Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spiritual Warfare: Marine Does Battle With The Devil To Save As Many As Possible Before Rapture

Two years ago my family had not a care in the world. Although my wife and I had ongoing medical issues they were being properly managed and between Medicare and Medicaid our treatments were completely paid for. With both of us living on Social Security Disability, we have lived below the official "poverty line" for more than 20 years; but we adjusted our lifestyle accordingly so even though we were "poor," we were able to survive. That all changed when I started getting serious with The Truth Is Viral.

Almost immediately my 24-year-old daughter died from a massive heart attack, the cause of which has yet to be explained. A man I had known for years who has ties to a foreign intelligence agency told me that she may have been murdered by the CIA in retaliation for a NATO leak that I published after the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi’s Libyan dictatorship and his subsequent murder at the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists and soldiers from Gulf Cooperation Council member nations; scum financed, trained, and armed by Barack Hussein Obama.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” ~ Ephesians 6:12

The leak came from an active duty NATO officer who spoke on the record when he stated that Barack Obama’s reason for intervening in Libya was a lie. Obama had claimed that Gadhafi was preparing to use chemical weapons against “peaceful Libyan protesters,” but this NATO officer stated that not only was NATO aware that Gadhafi had no weaponized chemical capability, they had in fact been helping him destroy it since 2003.

I have never been able to verify this man’s claim, but in the end it really makes no difference because my daughter is still dead. She died without knowing the Lord and that is my fault, so I swore to her and to Almighty God that I would use whatever talents he granted me to save other daughters, and sons, mothers, and fathers. As I held her ashes in my hands I lifted them skyward, I looked up, and I promised my Father in Heaven that never again would I be silent because I was afraid of  being ridiculed; being called a name. How childish a fear was that?

I believe the devil saw what was coming. I believe he tried to stop me back then getting up off my couch to tell the truth and save people’s lives; but he failed. Instead of dissuading me as he had hoped, my daughter’s death actually caused me to dedicate The Truth Is Viral to the sole purpose of saving lives and winning souls for Jesus Christ in these very last days; but it was also just the beginning of sorrows.

Shortly before Thanksgiving of 2012 we were stunned to learn that my wife DeLynn had a cancer so advanced that her oncologist did not expect her to live until Christmas. Well that doctor did not know my wife very well. Instead of going home to put her affairs in order as the oncologist had suggested, my wife decided that she would fight. We just celebrated the second Christmas her doctor said she would never have. It has been a long hard fight not only for DeLynn, it has been extremely taxing on the rest of the family as well.

On top of having to worry about her treatment and hopes for survival, there has also been the additional drama twice in the past year of losing our Medicaid so we did not even know how to pay for that treatment. I’m here to tell you chemotherapy is not cheap. I stopped opening bills when they totaled $60,000, it was just too depressing to look.

Not only did we lose our Medicaid when I reported a $200 monthly income from The Truth Is Viral, the government in its infinite wisdom also decided to take away a total of $600 from the disability benefit package that we had been receiving. My family survived on $6000 less over the past 12 months than they did the year prior when I was doing nothing but sitting on my couch; but we did survive, and we will continue to not only survive, but we will thrive (even if a few of those medical bills have to wait for a little while) and the truth will continue to be heard.

I try not to complain about my own health too much, but I’m in desperate need of spine surgery. My left arm is practically useless. I can’t afford the CAT scans my doctor wants me to have taken because I also lost my Medicaid, simply because I reported a $200 monthly income. I have a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis hanging over my head, and the viral load from the Hepatitis C I acquired from a tattoo in the Marine Corps is higher now than it has ever been. Without treatment liver failure is a certainty. Without Medicaid to pay for that treatment, I am going to die. I'm expecting Christ to return with my new body before this one gives out completely, so I'm not particularly worried about that.
But what does worry me is that this past August my mother was diagnosed with the exact same type of cancer, stage IV colorectal and liver cancer, that my wife DeLynn is fighting. My mother lives in another state so I don’t have the responsibility of taking care of her as I do my wife, but her illness still adds a tremendous amount of stress to my life.

The one bright spot towards which I can point over the last two years is that the ceaseless prayers of The Truth Is Viral family on behalf of my wife have given us a prognosis that is most definitely a cause for hope. The most recent PET scan showed that the cancer in her colon is totally inactive, as is 85% of the cancer in her liver. The cancer has been turned into calcium deposits; literally turned to stone. Praise God!

