Sunday, October 13, 2013

CIA Whistleblower: Obama's Plans To Destroy US And Seize Power; 70 Agency DHS To Enforce Martial Law

In the 1976 movie “Network,” news anchor Howard Beale proclaimed, “We’re in a lot of trouble!” He had no idea.

We’ve watched as the Department of Homeland Security has beefed up to the point that SWAT teams under DHS authority from no less than seventy government agencies, including the National Weather Service and the Library of Congress, can load some of their 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition (enough to fight an Iraq-intensity conflict for 24 years) into their thousands of brand new MRAPS and take down a major city as we saw recently in Boston.

This is the “domestic army as powerful as the U.S. military” that Barack Obama promised to raise when he campaigned for President; and according to CIA whistleblower Dr. Jim Garrow, who has just come in out of the cold world of international espionage after a 45-year career as a CIA operative in China, he is about to unleash it upon the American people.

Dr. Garrow, revealed earlier this year that Obama was giving General officers in the United States military a "litmus test," a loyalty test, asking if they would fire on American citizens. Over thirty high-ranking Admirals and Generals have been removed from duty in the past year, including two Three-star generals in charge of nuclear weapons in just the past few days.

On Friday the Air Force fired Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, who was in charge of its nuclear missiles., citing "alcohol abuse." Two days earlier the Navy deep-sixed Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, SAC's second-in-command. The reasons given for his dismissals was "gambling."
In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, Dr. Garrow tells Publisher Bobby Powell the explosive truth about the origins of Barack Hussein Obama, his parents and grandparents, and his Communist upbringing as a young Muslim child who was schooled in an Indonesian Madrassa.

Even more shockingly, Dr. Garrow confirms information published by The Truth Is Viral last year that Obama relies on Iranian-born White House advisor Valerie Jarrett to make foreign policy decisions. According to another former CIA spy, Iranian-national Reza Kahlili, Jarrett has even been conducting secret negotiations with Iran with the intent of betraying the United States to the Iranians should hostilities break out with Israel, a scenario that would necessitate the involvement of the United States.

Those hostilities could begin over Israeli retaliation for a WMD attack launched from Syria by either the Iranian-backed government of Bashar al-Assad or the al-Qaeda terrorists backed by Barack Obama, or they could begin should Israel strike Iranian nuclear facilities. Either way, the U.S. would be dragged into the conflict. With Russia and China recently asserting influence and projecting forces into the Eastern Mediterranean, and Russia especially stating that they would not allow U.S. airstrikes on Syrian targets, the possibility for a much wider conflict is uncomfortably high.

According to Kahlili, who sits on the board of EMPact America and is an advisor to the Congressional EMP Commission, the Iranians already possess nuclear weapons, some of their own manufacture and at least two purchased from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. Dr. Garrow agrees with Kahlili’s assessment that an EMP strike against the United States is possible, combined with terrorist attacks perpetrated by Iranian agents already in place inside the United States.

After an EMP attack, all electronics not specifically hardened against an electro-magnetic pulse will be fried. There will be no telephones, no internet, no way for Patriots to communicate with one another. In the days after such an attack, the country would be in utter chaos and Obama would undoubtedly declare martial law, sealing off major cities with the help of his new private army and Russian and U.N. troops.

According to Dr. Garrow, this is the ultimate dream of Barack Hussein Obama: To utterly destroy the United States and replace it with a Marxist/Muslim tyranny. The Muslim Brotherhood has been shown to have infiltrated the highest levels of the United States government. Valerie Jarrett and Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted assistant, are the most visible; but there are dozens of Muslim Brotherhood operatives in place in various federal agencies.

One FEMA employee, a man in charge of purchasing weapons for the agency, was recently in the news because he has published a radical Muslim Brotherhood-linked website that calls for the murders of gays, Christians, and basically anyone who doesn’t submit to the Muslim Brotherhood’s form of Islam.

Dr. Garrow goes on to talk about the murders of Andrew Brietbart, Michael Hastings, and novelist Tom Clancy and the information that they had about the Obama administration that led to their murders. He said that Obama has no problem killing those who get in his way or try to expose his true past or plans for the destruction of the United States.

