Friday, May 17, 2013

UFO Flap Over NEW USAF Drone Facility: Strange Craft Buzz Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center

Over the past two years the Air Force has been turning the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center into a new unmanned drone facility.

As construction of the facility progressed, several unidentified flying objects have been caught on video in the skies over the ACRTC, and three of them are shown in their entirety in this video.

On June 6th of last year, a massive explosion rocked hundreds of square miles of Northeastern Michigan and when this author went to the CRTC to get a comment on video I was arrested and told that I was banned from this and any other military facility. Apparently I was on "The List." You can watch the episode detailing my arrest and documenting the explosion here.

Whatever caused the blast, my investigation into it unnerved the government so much that they sic'd CIA disinformation specialist David Booth, aka Sorcha Faal, on my in an attempt to destroy my credibility by putting my FACTS into his BS fantasy about American Patriots being killed in a drone strike.

This last video is the most recent episode recapping the explosions, CIA lies, and even video evidence of aircraft that disappear from radar scopes on the very same day that the explosion rocked homes and government buildings from Presque Isle to Ossineke and out west to Lachine - at the same time that a witness told me that he had seen a flight of F-16's engage a UFO in a dogfight over Lake Huron.

The "Booms" are continuing, and they are so powerful that the foundations of at least one home was cracked. They are being reported to the local authorities, but no cause has yet been found. Local media, except for The Truth Is Viral; Northeastern Michigan's ONLY Source For News, has been utterly silent on the explosions.

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