The week before Christmas last, with the good news of her prognosis still ringing in her ears, my wife was walking into the house, turned her ankle and broke her foot. Cheese and crackers, it’s two steps forward and one step back on the road to recovery. Before DeLynn broke her foot at least she was able to get up and make a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom by herself. Now she is totally dependent on me for everything, and while I don’t mind caring for her one little bit I’m finding myself with very little time to produce The Truth Is Viral. No matter what my family comes first.

Connor Christian Powell
This has been compounded in recent weeks by the birth of our two new grandchildren. Children are a blessing to any home, there is no doubt about that. In the past two weeks our household has been blessed with the sons of my sons Colin and Adam; their names are Connor Christian and Jaiden Daniel respectively. Colin and Connor have not been a source of too much stress. Colin is an adult who works two jobs and has his own apartment so he is doing exactly what I had always hoped for him to do -raising a family of his own and taking care of them like a responsible adult.

Jaiden Daniel Powell remains in NICU
I wish I could say the same for Adam and Jaiden, because Adam is only 15, and Jaiden is fighting for his little life. As detailed in this episode of The Truth Is Viral, while his doctors are hopeful in their prognosis he is still experiencing apnea events that cause him to stop breathing. At the time this was published, Jaiden had experienced yet another "event" just hours before. So he's still not out of the woods yet.

When he does come home, it will be to two teenage parents, sophomores in high school, 15-year-olds barely able to take care of themselves much less an infant with medical problems. Who do you think is going to be responsible for the day-to-day raising of this child? Me, that’s who.

The devil figured if he couldn’t beat me down or scare me away, then perhaps he could weigh me down with so much responsibility I would not have time to produce The Truth Is Viral and save lives and win souls for Christ. I guess he just does not learn. Apparently the devil has no idea who he is dealing with. The Marine Corps taught me to improvise, adapt, and overcome; and when you watch me on your computer screen and see me crying those are not tears of despair.

No, when I become overwhelmed with emotion it’s not because I have lost hope, on the contrary, it is because I’m full of hope. I’m hopeful and confident that 2014 will be an awesome year for both my family and for The Truth Is Viral - at least two people told me over this past year that TTiV had led them to the Lord - and that has absolutely nothing to do with my abilities as a journalist or anything else that I might have to offer. It’s all you, my viewers, our TTIV family; praying for us and spreading the word.

I do what I do because somebody has to do it, somebody has to tell the truth about the mess that this world is in, and it doesn't make any difference how much pain or hardship I - or my family - have to endure, nothing is going to get in the way of me keeping the promise I made to my little girl and Father God. I don’t have any corporate sponsors, nobody pays me to say anything on their behalf, and I’m not a government shill. The Truth Is Viral is me, it is you, it is honest and faithful people rising up together to do what needs to be done in these very last days before the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have the experience and talent necessary to bring this truth to you, but once I uncover that truth it is your job to spread it far and wide.

I don’t mind walking point as long as I know that I have you guys on my six, lifting my family up in prayer to keep us safe from these attacks that are coming straight out of the pits of hell. There is no way that I can adequately convey how difficult it has been to persevere over the last two years since I started getting serious with The Truth Is Viral, not in a few column inches anyway. Let us just say that without your intercession, and the strength that I received from the Holy Spirit as a result of that intercession, that there would be no TTIV. I would most likely be dead.

But I'm not dead, and that simple fact has got to have Satan pissing his pants, or at least pulling his horns in frustration wondering, "What do I have to do to this guy to shut him up?" Short answer B? "You're gonna have to kill me."

Unless and until he does, I intend to continue doing exactly what I'm doing now: Saving lives and winning souls for Jesus Christ.

In closing this post I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. First and foremost that credit goes to Almighty God, but most of the rest of it goes to you, my viewers, and the dedicated volunteers that help me run the TTiV Forum and Facebook page. You have sustained us spiritually, emotionally, and a few of you have been instrumental in helping us financially. Were it not for a last-minute donation Adam and I would not have been able to go to Traverse City to be with his son as he struggles for his life, a fight that is far from over. I know that we can continue to count on your support.

Thank you, God bless, and Semper Fi,


  1. I'm with you Bobby. God will watch over you and your family. You are in my prayers and always will be brother!

    Ben Raines

  2. We have the hope of the reserection that Christ spoke of many times. Each of us must suffer until that day comes, but there is that promise. Hang in there my friend.

  3. Brother Powell, I would encourage you to "search out a matter" by understanding the true nature of the hidden relationships between the cancer medical establishment and the big pharmaceutical drug companies. And in the meantime I would also encourage you and your family to try using more 'natural' cancer healing methods (after prayer of coarse) like the ones the LORD gave to us all:
    Take care and GOD bless!

    1. If only brother... This is why that option is not available to us.

      God bless,