Thursday, May 27, 2010

The U.S.:The Muslim World's Best Friend (or Worst Enemy)

Despite propaganda to the contrary, the Muslim people of the world have NO GREATER FRIEND than the US. In the US, Muslims can go to any Mosque, in any city, without fear of persecution or being BLOWN UP as they pray.

Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, Spiritual Mentor of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, warns Muslims of the "thugs of falsehood and the followers of the damned Satan - oppressors determined to uproot Islam, to fight Muslims, to dominate their countries, wealth, and resources” Yazdi claims the US and other Western countries are trying to, “deny their glories and excellence, to destroy their relics and teachings, to wipe out their culture, to alter their identity, to put them in miserable conditions, and to force them into wretchedness in this world and God’s punishment in the hereafter.”

Give me a break – it’s time for a reality check. “We Hate Muslims?” I suppose that's why the US government provided $950 Million to victims of the '04 tsunami (Nearly ALL Muslim). Oh let's not forget the $1.875 BILLION donated by US citizens through the Red Cross and other relief agencies. How much did oil-rich Muslim nations give?

*UAE - $20 Million
*Turkey - $28.9 Million
*Saudi Arabia - $300 Million
*Quatar - $25 Million
*Kuwait - $100 Million
*Pakistan - $10 Million

*The OPEC Fund for International development donated $1.2 million dollars to Tsunami Relief – Then again, so did Hungary and the Island Nation of Cyprus.

*IRAN – Iran was singularly generous when it came to providing relief for desperate Muslims decimated by the Tsunami – The rĂ©gime of Apocalyptic Cheerleader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad managed to squeeze out an amazing $627,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS - (Outstanding Job Mahmoud. Keep up the bad work.)

So basically, the
US alone donated 2 BILLION dollars more that all of the Muslim Gulf countries COMBINED! We are such oppressors and Terrifying Crusaders we are. But we’re NOT alone, are we – Western Infidels all over the world are scheming to find the best ways to attack Muslims.

The Australians are in on it! Even after their citizens were blown up by Indonesian Muslims, Australians ponied up $1.322 BILLION for tsunami relief – most of it going to Bandeh Aceh where al-Qaeda had set up its Indonesian headquarters - the place where the Bali bombings were planned.

The British Red Cross, OxFam, Save The Children, and Christian Aid, among other groups, came up with $400 Million Pounds – more than $800 million dollars – and between the government, and charitable donations from her citizens, Canadians donated $710 million dollars.

And I challenge ANYONE to provide evidence that the US has ever targeted ordinary Muslims with military action as some part of a Modern Crusade. On the contrary, the US has gone out of its way to protect and feed Muslims the world over. Since President Reagan, the US has been to:

Lebanon - Protecting the PLO (Muslims) from annihilation by Israeli forces, 243 American Marines died when they were attacked by suicide bombers dispatched by the recently formed, Iranian backed Hezbollah – Yet another group of Radical Muslim Scumbags who I intend to PISS OFF every chance I get. They’re just as bad as Hamas. NSA intercepts conclusively tied the Hezbollah action to DIRECT ORDERS from their sponsors in Iran.

The Balkans –
The US led NATO force protecting Muslims from a genocide planned by Christian Serbs with a massive air campaign that shut down the Serbian war machine.

Somalia - US Forces led the UN effort to feed hundreds of thousands of Muslims who were starving due to a famine – a Man Made famine, courtesy of Muslim warlords like Muhammed Farrah Adid who used hunger as a weapon against Somalia’s Muslim citizens – Despite our best efforts to feed hundreds of thousands of starving Somalians, all we got was a "Screw you very much," and 19 dead Rangers.

Afghanistan I - The US provided 2X more funding and weapons to the Afghan Mujahidin in their fight against the Russians than their other main sponsor Saudi Arabia. US sponsorship, and the advanced weapons that went along with it, was the deciding factor in the Afghan victory over the Soviet Union. I’m especially impressed with the gratitude of the Mujahidin for all of our help. Osama bin Laden and his sniveling sidekicks repaid our generosity with 9/11.

Afghanistan II - US & NATO kicked the tar out of the bin-Laden and the Taliban who enslaved their women - denying them even basic rights such as education, made flying a kite a crime, and held Execution Spectaculars in the old Soccer Stadium – among a host of other barbaric practices. How has the US profited? There's no oil, no natural resources, only animosity towards those who would have happily stayed home had we not been attacked on 9/11. All we want in Afghanistan is peace for them, and ourselves.

