Monday, January 13, 2014

Alternative Media Journalist Bobby Powell Arrested After Protecting His Children From Deadly Attack

Bobby & Jaiden Daniel Powell

On Thursday, January 9th 2014, I was with my son Adam, his girlfriend, and their son – my grandson – Jaiden Daniel, when a situation arose that caused me to fear for my life and the lives of the three children who were with me. I reacted to the situation as I believe that any responsible person would and addressed that threat. As a result of my perfectly reasonable actions I was arrested by the Michigan State Patrol and charged with Simple Assault and Brandishing a Firearm; both misdemeanors. I was able to bail myself out about 4 hours later.

I wish I could be more forthcoming about the circumstances of my arrest, and indeed I will as soon as the case has been adjudicated; but for now I hope that you will believe me when I say that I did what any reasonable person would do to ensure the safety of my children from an imminent threat.

I have retained the services of an attorney, but before he enters his appearance on my behalf he wants $2,000 retainer which must be paid this week so he can prepare for my arraignment on the 22nd of January. My bail and the cost of having my truck hauled from the scene and impounded wiped me out financially. So once again I turn to you, my TTiV family, for help.

Please click the Paypal button on the right to donate whatever you can afford, whatever you will not miss, to my defense fund. I would never ask anyone to put themselves out for me, but if you have a few dollars to spare they would most certainly be appreciated. If you do not have a credit card, or if you are wary of using the internet to conduct financial transactions, you can also send your donation to:

Bobby Powell
The Truth Is Viral
P.O. Box 91
Alpena, Mi.,

My friends I give you my word that the only thing on my mind when I made that split-second decision was saving the lives of the three children behind me, and that there was absolutely no criminal intent on my part. I just did what any responsible person would do, and now the justice system must decide whether I acted within the scope of the law. I believe that being in legitimate fear of an imminent deadly attack is a valid defense; but as I found out when the MSP slapped the handcuffs on my wrists, the State reserves the right to make that decision.

Please don’t ask me to go into the details of the case any more than I already have. After I am vindicated I will tell all, I even have video (which, hopefully, is going to save my butt,) and once this latest attack on my family has been dealt with I will share it with you.

Thank you in advance for your donations, and for sharing this post with others that might be able to help; but most importantly, please keep me and my family in your prayers. We need those most of all.

God bless and Semper Fi,


  1. Lets hope obaama tries it. I would love to see him in front of a firing squad. Could you imagine how much money the government could raise if there was bidding for those who would actually be on the firing squad with obama being in their gun sights.

  2. Maybe, this happened so that you see that a move is in order. I wish Michigan wasn't run by Politicians. Yet, it is and thaf could be what is behind is called, "set-up."

  3. With the NWO you must never protect your children. I am sick of seeing good people like Bobby being attacked by their police state. We live in a country with a tyrannical government.

  4. Just send me a message at colonel. Only you, me, and the NSA will see it. ;) LOL

  5. Thank you Ben. I'm here to tell you brother, they do lift us up and protect us as well. All prayers are much appreciated. God bless you and yours brother.

  6. Thank you Roscoe.

  7. Thank you brother in Yeshauh our Lord and saviour!! The cross you carry brother is huge. We are gona pray for each other Bobby. We must stand in prayer together for strengh to whip this nwo. Agenda. I will connect via facebook brother. God bless you and yours Bobby!! In Jesus name amen!!

  8. As we all know matthew 24 speaks of strange signs in the heavens. Imho these ufos are demonic in nature. There are dark secrets in out shadow gov that work directly with evil itself. Even they are duped. Evil can appear under many forms to dupe people into something extra created being but all the while the devil. Also Bobby God bless you and yours with the heavy cross you carry . With your loss of your daughter . I had a similar occurence with my son but didnt result in His death. We should talk sometime.god bless . And may his angels surround us all with a hedge of protection! Amen!!

  9. Brother Bobby, I am so moved by your piece on Lybia. Shocked ? No, not in the least by the government inside our government. My prayers are with you and your family. I intend to send support Feb 1, 2014 ( my military payday). Gods Blessings My Brother.

