Sunday, August 25, 2013

Attack Helicopters Buzz Reporter's House; Spetsnaz, Blacked-out DHS Vans Roam Michigan Streets

A flight of Blackhawk and Apache attack helicopters buzzed a reporter's house on Monday, August 12th 2013; part of a military buildup at the Combat Readiness Training Center in Alpena Michigan.

In addition to the helicopters which were actually caught on video, several local, unimpeachable sources have told The Truth Is Viral Publisher Bob Powell that black DHS vehicles have been roaming around town in the dead of night with their headlights off, training for God knows what. Drones have been seen in the skies above Alpena, the home of a brand new drone facility, and Russian Special forces have been seen in town.

On June 6th of 2012, there was a massive explosion that rocked Northeastern Michigan for hundreds of square miles. This event was reported by hundreds of people, including Alpena County Undersheriff Terry King who said he felt the Alpena County Sheriff's Department building shake as though in an earthquake, yet except for The Truth Is Viral, local media have not reported on the explosion at all.

This reporter was arrested when I attempted to get the Air Force to comment on video, and other than a blanket denial left on my cell phone by the base commander's secretary, the government has maintained its silence on the issue.

After that explosion a witness came forward claiming to have seen U.S. fighter jets engaging a UFO in the skies over Lake Huron, just off the Alpena County shoreline. In order to verify this claim scientifically, this reporter went to Flightradar24 and watched the radar tracks for that night.

At around the same time that the UFO dogfight was reported, three aircraft - one a "cargo" flight from Qatar (home of CENTCOM) - disappear from radar after being held motionless as if they were being held in a Star Trek-type tractor beam for 15 minutes.

You can watch that episode by clicking this link:

None of those planes were reported missing, and the radar tracks from that night have subsequently disappeared from the Flightradar24 servers; but the screen captures still exist in the episode linked above. The investigation into what caused the blast is continuing.

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