Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Dr. Bill H. Weld" Fakes Son's Death; Serial Hoaxer Justin Tribble Exposed

Over the past couple of months a man going by the name "Dr. Bill H. Weld," who held himself out to be a retired physician and doctor - a whistleblower on his deathbed - has been uploading videos and making the rounds of various alternative media talk shows claiming to have evidence of a government plot to activate a "nano-virus" that was engineered by the government with the intention of "turning off" any person, or group of people, they wished simply by activating the nano-virus that supposedly already lays dormant in most Americans.

According to "Dr. Weld," the nano-virus was disseminated through the food supply, and anyone who has ever drunk a Pepsi or eaten a Lays potato chip is infected. The only problem is that Dr. Bill H. Weld does not exist.

Justin Tribble aka "Dr. Bill H. Weld." ~ Scumbag Hoaxter
The person behind the Weld persona is serial hoaxter Justin Tribble. Tribble got his 15 minutes of fame earlier this year when he went to extraordinary lengths to make it appear as though evangelist Joel Osteen had abandoned the faith, even creating a fake website and profiles to go along with it. His hoax was exposed on the ABC program Good Morning America.

Tribble is a liar, and a poor one at that. The Truth Is Viral Publisher and Editor-in-Chief was in the midst of producing an episode debunking the Tribble/Weld nano-virus hoax in detail when Tribble/Weld uploaded a video that claimed Dr. Weld's son, Bill Jr., had died from the virus. Tribble/Weld had been claiming that his family was under attack from the government, and apparently had a lot of people believing it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Claiming the death of a family member hit a little too close to home for me, as my daughter really did die on January 23rd 2012. When I saw comments under that video from some of my viewers, good people who were obviously heartbroken for Tribble/Weld over the fake death of his fake son, I could not wait another day - not another minute - before I spoke up and exposed this fraud.

I engaged the services of a private investigator to look into Justin Tribble, and it turns out that he has a lengthy criminal history in addition to his activities as a second-rate internet hoaxter. The Truth Is Viral will be following up on this story, in detail, over the next few days and the results of our investigation will be forwarded to the proper authorities to determine if there are any grounds for prosecution.

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