  10. How can this possibly be true... if it is it is time for these General Officers to go public... in a big way. They and their STAFF's need to file lawful complaints with the FBI and the DOJ with affidavits and copies of the original orders that violated protocol and the LAW.... for it is law that controls the use of these weapons.
    If they are unwilling to do this .. we must dismiss these accusations. I will treat this as a spoof unless there is action of a formal nature to expose these acts. This is no simple breech and it warrants immediate action to inform the public and Congress...

  11. The DOJ is run by Eric Holder, a man still in Contempt of Congress over a year after refusing to tell the truth about Fast & Furious. You really expect that scumbag to do anything other than what his butt-buddy Barry tells him to do?

  12. Bobby.. I am a retired Colonel US Army... the fact that the DOJ is corrupt is no reason not to file a formal complaint with them and THE OTHER AGENCIES I mentioned... Congress, the DOJ and the FBI along with copies to every major media outlet.
    Include the hard evidence... orders and sworn affidavits by the General Officers AND THEIR STAFF, they don't operate independently... so there will be lots of witnesses to this fiasco. Until then, barring their arrest and imprisonment by Obama and his regime there is no excuse for their lack of inaction... and IT BRINGS THIS WHOLE SCENARIO INTO QUESTION.

  13. 1st, Ty for your service Col. Nelson.

    I agree that filing complaints is necessary because it's the right thing to do; but I think we both know that nothing will ever come of it because the fox really is guarding the henhouse. You'll never get these traitors to investigate themselves.

    We need direct action now, I'd rather see it come from Congress, and failing the immediate impeachment and arrest of BHO and his cronies I'm almost to the point where I would support a military coup to arrest those bastards. At least I would know that those men know what HONOR is, that they don't make their way through a life based on lies, and that they would restore the Republic to a Constitutional state.

  14. It is unconscionable, in my mind, that these General Officers and the Admiral have not filed complaints, with affidavits, and the hard evidence testifying to what appears to be TREASON... in the Administration... a very serious charge.
    It is also difficult to believe that these Generals and Admiral would not (knowing the politics involved) release any complaints of this nature to the MSM and sources outside the US... our NATO allies, and the world press to ensure they became known to the general public.
    I will have to discount this report as a HOAX, unless such action to formally report this are forth coming. I can not believe that Congress or the MSM is so far gone that they would support the Nuking of America.

  15. IDK if Congress & media are "complicit" as much as they either trust Obama so much (media) that they are willing to go along with anything he does without even asking questions, or they (politicians) are just spineless "politicians" like Boehner or ideologues like Pelosi who are willing to do whatever is necessary to bring Communism to the fore.

    I'd prefer it if they'd come out & tell exactly what happened too, but if they do can you imagine the chaos if they did? If the nation's nuke commanders came out on Fox News & said "Obama ordered us to illegally move weapons to his control so he could nuke America" the country would melt down overnight, violence and martial law would be the result. Who wants to be responsible for that, even if it is the truth?

    While nothing I, or anyone else, has reported is a "smoking gun," there have been too many "coincidences" to totally discount this story. "Once is happenstance, twice is a coincidence, the third time is enemy action."

    Obama has been providing aid and comfort to our enemies, there is too much evidence to discount that fact. He, through Valerie Jarrett, has been meeting secretly with Iran, planning to throw us under the bus. He supported AQ in Libya, and now in Syria, with arms and training. He's supporting radical Muslims of all flavors, even filling his government with Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

    Obama is a traitor, plain and simple. This story may sound a bit out there, but I would not put it past him for a second. He's an evil bastard.

    Got work to do. God bless & Semper Fi brother,

  16. As I have stated earlier this is a serious matter... dwarfing anything this Administration has been accused of before. It is unconscionable that our Senior Military leaders would keep this under the Public's radar. It is, in my opinion, much worse to withhold the disclosure of such treason from the public (assuming it is true) than the risk doing nothing effective to expose it and the potential for further acts of this nature.
    We don't leave a rouge Administration in office to play Russian Roulette with American lives. What happens next time the spin the chamber of horrors... will the hammer fall on a loaded chamber?
    The choice between waking one day to find millions dead or too risk the potential chaos from publishing this act of treason (assuming it is true) is a no brainer. How can one argue that this Administration should be allowed to remain in power ONE MORE DAY if this is true?

  17. IF TRUE, it is patently obvious that these officers are duty-bound to report this matter to Congress and, if need be, to the MSM.