Iraq - Granted, it was a mess for a while, but the time is rapidly approaching when the US can pull most of it’s troops out of the country without having to worry about a descent into Civil War. Still, how have we profited? Gas prices went up 500% and the ongoing cost of the war is a major contributing factor in our current financial crisis. But was Iraq really better off with a maniacal Muslim dictator who lived in golden palaces while his people starved, and whose Muslim sons made a habit of raping and murdering Muslim women just to satisfy their own depravity?

Gaza – Since being granted autonomy by the Israelis, The United States has DONATED 2.2 BILLION dollars to Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip – and I’m not including the West Bank either. We’re just jerks I guess – We don’t care about the people living in Gaza at all. We are so determined to grind them into the dust that despite teetering on the edge of a True Depression, President Obama has donatedan additional 900-Million dollars to help rebuild Gaza after the three-week war with Israel.

Iran – Even though Iran was, and IS, our sworn enemy – at least according to Mahmoud Achmedinejad, when the Bam earthquake killed almost 50,000 Iranians, and displaced 100,000 more, what did The Great Satan do? Well we did what ALL evil Infidels do to oppress innocent Muslim populations: We sent a team of 73 Search and Rescue specialists, along with 54 Metric Tons of equipment and tools to find and extricate Iranians buried in the rubble.

The US also sent 60 doctors, along with 19 Metric Tons of Medicine and Medical Equipment to treat those injured as a result of the magnitude 6.6 earthquake. USAID and the Department of Defense airlifted an additional 40 Metric Tons of food, 7,500 blankets, and building materials to assist in the rebuilding efforts. How could we have been so cruel to those poor, suffering Muslim victims?

Could we be on the Brink of War with Iran, whose leadership is intent on Muslim domination of the entire region – and eventually the world? I think we are. Why? Because Ahmadinejad is an apocalyptic fundamentalist who insists on ushering in the Mahdi (Muslim Messiah) and the end of the world. He hopes to accomplish this by declaring/threatening NUCLEAR war on Israel - a country which hasn't done a thing to him except exist.

He'll get his war - but like Saddam, bin Laden, and the Taliban before him, the Iranian leadership – Ahmadinejad especially - seriously underestimates the resolve of the United States, and sheer brute force of the most powerful military the world has ever seen. Even with a President who is bending over backwards to bring Iran to the table, Mahmoud is making a terrible lapse in judgment if he thinks for a single moment that the CITIZENS of the US will just stand back and allow him to acquire nuclear weapons.

He has shown repeatedly through Iran’s sponsorship of Hamas and Hezbollah that he has NO interest in seeking peace, and will continue to target innocent civilians through his terrorist proxies. The dumpy little sucker is not much of a man if you ask me – getting terrorist groups to fight a war he’s to cowardly to wage himself. It's just too bad that civilians will probably be killed because he can't behave in a civilized manner.

The US is not an empire! If you have any doubt, ask Japan & Germany how we treat our former enemies. Not only did we help rebuild their countries after defeating them in a war that THEY started, The U.S. helped nurse their shattered economies back to health – and today, they are among the world’s wealthiest nations. And while the U.S. does not always agree with their policies, we are proud to count them among our closest friends and allies.

We do NOT want to be in other countries, but as long as the innocent, of any religion or nationality, cry out for justice, protection, and peace, we will not stand idly by while they are brutalized. The US prefers peace; We want all the nations of the world to be able to get along, to work toward common goals, but I’ve got news for you, and I address this to every radical Muslim, Rogue States, and terrorist on the planet:

DO NOT mistake our kindness and generosity for weakness. If you really want to keep pressing it, if you really want to fight, we'll fight - only you had better be prepared to get your ass waxed! Radical Muslim leaders and their followers have repeatedly said that their greatest hope is to die in an attack on those they consider “Infidels.” Well I’m here to tell you – the time will soon be at hand when we will get fed up with your threats of global domination and attacks on innocent peoples – and WE WILL make your dreams come true.

Does it seem like I’m picking on Muslims? Too Bad! Maybe when they clean up their act and behave like responsible members of the Community of Nations - or maybe just utter a simple "Thank You" once in a while - I’ll have more time to devote to other scumbags.


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