According to Dr. Garrow, the People of the United States have been betrayed. Traitors sit in the highest offices in the land and they control vast resources; and they will not hesitate to crush any who would oppose their rule once this Marxist/Muslim coup is complete.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly identified my guest as Dr. Jim Garrison in a couple of places; his name is Dr. Jim Garrow. I apologize for the confusion. ~ Bobby


  1. i tried to tell people before Obama first got elected but people looked at me like i was crazy or a racist even though i told them where to look on the internet to find these truths out. all they had to do was start with basic searches and slowly expand and there was numerous articles of Obama's past ties with communists, socialist's, and radical islam and the MSM gave him a total pass even on his ties with ACORN never mind his fake documents. anyone who is in govt like DHS who decides to shoot at american citizens is a traitor and will suffer the fate of a traitor for america will not go quietly in the night. freedom is in our blood and God will guide us!

    1. Bobby, why do you get a guest on and then you do all the talking?

    2. I did the same thing...even my grown kids can't see it or their too lazy to think that we could be at risk and I believe it 's gone further than a risk...If we don't soon start taking our country back and I mean by force our children will have no future and our baby boys will become murderer's at the mere age of 5 and our daughters will become brides at the age of 5....And be murdered when thay are of no use a female has no rights and are disposable...!!!!...Do people not see this....Thanks

    3. I, too, saw this whole thing coming and TRIED TO WARN MY DAUGHTER AND SON-IN-LAW, but they are diehard (to the death) democrats and WILLFULLY look at the truth and DENY IT! When Bill Clinton got away with shaming the office of President........I knew the slippery slope had been opened very wide!

  2. Make way for the one world government, one world currency and one leader
    Barack will serve that leader, he has handed the US over as planned and still has an approval rating of 40 percent !!
    People voted in their own demise for free material trinkets!!
    Turn to the one true leader and king Jesus!!

    1. 0 will never be the world leader. All of the other leaders hate him. If any of this is real he's being plaid for a sucker and Putin will take out personally.

  3. O man was never elected. He was SELECTED as are ALL other politicians.

    1. That's truth :(

    2. That is so very true!! It doesnt matter either way! Republican, democrat... they are all the same! Just an act for the people. They use anything they can to try to divide the people so we fight umongst each other. Its working! We need to unite as one people in order to stop the madness!

  4. Obama is the antichrist. Go watch the hundreds of videos on you tube. Go watch "rise of hitler" History repeats. 2nd Thessalonians of bible warns us that this day would come.
    Warns us about the "Lawless one" or also known as "Son of perdition" Problem is that 99.99% have hardened there hearts, or just plain asleep.

    1. The bible says, "Awake, awake from your drunken stupor." I believe these people are drunk on stupidity. They drink Coolaid and love the taste!

    2. That accusation is SOOOO off base! Jesus clearly stated to the religious (Jewish) pharisees that while they were rejecting "He who came in the name of the Father, they would accept one who comes in his own name (Antichrist)", Please tell me how many Jews you know that would accept BHO as their "Messiah". Antichrist is not "in power" until the final 10 kings (without kingdoms) rule for one hour & then hand the world over to him. At the very best, BHO *may* be one of the final 10 kings, but he has a so called "kingdom", so even that doesn't fit.

    3. Yes, he is the antichrist but most people will never realize it until too late. So many ordinary people are having visions and dreams about him and the false prophet.

    4. He is NOT the antichrist....The antichrist will come in peace and be loved and accepted by all...Does this really sound like Obama...Obama is someone we should be very afraid of...He IS a Muslim and has very strong ties with the Muslim Brotherhood from within the White House and by that I mean they are all over our White House with jobs created specifically for them to act when the time is ready....If we don't get off our lazy asses and see that fighting one Revolutionary War does not mean we can slack to keep our country free and secure...When our own government attacks us for defending our country and our freedoms and these are the things we need to fight for..This entire government needs to be replaced and it needs to be done ASAP...!!!..We lose more of our freedom and rights every day we wait....Impeach this man now and we should not put that maniac Biden in his place....Biden should be hospitalized for his behavior and antics....He's a classified idiot .....Thanks,

    5. At least you can hear the interview. I can never get The Truth is Viral to load. They always get stuck just in a couple of minutes. Se la vi!

