Friday, May 3, 2013

Political Cowardice: Outing Congressmen That Have No Spine For The Truth In Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Last week on The Truth Is Viral Detective Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Cold Case Posse explained how the investigation into Barack Obama's birth certificate has nearly reached the ultimate expression of justice: Felony charges relating to the forgery of the birth certificate that the White House claims is a scan of Barack Obama's original long form birth certificate.

In this episode Pastor Carl Gallups, the driving force behind PPSimmons Ministries and author of the #1 Best-Selling book, "Magic Man in the Sky; Effectively Defending The Christian Faith," says that while several "high-profile V.I.P.s" in the Halls of Congress have agreed to join the effort to bring this case into a court of law, others, particularly former Republican Congressman Col. Allen West, have shown "political cowardice" - deciding that their political careers are more important than saving the Republic from an undocumented usurper.

Astonishingly, after promising Gallups and Zullo that he would come on board and hear the evidence, a sitting Congressman and his Chief-of-Staff have done a complete 180 - even denying that the Congressman had ever agreed to anything - despite an email chain that proves that statement to be a lie.

Was the Congressman threatened? Many others who have come up against Obama have found their names joining an ever-growing "dead pool", victims of untimely "accidents," "heart attacks," and "suicides." Is the Congressman a "political coward" like former Rep. Allen West?

Time will tell.

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  1. Allen West wrote on May 1st an article headlined 'The Obama Administration is Indeed Aiding, Enabling, and Abetting Our Enemy, Radical Islamic Jihadists' at

    Consider the ramifications of this information: West realizes that Obama is assisting our enemy, yet he will not join in the fight to challenge the usurper-in-chief's eligibility to legally occupy the presidency due to his personal political aspirations.

    1. Bawkk bawkbawkbawk bakaw!

      That's Allen, "Mr. Chicken" West.

    2. Wow, this is almost as funny as the Onion. What wonderful silliness all here in one place.



  4. As one of the original Birthers determined to get Obama unseated,
    I am finally seeing a turn against this dangerous Illegal Undocumented Fraud in our White House.

    I have spent 6 long years trying to warn people Obama is not eligible to be President. Many who I thought were my friends told me it didn't matter. Really, It doesn't matter that we have a dangerous, America hating, Illegal Communist Muslim Usurper hanging out in our White House with his evil comrades.

    Well I say if that doesn't matter, then tell me what does matter?

    I have been so heartsick at the cowards who will not stand up for America, and do the right thing, join our Birthers in unseating this Usurper. Congressman, Senators, Joint Chiefs,
    High Ranking Generals have all let us down. They have turned their backs on America and her Patriots and families.

    I am tired, I am disappointed, but I continue to fight, fight, fight to free this country from this tyrannical Psychopath destroying our nation, our foundations, liberties, freedoms,
    and except for my fellow Birthers, I have little to do with anyone else by my choice. All of us have suffered, been attacked, discredited, slandered and yes even spit on.

    I am proud to be a Birther and will die knowing we are the ones
    who tried to warn America, but most of the population was asleep.

    Allen "Mr Chicken" West and Traitor Rino Rubio might as well pack it in. We are done with this type of politician.

    America is rising out of the ashes of tyranny thanks to her
    Birther Patriots.

    1. Amen to that. I've been on board from the beginning and have suffered the same fate as you. But, I'm an oathkeeper and will fight on.

    2. I will never give up until the impostor in chief is un-throwned or I'am dead.

  5. For Obama to have been born in a foreign country:

    (1) Obama’s relatives would have had to have been rich enough (and they weren’t. In 1961 Obama’s grandfather was a furniture salesman, and his grandmother was a low-level employee in a bank, and his father went from Kenya to Hawaii on a free flight) and dumb enough to send their daughter at high risk of stillbirth to a foreign country to give birth—-—despite there being fine hospitals in Hawaii;

    (2) Obama’s mother would have had to have traveled overseas ALONE (since WND has proven with a FOI Act request that Obama senior stayed in Hawaii throughout 1961) and somehow got Obama back to the USA without getting him entered on her US passport or getting a visa for him (which would have had to have been applied for in a US consulate in that country and the records would still exist);

    (3) got the officials in Hawaii to record his birth in Hawaii despite (as birthers claim) his being born in another country and somehow got the teacher who wrote home to her father, named Stanley, about the birth in Hawaii of a child to a woman named Stanley to lie (and since the woman’s father’s name really was Stanley, she would have had to have found one of the very few women with fathers of that name to do it).

    If you sincerely believe that Obama could have been born in a foreign country, then you could answer all three points. For Obama to have been born in a foreign country, all three would have had to have happened.

    So, the question is, what are the chances that all three happened?

    1. You need to get your facts straight Zullo has ALL facts of evidence undisputed facts! Thank You

    2. Re Zullo and Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse:

      And, by the way, rational people will notice that you did not answer the question, which reads: "what are the chances that all three happened?"

      msbetz has a good short answer below:

  6. smrstrauss (and wifey) are BOTH well-known Obots and Obama hangers-on. They've been outed on several blogs.

    Their comments - regardless of the posting names - are meaningless.

    1. Notice that jayjay has not answered the question?

  7. Please all of you stay safe and keep your heads low. I'm serious. Still wonder what Vince Foster knew before he died? Because he worked at the Rose Law Firm with Hillary. The Bushes, Clintons and Obamas, they all are dangerous people. VERY dangerous. We all should rent the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Life's starting too look like that. Pod people. Yourself one night, the next day you're "different".

  8. Four months have passed since "Please all stay safe..." and such prominent birthers as Orly Taitz and the editors and columnists of WND are still alive.

  9. Re: "I am finally seeing a turn against this dangerous Illegal Undocumented Fraud in our White House."

    Seven months have passed since that was posted on May 12, and Obama is still president.