Saturday, May 10, 2014

Countdown To Operation American Spring; FBI Moles, Lies, And Honey Traps Abound

On May 16th, Operation American Spring will begin. The event's organizers have been calling for up to 30 million people to go to Washington D.C. to demand that Congress impeach Barack Hussein Obama and do some housekeeping of their own.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bobby Powell and Operation American Spring spokesman Joe Bennett, the Pennsylvania state coordinator for OAS, discuss what organizers hope to accomplish when their followers descend on Washington D.C. on May 16th.

In the second half of the show Bobby brings on Rick Buckner, the former Washington D.C. coordinator for OAS and Publisher of Buckner states his concerns, which echo those of eight other state coordinators who have quit OAS in recent days, because "Operation American Spring isn't what it appears to be."

These state coordinators represent almost 20% of OAS's management-level volunteer force, and their resignations have thrown up some serious red flags. Richard Hall, a close personal friend of Col. Harry Riley and the man in charge of the entire volunteer effort, resigned after discovering that the FBI had placed moles inside the OAS leadership.

The Truth Is Viral had originally taken a stand against Operation American Spring back in January when an investigation aided by Patriot broadcasters Kathy Rubio and Zeeda Andrews revealed that Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely - an uber-neocon and Tea Party darling - had once coauthored a paper for the Army on how to use mind control techniques to influence crowds ranging in size from unruly street mobs to the populations of entire countries with Col. Michael Aquino.

Aquino is the founder of the Satanic Temple of Set, and even though Vallely has never been accused of being a Satanist himself (not even by this program,) his working relationship with Aquino - and the nature of that relationship (figuring out how to use mind-control on crowds just like the one expected in D.C. on the 16th) - I felt uncomfortable promoting the event.

The next week TTiV reversed that stance after Col. Riley appeared on the Pete Santilli show and stated that Maj. Gen. Vallely had no official role to play in the leadership of OAS. This was backed up by an email from Col. Riley's publicity agent who stated the same thing.

Taking Col. Riley at his word that Vallely would have no part in the protest, and understanding that something must be done if the People are to regain control of their government, TTiV continued to positively promote Operation American Spring. But over the past week, information has been released indicating that Vallely will indeed be playing a role in the demonstration. This is extremely disturbing information.

Several weeks ago I published an episode of The Truth Is Viral that documented the fact that from time to time I am being followed by unknown individuals in black humvees. A former high-ranking administrator within the OAS command structure informed me this week that the tail was courtesy of Maj. Gen Vallely, who had asked his personal intel chief to investigate me.

Apparently the General does not like to have the truth told about his connections with devil worshipers or his trips to Syria where he was very vocally supporting the same al-Qaeda terrorists in the Free Syrian Army that John McCain is so fond of swapping spit with, the very same terrorists - Abdul Hakin al-Hasidi and Abdel Hakim bel-Hadj - that were responsible for the US-backed insurgents who murdered Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi.

Guess who doesn't care what the general doesn't like?

Buckner went on to speak at length about all of the little red flags that have gone up during his short tenure as the Washington D.C. coordinator for OAS; red flags that include OAS organizers planning to put as many militia as possible into the Bull Run Regional Park Campground instead of spreading them out. Remember when the Army Air Corp bunched all of their planes together to keep them safe from sabotage on Dec. 6th 1941? That worked out great didn't it?

Gramma always said, "Don't put all of your eggs into one basket." Ssgt. Willie always said, "SPREAD OUT! One mortar round would take out all of you assholes!" It is against sound military doctrine to concentrate your troops in one spot on the eve of a battle, and a seasoned military commander like Col. Harry Riley would know this.

Eight state coordinators from Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, W. Virginia, and two from Nevada have quit OAS in recent days, all stating concerns about the safety of Patriots who plan to attend. One major concern shared by all of those former volunteers is that the federal government might send agent provocateurs into Washington D.C. to turn the event into a "bloodbath." Seeing as how federal agents have already been caught infiltrating the movement, and taking into account incidents like Ruby Ridge and Waco where the government showed little concern - and no mercy - for any who oppose them, this appears to be a legitimate concern.

