Saturday, August 3, 2013

Why I Support Israel (And Why You Should Too)

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral host Bob Powell explains from both secular and religious viewpoints, Christian as well as Muslim, why everyone should support Israel's claim to the Holy Land as opposed to the murdering thugs at the helm of the Hamas government in Gaza in particular and Muslims in general.

An update on plans to be in Washington D.C. to tell Truth to Power on Sept 9th is included at the end of this show.


  1. Bobby to bad you can't get Ted Nugent to come to Wash DC if only for a day! That would be wild. I think he might go if you email him!

    1. I've been trying. His assistant said he's in the middle of a tour right now and can't take the time. Ted and I share a lot of things in common, including a love of bow hunting. He comes up this way to hunt in the Fall, and Bob Seger has a place here in town too.

      Getting together with these two rock legends is at the top of my bucket list, and if I ever make it happen I WILL shoot a show around it.

      God bless,

  2. Bobby, I tried to send you a check to the po box and it came back saying the box was closed? Any suggestions on getting it to you? I dont have a paypal acct. Hope thins are going ok for you and your family. Our prayers our with you all! God Bless, John and Natalie Lattanzio

    1. John, the P.O. Box WAS closed for almost a month because I could not afford the fee when it came due. I have paid my bill at the post office for the next six months so if you would like to try again your letter will get to me now.

      I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, it's just that when you are literally living on the edge $30 is a lot of money. When the bill came due I had to ask myself what was more important; actually being able to pay for food, gas, and meds or paying for a P.O. box that doesn't really get used that much in the hopes that maybe a donation would come in. I should have had more faith.

      Obviously I made the wrong choice letting the P.O. box lapse, but that mistake has been rectified and I will be getting my mail there for at least the next 6 months.

      As far as DeLynn goes I wish I could report nothing but good news but I can't. The chemotherapy is working, the tumors are shrinking, but they were so God-awful huge to begin with that she's been on it for 36 weeks now with no end in sight.

      That's a huge problem John, that this treatment is open-ended. They have had to skip the Avastin, a major component of her chemo regimen, for the last two treatments because it had "blown" her kidneys.

      We are literally in a race to kill the cancer before the "cure" kills her and we are coming down to the wire. I am scared to death that she is not going to win this battle. It appears that only a miracle is going to save her life. Please see my latest upload on YT.

      No matter what happens I will continue to be mindful of my promise to Father and my daughter; a promise Satan is determined to make me break. I just found out my mom has the same kind of cancer as DeLynn only it is more advanced, AND that I'm going to be responsible for raising an infant come December (not mine, my son's.)

      MORE in next comment

    2. He (Satan) couldn't beat me down with brute force - he tried, but he failed! - so Satan is trying to weigh me down with responsibilities I can not possibly avoid or take care of by myself. But no matter what the Devil throws at me I will find some way to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome; I will continue to do whatever I can to save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ.

      The support we get from folks like you is invaluable John. Once I started making $200 a month with the show they took away $600 a month in disability benefits and food stamps, plus they took away our Medicaid which paid the $100 monthly Medicare premium for each one of us! It's a long story for another time, but although I am still without Medicaid (and in need of another spine surgery that I can't afford without it) I did get eventually DeLynn's back.

      The point I'm trying to make is that is has cost my family a LOT to indulge my passion for telling the Truth, saving lives, and winning souls for Christ. We start off each month with $400 less than we would get if I just shut my mouth and sat on the couch watching TV, or went fishing with my granddaughters.

      Before I started TTiV we didn't have anything - we've never had anything but love - but at least I knew that we'd have enough to eat and that we could pay our power bill every month. I'm no longer sure of that.

      There probably wouldn't be new death threats rolling in every day either; threats to burn my children to death as they sleep and gang-rape DeLynn to death. I don't walk around with a gun on my hip because I think it looks cool, I do it to protect myself and my family from evil people that would like nothing more than to see us dead.

      All of these things are stressful by themselves, add them all together and that is my life. I ran out of whatever strength I had long ago brother. Remember it's just been the last couple of years that I've been able to try and get back to work. I spent the previous 15 learning how to read, write, speak, and walk again after the accidents that robbed me of those abilities.

      We absolutely depend on your prayers more than anything else. We need prayers of protection to keep the Devil and his human minions from attacking my family, and prayers asking that the Holy Spirit be sent to comfort and strengthen us as we head into the most difficult time we have experienced in our 25 years together. So yeah John, if you wouldn't mind praying for those two things in particular it would be most appreciated.

      Thank you and Natalie so much for your love and support brother, financial as well as spiritual. It won't be long until we're all together in Heaven, and boy will we sing praises and dance for the Lord! I'm here to tell you brother, I can not wait.

      God bless and Semper Fi,

  3. Bobby did Chief Kessler change his mind about going to Wash.DC? Is he going with you?

    1. Yes he did, but for different reasons. Please see my latest upload on YT for the status.

  4. Bobby this country is going to hell,If Obama isn't removed soon there won't be any America left!