  5. Jesus has warned several of his servants that Obama is the Antichrist. Visit to read some of them.

    I also have Tom Fife's testimony up re Obama's training in Russia.

    1. Your an idiot...You should really read the bible....Skimming through doesn't count....He is NOT the antichrist......Not sure what bible your reading.....

  6. Do you know that the WTC responders have been dying of chronic radiation sickness?

    A new book on 9/11 is out.

    Dimitri Khalezov has spent 10 years researching and writing a book on what happened during 9/11. The book is now available on the internet. Download links:

    Or read at:

    In a 2010 interview, Khalezov explained that you can't build a skyscraper in NYC without an approved demolition plan. On 9/11, the WTC's demolition plan was put into action to demolish the complex.

    Khalezov learned of this demolition plan from his job in the Soviet Union. He had worked in the nuclear intelligence unit and under an agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, each country was obliged to inform the other of peaceful uses of nuclear explosions. The WTC was constructed with 3 thermo-nuclear charges deep in its foundations.

    Note: underground nuclear explosions do not produce mushroom clouds. This is only ever seen when the explosion takes place above ground. On 9/11, the explosions were deep underground.

    More info (with links to 2010 interview):
    Video # 4 - WTC's demolition plan
    Video # 14 - WTC 7 (which fell ½ hour AFTER the BBC announced its collapse).
    Videos # 24/25 - chronic radiation sickness of WTC responders
    The videos of this interview can be downloaded from Khalezov's website:

    Khalezov was interviewed on 4 Sept 2013:

    1. I'm totally swamped, and you seem like you know a lot about this guy. I'd like to have him on the show if you can arrange it for me. Once you do, please get in touch with me on the Facebook page as I don't check comments here very often,

      God bless,

  7. Garrison, Garrow, which is it?

    Who writes this stuff?

    1. Doctor Jim Garrow Garrison, ex CIA :-)

    2. I do, and I made a mistake. For some reason I had ADA Jim Garrison, the guy who prosecuted the only case against someone for the Kennedy assassination, on my brain.

      Dr. Jim Garrow is my guest's name, and I have corrected the misspelling. My apologies.

  8. Back to the old Muslims are the enemy theme.

    In case you didn't know, 9/11 was a false flag op and the MOSSAD was involved (dancing Israelis, urban moving systems).
    Do you know what the Israelis call Christian Zionists; "Useful idiots, and scum, but don't tell them that", and that's a direct quote.
    Zionism would be the biggest problem, not Muslims.

  9. And incomprehensible propaganda piece by a Zionist, who wants to paint Obama as Muslim supporting because of trying to negotiate with Iran, and in the same breath babbling about being Obama support of Al Qaeda in Syria. For the dummies out there, Al Qaeda and Shia Muslims are at war with one another. There are no secret Iranians in the United States going to attack, although some of Obama's cannibals may be in the country.

  10. Catholic mystics have warned the following:

    - total world economic collapse
    - civil war and revolution in all Western Countries including America
    - when all is in chaos and turmoil, Russia and China attack both Europe and America with their allies (Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba etc - this has already been secretly agreed upon)
    - no electricity, gas, food, water, transportation, etc for over a year; just killing, fighting, starvation, disease from the dead bodies, etc. As many die from the starvation as from the fighting.

    This and other events are about to happen, most in the spring notwithstanding some dire events about to happen before hand in America which might bring on martial law and the beginning of an attempt to establish a Marxist Dictatorship.