While some might see the use of the word "bloodbath" as a bit extreme, that is exactly what some of these former volunteers fear will happen if an agent provocateur brings a weapon into D.C. and fires at federal agents. Even if a shot is fired into the air, it could very easily provoke a lethal response; a response which would be answered in kind by a "second wave" of armed militia stationed in Virginia and Maryland "until we need them."

Officially, OAS is supposed to be completely a completely peaceful and unarmed event designed to get Congress off of their corrupt and/or just plain lazy butts and impeach Barack Hussein Obama. Unofficially, armed militia are being told to stand by just outside the District of Columbia.

Emboldened by their stunning victory at the Bundy ranch where armed militia forced federal agents to turn tail and run, militia members may be hoping for a repeat. Not wanting to rain on anyone's parade, but Barack Obama and Eric Holder are not going to let anyone walk into "their house" and slap them around as was done in the deserts of Nevada. Their egos will not allow it.

They also aren't just going to leave office just because a bunch of angry Americans show up at the front gate of the White House to demand their impeachment and imprisonment. The Communist plan to put Bathhouse Barry into office has been in the works since the 60's since Obama was nothing more than a red diaper baby. They aren't just going to give up and walk away.

Patriots who supported the Bundys were immediately attacked by the Left, the charge led by Nevada Senator Harry Reid, a man who holds the distinction of being the most corrupt member of the Senate, and they were labeled "racists" and "domestic terrorists." Imagine the response from the feds if Obama felt as though his tenure as POTUS were in serious jeopardy.

According to the new rules laid down in the NDAA and the AUMF, the United States is now a battlefield where American citizens no longer enjoy the protections provided by the 5th Amendment if Barack Obama or one of his goons say they don't apply. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and CIA chief John Brennan have all refused to rule out the use of drones domestically.

This is particularly disturbing because Obama already has 3 "kills" of natural-born American citizens to his credit, earning him the title "Judge, jury, and executioner" from the normally ultra-liberal ACLU. None of those citizens were even so much as charged with a crime in a court of law, not even a military tribunal, before Obama ordered their deaths with his pen and phone.

The deaths of Anwar al-Alawki, Samir Khan, and al-Alawki's 16-year-old son Abdulrahman were - in the opinion of this writer - a test case designed to gauge the reaction of the American people to the extra-judicial murders of three of their fellow citizens. After all, who's going to miss a couple of scumbag hadjis right?

Well now that Obama has successfully murdered three people and gotten away with it, how much would you like to bet that the next time an American citizen is killed in a drone attack, that individual won't be as epic and obvious a scumbag as was the elder al-Alawki. How much would you like to bet that the next target in Obama's drone campaign will be a Patriot? Most of us are, after all, considered to be "domestic terrorists" for one reason or another; at least according to morons like Harry Reid (and the DHS.)

Sheriff Richard Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has also withdrawn its support from OAS.  CSPOA spokesman Sam Bushman said that the leadership at OAS "had no plan" past the initial day of protest. OAS spokesman Joe Bennett said that Articles of Impeachment and a 33 count list of grievances had been hand-delivered to all 535 members of Congress, but none of the legislators that the OAS literature calls upon to help the People peacefully transition to a new government have responded to that call; none that he could name anyway.

So. What to do...

Although it was an excellent idea and many fine Patriots have been working tirelessly to pull it off, Operation American Spring has been thoroughly compromised. FBI moles have been discovered in the OAS leadership ranks - outed by Col. Riley's close friend Richard Hall -  eight state coordinators have quit as has OAS's only major supporter in the form of the CSPOA, and finally, despite repeated assurances that Maj. Gen Paul Vallely would have no part of OAS, he will. Now that the event is only days away it appears that Vallely will, in fact, be playing a large role, bringing his Tea Party Nation and Stand Up America groups in for support.

