Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nevada Rancher Under Attack By Federal Officers: Send Bobby To The Bundy Ranch

Rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have been surrounded by more than 200 Federal agents; but Bundy has the backing of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer's Association, and calls for assistance have been issued.

The Truth Is Viral Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell needs your help to get to the Bundy Ranch to cover this rapidly escalating story live on Youtube. Please click the Paypal button on the top right of the page at and donate whatever you can today.

Until Bobby gets to Nevada, you can keep up with the latest developments at the Bundy Ranch on Pete Santilli's Guerilla Media Network.

Click on this link to listen to the live audio stream.

Please pray for the safety of the Bundy's, and ask Father to also be with the Federal agents that are clearly violating this family's right, as well as the rights of the sovereign state of Nevada.

Watch as this family is attacked by BLM agents that were killing their cattle.


  1. When are you leaving. I'm a regular gmn caller and from Michigan. I want to go too.

  2. pm me. I tried to call in the show again to try to get a message with my number. they know my history. obviously I would post private info.

  3. If I can raise the money I'll be leaving Sunday, but I'm flying out of Flint. Tickets RT to Vegas are around $500.

  4. I'm praying really hard. I'm 40 minutes from flint. I need a financial miracle too. If God wants me to go then the money will happen. Please God get us to Bunkerville!!!

  5. Bundy is in the wrong he and his cattle are trespassing on federal land he has refused to pay for years feds got tired of it. They force the issue move your cattle or we will and you dumb fuck's get in a up roar they did nothing illegal. If bundy wont pay they should now get a judgment against him and take his ranch and sell it at auction for back debt.

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    The Feds have a very limited amount of jurisdiction outside of the areas designated by the Constitution. Any area within a state that has not been specifically deeded by that state's legislature and a sale to the federal government for specific purposes can not be held by the federal government. Vast tracts of wilderness do not count as part of the jurisdictional areas that the Fed can control.