    - Search or Google the following

    - JR Nyquist: For Patriots Who Think
    - Prophecies of Alois Irimaier
    - WW3 Prophecies and Visions From Central Europe.
    - Prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello

    These and dozens more highly regarded Catholic Mystics have warned of what is about to happen that both the Church and the world are to be punished for abortion, homosexuality, pornography, contraception, immodesty in dress, etc., but mostly for the "apostasy" now happening in the Church and the world, of the abandonment of near 2000 years of Christianity, "they" have even infiltrated and gained control of the Church and its hierarchy.

    While America is in this civil war and revolution, Russia and China attack from five sides including a One Million Man Chinese Amphibious Assault on the West Coast, all "with help from within our own government".

    The mystics say that at first things will seem most dire but after a time of this four year WW3, the tables are turned and we win in the end, all the enemies of God, His Church and our countries will be totally annihilated, but not before God allows our enemies to severely punish us for our sins, when His Justice has been appeased, then God will turn the tables - this time - say the mystics - this time as things progress, all, all will realize this is a religious war between God and Satan.

    1. Catholics....pft* interceptors of The Lord. blind sheep in & of themselves.

  11. The truth us in mark 13:14 read n see it for what it is

  12. The evidence is getting too damning! The big tipoff was when the thoroughly unqualified and illegal negro became president. Something wrong No. 1.

    Something wrong No. 2 was when the the the thoroughly unqualified and illegal negro became president again!

    If you don't see something wrong with that then you won't see nothing wrong with the 3rd army the negro is building and arming with 1 BILLION bullets and some urban tanks!

  13. Mr Powell, as a former intel analyst living in Niles, Mi I study everything, This ground breaking interview and the revelations herein are some of the freshest air I've taken in over the last decade. I am encouraged to report I heard reference made to this breaking news on the Infowars broadcast Sunday. I do hope many people hear Dr Garrison by whatever means he is comfortable and secure, and that the promise of further pertinent published details receives Godspeed.

  14. Just keep in mind....there are 30 million Veterans in this Country that will NOT
    "Go quietly into that good night" !

    1. There are also at least 40 million Tea Partiers and Patriots who are ready to fight and die for this country!

  15. dear bob,
    there is a difference in believing and knowing, especially when it comes to god,
    know that muslims believe in the same god, same books same shit lies.
    the book has been rewritten, more than any other book, it is as dirty as the reality pictured in 1984 or the reality we live in now.

    in the last minutes you carried on about faith god and your daughter,
    guess what, did you falter on your own believe, or do you have the courage to Know god would not fail you ? or your kin.

    i don't believe in the books, written by human hands with greed on the mind, cause i know they are nothing more than greedy pieces of shit especially those who wrote and rewrote the bible, and a lack of seeing that is a lack of faith in god and your personal connection with god, no book is gonna bring you closer when that book is not set in stone but is written with the blood of the innocent !

    if you believe in the word of clergy then again read about what jesus went through with the clergy of his time and read about the abuses of the clergy in the time from his crucifixion up till now, and you dare to believe they wrote and rewrote the bible not to their needs ?

    learn to know god and to know truth, screw that book, because it has screwed you and lots more out there, the few "truths" in a pile of lies does not make the pile of lies truthful.

    1. the bible was written by god inspired men , yes it had to be transcribed from Hebrew to English and so we could under stand and read it but it is the best book and most read book ever .. im sorry for you for not understanding because the more you read it the closer you get to god , if you don't read it and open your heart to it you will never know god , yes our America is in trouble and it is because everyone has taken Christ out of everything and do sinful and lustful acts , I pray for our America and I will for you also

  16. Totally amazing information but a lot of it has already hit the internet. One thing is for sure Dr. Garrison is a brave soul for coming out with confirmation and some new info. I am personally just a common everyday citizen sitting here in wonder and awe as to why...why with all that is known about O and his MB as well as what is going on daily in D C that no special group has taken him and his minions on to remove them.

    It is one thing to have known the obvious cases of treasonous acts as well as tyranny, but it's another to let it continue on and nobody does anything at all to save our country and 350 million citizens or even stop the elimination of America. I say there is something terribly wrong here with the CIA, FBI, Special Forces, all branches of Military, forget the pottyticians they are a hopeless and hapless commie lot for sure. So, we the little sheeple people who work hard to pay the open ended taxation without representation are just supposed to sit back watch the show and let our parents, children, friends be murdered or die a slow and painful death in some fema camp???

