Saturday, October 5, 2013

Horror In Damascus: Children Kidnapped By al-Qaeda Slaughtered; A Warning To Traitors In Congress

GHOUTA SYRIA - The so-called mainstream media in the United States continues to carry the water of the Obama administration, suppressing truths reported from the front lines of the Syrian civil war - and the streets of Washington D.C. - that are splashed across the front pages of newspapers all over the rest of the civilized world, attempting to keep the people of the United States ignorant to what is really going on in Syria.

The Executive and Legislative branches of the United States government are also engaged in a pattern of deceit, lying to their constituents and enabled by softball questions from the media. They have been ignoring UN reports that confirm Syrian "rebels" were guilty of using chemical weapons in Syria, they have been ignoring and possibly actively suppressing intelligence developed by the U.S. military that states the same thing.

"Moderate Syrian Rebel" Eats The Flesh Of A Dead Enemy
Despite all of the lies and obfuscations from those entrusted with our safety, the American people are waking up to the truth; that President Barack Hussein Obama, aided and abetted by treasonous members of Congress, have been providing "aid and comfort" to the enemies of the United States; the very definition of treason.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral. Host Bobby Powell lays out information gathered from sources all over the world proving that U.S. intelligence agencies provided chemical weapons to the al-Nusra front through the Gulf nation of Qatar, and that these terrorists kidnapped hundreds of women and children in the village of Latakia 200 miles away from the Damascus suburb of Ghouta where those chemical weapons were used to murder the hostages.

Unsatisfied with the covert assistance that he has been providing to terrorists in Syria, Barack Obama has arrogantly "waived" the law that makes it illegal to arm terrorists (which is also in direct violation of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty that he just signed.)

Shia Girl Forced To Watch As Her Parents Are Dismembered
The Obama Administration has threatened V.A. disability payments, funding for the National Institutes of Health, it has closed down veterans memorials and national parks in an effort to make the government shutdown as painful as possible for the American people. At the same time, Barack Obama is sending millions of dollars to al-Qaeda terrorists that have beheaded Catholic priests, literally raping and pillaging their way across Syria, and "cleansing" the entire Christian town of Maaloula where they still speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus Christ. Once these murderous Jihadists took over Maaloula, they forced those left alive to convert to Islam or suffer horrendous deaths (GRAPHIC LINK NSFW.) They even sawed the limbs off of a little Christian girl.

These facts are not going unnoticed by an American public that has become increasingly aware. Despite the best efforts of the lamestream media to suppress knowledge of the event, most people with a computer are aware that 1.3 million bikers recently thundered through the nation's capitol. More importantly, Congress is aware. They must have heard the bikes. Because of the Park Service refusal to grant a permit for the demonstration, it took nearly 6 hours for all of the bikes to complete their tour of the Capitol. Next week, America's truckers are going to make their stand. It will be interesting to see how the mainstream media will hide the fact that the nation's highways have been shut down for several days.

Before they returned to the halls of Congress, many Representatives and Senators held Town Hall meetings with their constituents. At one such meeting in Arizona, Senator John McCain came face-to-face with, and was savaged by, several angry constituents, one of whom said that if he had the power he would charge McCain and any other member of Congress who stood with Barack Obama on his Syrian policy with treason.

Congress needs to understand that the People have awakened. We are watching them, closely; and we expect them to uphold the values and represent the interests of the American People, not support the very people that have declared themselves the enemies of the United States. Our elected representatives need to know that if they continue to align themselves with Barack Obama, if they continue to allow him to arm terrorists, then THEY will be held accountable.



  2. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2013
    An Open Letter to American political and media leadership

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  4. I just recently found your station Mr. Powell. I admire your truth and will be watching and sharing your information Sir. A peaceful revolution is desired but just not sure that they are going to listen. Keep it up Sir as I will be listening to all you post!