Thursday, January 23, 2014

If It's Blood That You Want, Take Mine! I'm Sick To Death Of The Lies And Inaction By Congress!

Speaking off-air behind a commercial break during last Friday night's TTiVLIVE!, talk show hosts Bobby Powell and Pete Santilli were talking about what it was going to take to wake up the people of the United States, who seem to be unaware that the Republic is about to implode, and/or force our Representatives in Congress to take heed of the will of the People before the country reaches a point of no return.

Bobby, sick to death of the lies, high crimes, and misdemeanors of the Obama administration, and equally disgusted with spineless Congressmen who have allowed, or conspired with, the Usurper-in-Chief to lead the country to the brink of destruction, has an idea...

The full TTiVLIVE!, featuring audio from Col. Harry Riley of Operation American Spring and conforms that Maj. Gen Paul Vallely has no connection to OAS will be released tomorrow. Now that OAS has distanced itself from Vallely, it looks like TTiV may end up supporting the idea of an "American Spring."


"Alternative Media Journalist Bobby Powell Arrested After Protecting His Children From Deadly Attack"

Please keep us in your prayers. Pray for the protection of my family and lift us up to the Lord asking that He comfort and defend us as we go through this period of tribulation, brought on by my stubborn refusal to shut my mouth. I swore to my little girl and to my Father in Heaven that I would do everything in my power to save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ in these very last days, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bobby Powell
The Truth Is Viral


  1. Any time is a good time. But I suspect the time is a long time away. Because the word says : the generation seeing state of Israel surely will see Yeshua return ; it says a generation is up to 120 yrs ; surely could suggest now at 66 yrs but I doubt it as he also said there will be a great falling away of even some of the elect, which I think means his return will not be when expected. Likely closer to 100 yrs, 2048. ; also mentions no more delay, further suggesting not near expected times ; coming like a thief in the night adds to this.

  2. speak the truth. get killed for it. see the Lord. What can go wrong with that plan. There is nothing anybody can do about it. the only one who can stop me is myself.

  3. Spiritwolf OfthewildJanuary 28, 2014 at 11:31 AM

    Bobby, I swore to my Father in Heaven that I would do everything that I could to help spread his word and to uphold the Constitution of The United States, I will also do everything in my power to save my God, Family and this country. I'm trying to abolish the Act of 1871, But people think I'm full of it so to speak... If you would please take a look at this blog and if you will help to get his word out, Thank You and God Bless Semper fi.
    There are 4 pages to this link. And here is is another link that is just one page.
    This is my blog I posted on

    This one has all the links full of history to the Act of 1871 and why we are slaves to this corporation(country), if you read you will understand why I'm so adamant about 1871 and this country And our Father in Heaven.
    God Bless and Pray our nation will be saved, Semper fi brother
    Much Love,

  4. Bobby......thanks for your service to Jesus Christ! Bible reveals that 2/3rds of God's Creation are within God...1/3rd have chosen to be "gods." It is obvious the ufos and ET's we "see" and interfere directly in our affrairs are of the 1/3rd and they control the "elite power brokers" of Earth ala' the old TV series "X-Files." The "elite" think by serving the 1/3rd they will gain favors just as the slaves who helped the slave masters control other slaves and the Jews who helped the NAZI's stuff other Jews into the ovens...THEY ARE ALL UNCLE TOMS. It is obvious the 1/3rd are the demons of the Bible and the "Angels" are the 2/3rds who serve man without us knowing it as the Bible reveals we can talk to an Angel and never know it. The confusion is caused by satan's illusion that God operates in the "supernatural" what ever that is suppose to be. God is PERFECT therefore His Laws are PERFECT....He doesn't need "tricks" to be the Amazing Kreskin said...."The supernatural is the un-discovered natural."
    Because of people like you who serve the Lord...we are experiencing the fulfillment of Luke 12:2-3.

    Thanks again for your Jesus Name..God Bless...David oswego,ny