Thursday, August 1, 2013

Outspoken 2nd Amendment Activist Chief Kessler Suspended; Santilli/Antonello/TTiV Simulcast

This is a simulcast of The Truth Is Viral Live, the Pete Santilli Show, and Antony Antonello's "Silence is Compliance" recorded live as news came down that Chief Mark Kessler had been suspended by the Gilberton Borough Council without pay for 30 days for allegedly "using Borough property without permission."

The "property" at the root of the charge are the weapons that Chief Kessler used to punctuate his point during his profanity-laced videos that took literary aim at various Liberal trash in the United States like U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and California Democratic Senator Nancy Pelosi.

Kessler has stated that his intent was to shock and draw attention to the fact that the rights of American citizens are being trampled upon, but he denies any wrong-doing. In fact, what makes this charge so ridiculous is that Kessler bought the fully automatic weapons with his own money and donated them to the Borough, along with the ammunition, he used long before he ever made the videos.

In one of his videos Kessler railed against Kerry's support of the United Nations small arms treaty aimed at controlling the sale of arms both internationally and domestically. Kessler then fires his weapon in full-auto mode and screams, "Come and get it!" In another, a tongue-in-cheek "apology" to those who took offense at his Kerry video, Kessler says, "Fuuuuu$# you!" and rocks three different weapons in full-auto mode again; one of them a sweet Glock handgun with an extended stock.

Kessler's feelings are well understood by TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell. The Chief's life, and the lives of his family, have been threatened by these Libtards; something with which Powell has first-hand experience. Hundreds of death threats from Black Twitter users poured in after he dared opine that the latest album from rap musician "The Game" entitled "Jesus Piece" was a piece of garbage.

One of those threats was directed against Powell's wife who is fighting for her life against Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer: Mrs. Powell was threatened with gang rape. More than seven months later, the FBI has still refused to arrest the individuals that issued those threats; because they are Black and Powell is White. You can watch the episode of The Truth Is Viral that documents those threats by watching this next video here, or by clicking this link:

It is interesting, and disturbing, to note that a petition allegedly containing 20,000 signatures (most with first name only, impossible to confirm, signatures) was presented as "evidence" of popular sentiment to fire the Chief. The petition was presented by Michael Morrill of the Progressive activist group Keystone Progress, which goes around Pennsylvania terrorizing, suing, and threatening anyone who does not support their anti-gun, pro-homosexual, pro-child murder (abortion) agenda.

It is the editorial position of The Truth Is Viral that if the People of Gilberton Pa. have a problem with their Chief of Police then it is up to the People of the Borough to have him removed. The Borough Council caved to outside pressure when they illegally suspended Chief Kessler, stating that he even needed permission now to call himself "Chief."

"We're gonna have a problem there," the Chief said.

The Borough Council does indeed have a problem when it comes to their attempt to muzzle the highly popular Chief, who also hosts a pro-Constitution talk show; because The Truth Is Viral will continue to support Chief Kessler as he fights back against this unjust decision, bringing our own pressure to bear on the Council.

If the homosexual, baby-killing, panty-waist coalition headed up by Keystone Progress can gin up 20,000 signatures on their fake petition, watch as Patriots from around the country - who are also fed up with being bossed around by loud-mouth Liberal fruitcakes - come up with 200,000 real, verifiable signature supporting Chief Kessler and his right to express himself in any way he sees fit.

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The Chief is going to need our support and prayers now more than ever. You can find a link to a support petition and the Gilberton Town Hall phone number below. Please sign the petition and give the Town Hall a call to voice your support for Chief Mark Kessler.


570-874-4790 OFFICE
570-874-4792 FAX

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