    Where are the checks and balances? Where are the people who will step up with proper credentials and take over this nightmare in DC? It's insane to read about how 4 more generals just got fired because they decided to dump a missing warhead in the Atlantic last Thursday instead of obeying o's orders to dump it on DC? Where is ANYBODY that can stop this insanity of allowing a foreign usurper in the white house destroy our country??? There is power in knowledge they say but at this juncture there's cowards sitting on the bleachers. I am a senior citizen but I tell you what I am ready for anything.

    1. 10 million people are going to gather in DC on May 16. Read the above links.

    2. For all of you who are begging for someone to step forward... you too had better be ready to fight! Put your money where your mouth is and join in Operation American Spring on May 16. Details within the links above. Spread the word. Time is short! If you don't have a FB account, get one. Then join the page to keep in the loop as to the progress of this gathering.

  17. Truth is, everybody has an opinion or a theory! That's all it is though, is an opinion or a theory! Everybody claims to have evidence to back up their "opinions and theories", too! I am no different in that I too, have an opinion and a theory! This is my take.....Only God knows what's what!! He knows the day and He knows the hour! No one else! Of course if you have half a brain in your head and eyes to see, you know that impending doom isn't all that far off! He told us to be prepared and that is what we should be doing. Preparing ourselves individually! We can not change what is going on this world or what is going to happen in the future! In the end, it will be our personal relationship with Him that sustains us. Nothing else. If Barack Obama is the anti-Christ then guess what? He's the anti-Christ! Making hateful comments and accusations towards each other does not change a thing! (and I hear so many) It only causes division among us as a people when we should really be banning together as one. The "leaders", (if you want to call them that, sadly they were elected by the very people they are out to destroy)....are accomplishing exactly what they set out to do. Divide and conquer! It's working and we're all falling for it! There is more division in this country among our citizen's than ever before! We can not change what was planned before the world was ever created! People should really wake up and prepare "themselves"! Embrace your neighbor, those you disagree with...put those differences aside and learn to love one another instead of falling for the propaganda that is sent out through our televisions, the internet and social media! It's all designed to cause division and make us hate each other! Guess what? It's working, too! There are people out there that are making a living off of your hatred for your fellow Americans! That should really upset you! The person you so vehemently disagree with may be the only person standing next to you when all is said and done! More importantly by coming together as a people and saying, "We aren't going to take this anymore!" We would have an advantage and get back the upper hand! We could take back what is rightfully ours! There is always strength in numbers! We could take a lesson from those who have gone before us....if you want something bad enough, you have to fight for it! And, fight they did! I hate to sound so cynical, but I seriously doubt the change we all want, will ever happen!! Very few want to fight's so much easier to point the finger and blame others! There's a difference between fighting for what is right and fighting with each other! We are our own worst enemy! God gave us all a free will and He knew we would end up destroying ourselves, sadly....but in the end, I have to believe it's all part of a greater plan!

  18. Time to vote out all 70 communists and socialists in the house and senate and figure out a way to get rid of Jarrettt and the other czars... Time to start anew.

    1. The voting process is too corrupt to be successful in undoing this Communist coup of the federal government and nothing is being done to fix it.

      Vote, but don't expect it to change anything unless the process is made fair, honest and reliable.....something that will not happen.

    2. Defitely right, But first, we need to get rid of this muslim president and that will not be easy considering that all of his voters are still waiting for the free stuff. Second, We need to get rid of all of Obama's Csars. We never needed them with previous presidents and the only reason that we would need them now is because Obama is not even qualified to run a Hotdog stand.


  19. Luke 10:18 and he said unto them I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
    The Hebrew word for lightning is Buraq. Ezekiel 20:29 Then I said unto them. What is the high place whereunto ye go. And the name therof is called Bamah to this day.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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