    As American patriots, I cannot imagine why they would balk. Failure to report this serious matter would violate their oath to uphold the Constitution and would imperil the Republic.

    I have to question the veracity and accuracy of this report. No officers I know would think twice about taking the appropriate action

  18. I like it, I only want to hear one side of the story

  19. The interview was great, and I'm so glad God is blessing your grandson.. God is sooo Great... The nurse sounded clear, and I chuckled when she said he was pissed off.. God Bless

  20. Many a tyrant were hung in history for the exact same reasons obama and holder deserve the ultimate hearings and sentencings!! Perhaps this year we will see some people who are in a place to execute the arrests will step up to the plate and do whats right by the rule of law our constitution !!

  21. Thank God these officers had the stones to do the right thing. I heard a blip in the news about high-ranking officers being demoted or fired for moral turpitude. I knew that there was more to the story, and here it is. These officers haven't come forth because they have families to protect, and whistle-blowers seem to wind up dead with this administration.

  22. With ALL the accusations going around , i sinceerly doubt anything will become of it ! I've heard accusations of a Mini-nuke (one of Billy B.J. Clinton era experiments that never went away, except some "undisclosed" location ) going off approx, 300 or so miles off the So. Carolina too. But , as usual nothing to confirm it ! ya think IF one did go off , there'd be some report of a Mini tsunami in that particular area .
    Lost nukes ? Nukes do not get lost unless they're intentionally made to happen that way ! Knowing Barry for who he is , i wouldn't doubt that is a possability to arrainge that just to instill Mayhem in America . Nothing was ever written after that . Barry could give a damn about anyone , including DEMOcrates ,Republicant's or just any american for that matter !

  23. IF ya think about it Ronald ~ The dip chit traitor Obama has fired allot of generals lately ! Somebody really likes thier job and would do just about anything to keep it , up to & includung aiding the enemy .Wait ! is that possible ? Yuuuup ! Barry routinely does this to all the "Moderate Muslims" , aka: His butt buddies Alquaida, Right ?

  24. Congrats on your grandson. Stay Strong, and keep talking.

  25. Bullshit. You don't threaten a sitting president with something like that and give him the opportunity to react to the threat (Leavenworth or worse)...You either do it or you don't...Talking about it is not an option.

  26. Hello,
    I co-authored the "Quadrant Sign Code" website, now found only in archive form, but for years we monitored the Camp Grayling base and areas around this strategic site. We discovered the configurations involved in the NATO/UN "tacmar" (tactical markers) and were able to decipher much of it and how this code system works as a navigational aid when GPS was disabled and as confirmation bench marks while GPS was in use. When coming off Mich. I-75 exits to Military Road we found the "GREEN" tacmars were very easy to follow to the East side of the Camp. There are at least 2 gated entrances taking you directly in to base interior.
    Before 911 it was wide open; you could drive through the Camp un-hindered by security police patrols. We made numerous excusions to the famous "range 3" detention compound and used to climb the guard towers and took dozens of photos, which are still floating around the internet off of our offline website.
    One creepy site we discovered while deciphering the tacmars was the "Shawono Center" detention facility, for drug/alchohol juvenile rehab. This site was accessed from several training ranges on the Camp Grayling property and MARKED with large "BLUE" reflective "tacmars" coming from both direction on M-72. These "BLUE" tacmars were designed with a distinctive "clipped off" corner on the rectangular shaped marker. (1990's style tacmars) After a study of these we found them to be "directional indicators" and "quadrantly placed" on the facility signs from both the East and West approach to the access road (Howe's Lake Road) to "Shawono Center". Russian Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian troops used these tacmar navigational arrays to direct them to a "base of operation" on the grounds of the Shawono prison. The baseball field was turned into a chopper LZ and amphibious maneuvers were performed on the small manmade lake next to the prison. Foreign military have been there every summer training with National Guard units from all over the mid-west.
    Recently we received reports of FEMA coffins being stacked with UN marked vehicles at the Camp Grayling base. If anyone would like to go on a "tacmar" guided tour of the Grayling road ways to investigate these reports you can e-mail me at and I will show you how to read the markers and take you to military sites in the Grayling area. You will get a real education. By the way, 2017 is a target year for all Christians to "watch for".
    H.R. Green Jr.
    Free Indeed Research