Monday, May 27, 2013

Patriots Being Led Into "Kill Zone" At D.C. "Armed Revolt"

Being a Civil Affairs POG (Personnel Other Than Grunt) does not excuse the extremely poor tactical planning that went into Anarcho-capitalist ("F the law, gimme your money") and former Marine Adam Kokesh's "armed revolt against the U.S. government" scheduled for July 4th 2013.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell takes the viewer to a real bridge and demonstrates how the Washington D.C. Police Department, the U.S. Park Police, and the Department of Homeland Security plan to arrest anyone who sets foot onto the Arlington Memorial Bridge with a loaded weapon; and fire upon those who resist.

The tactics contained in this video are not only common sense, but are taught to Marines in boot camp. That can only mean that Adam Kokesh is purposely leading his followers into what he knows is an extremely dicey situation - a "Kill Zone" -  where the slightest miscalculation will be enough to get someone killed.

The Truth Is Viral can not stress enough how important it is to share this video everywhere in hopes of convincing those planning to fall into Kokesh's formation to abandon those plans and save their fervor, and their lives, for the right time and place.


  1. Adam Kokesh a self-avowed atheist. Sounds like he is nutjob.

  2. Thanks Bobby : Your a #1 Patriot..

    Wanted to add this ..a Friend sent.

    Shadow Militia Intel has cause to believe Adam Kokesh and his followers will usher in Martial law in America via an armed insurrection against our government on the VA side of the Arlington Memorial Bridge and State Capitals all over America this Independence Day starting at "high noon" 7-04-13.

    Please answer the call to individually take action on a local level with your local County Sheriff and whatever means of local law enforcement you can find to work with whenever possible. If it is not possible, do as you will but please remain covert in your efforts disclosing details only to the local units you will form. Our country needs you.

    Shadow Militia does not issue orders, we offer intel and suggestions. Thank you all and God bless you and America!

    (Please review the National Security High Alert Brief link below)

  3. Kokesh works for Russia Today - enough said.

    The man has more in common with neo-sovietism than the Tea Party

  4. I suspect that Kokesh is a government agent provocateur whose goal is to aide and abet the actions of government to create an incident to get the general public clamor for gun control because they have been worked into a dither by the media.

    Mr. Kokesh can not be that stupid that he does not understand the implications of his actions or the number of good folk he will place in harms way by his stupidity.

    If actions are proof of intent, he bares watching as his actions defy reason and logic and serve to aide and abet those he would disagree with.

  5. You make a good point Bob.

    I wasn't planning on going, and I had tended to just consider it part of Kokesh's street tactics, which frankly, I think our side could use more of, but your analysis is cogent and unassailable.

    Good work.

    Laser Guided Loogie

    1. LOL @ "Laser Guided Loogie." Thanks for watching bro, God bless you.

  6. the armed march on washington IS NOT A GOOD IDEA.
    save your testosterone for something else.


  8. Bob - Please See:

    You Must REJECT The Armed March on Washington

    I've been called everything from a "Comon Sense P.atriot" to a traitor an a "shill for the system" and even a couple of death threat for this article

  9. Love your video!

    Semper Fi Devil Dog!

  10. Adam is going to ruin quite a few lives if not got them killed. Young lives at that who play to many video games, and sit around getting stoned. He only was able to get 5300 saying they are going. The other 5000 something say maybe. Now he is wanting to do a nation wide armed carry. Which is even dumber because those 5-10k going will be split up amongst 50 states which will end up with scattered people here and there and will only make it easier for the law to arrest their butts and they will lose their right to carry FOREVER. The only states where they might be safe is Arizona, Texas, Kansas, and a few other places that are fighting against Obama's gun laws he is trying to put into place. I am all for this March to protect our rights but not with loaded weapons.

  11. What are the chances that Obama sends the Occupy goons and union Thugs to swell the ranks of Adam's mob? As you said, "it is the only way he can hold on to power."

  12. As soon as you step over the water in the Potomac from Virginia you are ALREADY in DC. So you don't have to come anywhere near crossing the bridge for them to stop you. People who think they can go to the DC shore or even half-way across the water and not be breaking laws will be quite surprised.

  13. Carrying loaded weapons near the capital is a death wish. They've shown they have no moral issue with killing innocents or beating up homeless people, or homed people. The government has already shown this willingness. What makes them think that they have the right to armed carry and think the police won't perceive that as a threat?