray that God will give you the peace and comfort in your mind that only he can give. I pray he gives you & your beloved wife time so you can have your anniversary together remember we may leave this life, but we will awaken to the new glorious life with him our wonderful savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Be strong she can make it through this <3

  3. Dear Bobby, Having just lost my dad...I understand exactly how you are feeling. I pray God will comfort you and your family and have Mercy and Love and send His peace which passes all understanding.
    Our hope is in the Lord. If I didn't cling to my faith for dear life...I know I couldn't breathe. My dad accepted the Lord about 2 breaths out from hell. I know I will see him again. I know God hears our prayers. God has the plan...and one day...we will understand...why...
    May God be with you and yours.
    One last thing...Listen to "Shoulders" by King & Country. It was the song God sent me to survive my dad's home hospice and transition to heaven.

  4. Bobby, I started a faith walk last winter. I want you to speak these words over her.Judy said that in the name of Jesus, there is nothing wrong with Mrs. Powell. That's it. I'm doing the rest.

  5. Please Brother and Sisters in our Lord and Saviour's name put Delynn on your prayer chains now for time is running out... pray for mercy and total healing by the power that raised our Lord Jesus from the grave Father God please hear our cry for mercy and total healing ... so that the world will know that You are the healer and they will give You all the glory forever and forever more for we ask You Father in our precious Saviour's name Jesus, Your only begotten Son; so let it be done! Amen and Amen

  6. Inform&ShareFar&WideJuly 19, 2015 at 9:15 PM

    Bobby hurry get in contact with T.B. Joshua, call him on the telephone. Get in contact with T.B. Joshua at @SCOANTBJoshua (Twitter), and at Have T.B. Joshua pray for your wife to be healed by Jesus. Order some blessed water from T.B. Joshua and have your wife use it while you pray to Lord Jesus Christ. If you can get to T.B. Joshua's Church take your wife there, otherwise just get him on the telephone and have him pray for your wife to be healef by Jesus while you are on the telephone with T.B. Joshua. Remember everyone who T.B. Joshua prays for to Jesus, Lord Jesus heals that person. T.B. Joshua is a humble Christian who walks humbly with Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ says yes & grants T.B. Joshua's prayers with a yes.

    I'm praying for your dear sweet wife Delynn & you.
    In Lord Jesus Christ's Mighty Name,