I'm not one to care about danger. I am a child of the Living God, I am Saved by the blood of the Lamb. What is the worst thing they could do, kill me? Ha. If I die I'm going straight to Heaven, do not pass go, screw the $200. Threatening me with death does not scare me. If my wife were not barely hanging on to life I would go to Washington D.C. to cover Operation American Spring no matter what might happen because that's what journalists do. Since I do not know how much longer she has to live, I'm not going to take the chance of being away when she needs me most; when Father calls her Home. If I were away when she passed I would never be able to forgive myself.

I can NOT advise that any of you do the same. Whatever Operation American Spring might have once been, it is my considered opinion as a tactically trained US Marine - an opinion shared by several Marine and Army combat veterans expressed during this show - that it is now a controlled opposition FBI honey trap designed to identify, and possibly arrest and/or harm, Patriots that plan on attending OAS; particularly those who have been herded into the Bull Run Regional Campground.

Any Patriots and militia that still plan on attending OAS on May 16th should be aware of one thing: Militia members at the Bundy ranch are now being investigated by the FBI after Las Vegas Metro, Clark County, and federal officers claimed that they felt threatened by the presence of militia with loaded weapons at the ranch. There is no way that the government will ever be able to prove that any particular Patriot ever aimed his weapon directly at a law enforcement officer; but that will not prevent them from "SWAT Teaming" suspects at 3 a.m.

I think we've seen all too clearly that when someone is "SWATTED," whether they are guilty of a crime or not (cops have a bad habit of going to the wrong house and killing the wrong people - and getting away with it,) it very seldom turns out well for the victim.

I will continue to keep everyone who plans to take part in OAS, and those who intend to oppose the event, in my prayers. I will pray that the brave Patriots who intend on standing up to Tyranny will be kept safe, and that the traitors that oppose them will see the error of their ways before it is too late, that if they try to fire on peaceful protestors their weapons will jam, and that they will be blinded and unable to take aim if they get a Patriot in their sights.

God bless and Semper Fi,


  1. fine job on stoking the fire!

  2. Coulda been your job!

  3. Hey Brother Marine Bobby. Smells like a false flag to me. I will NOT be going. But I am ready !

  4. Opps. Just noticed your Isreali flag. Remember the Bible warns you about the Jews who say they are Jews but are not. They are of the Synagoge of Satan. And their own DNA show the AshkaNAZI to be from Kazaria, not the Tribes of Israel of the Bible.

  5. Why I am down on Israel! You don't think it can happen here? Think Waco, OKC, Columbine, Sandy Hook.

  6. That argument is invalid, straight from the Devil. To believe that is to call God's Ezekiel 37 prophecy a failure, to call God a failure. God said that in the last days He would bring His people back to the Holy Land. WHOEVER the people in Israel are now, wherever these DNA tests say that they are from, it is CLEAR in light of Ezekiel 37 that they are exactly those people that God wants to be there.

    Now the Rothschild-controlled Israeli government on the other hand... Isn't the US also controlled by the same Satanic "Zionists?"

    You MUST learn to differentiate between the Jewish people and fake Zionism. Genesis 12:3 says that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those that curse her will be cursed. Between you, me, and the NSA, I'd rather not get on the bad side of Almighty God.

  7. I am so glad someone is reporting on this very serious topic. I would like to speak with you. My name is Deborah

  8. I want to remind everyone that we will continue to loose if we allow religion, politics, race, class, and all the other divisions that we continue to play into. The fact that someone flies a different flag should not matter, If your neighbor is a member of the KKK you still should stand up for his rights if he is being trampled over. That is what Freedom is all about!

  9. Bobby Been In Prayer About this long time, I agree Every Word U said,"Hand Writing on The Wall",Other side Looking for false Wink to Drone The Daily-Light's out ,& any way else,Dear God In Heaven,This Will Be "THEIR BUNDY ON THE HILL" Like You Said Bobby I Am A Women Far From War Zone, But Even I,As Grandma Say's,Wouldn't put all My Egg's In One Basket,Bobby They Have a Evil Plan,I warned About Trader's Coming In,Also This Is Not a Battle of Flesh & Blood But Spiritual Battle Against EVIL IN HIGH!!!!! PLACES,Be Wise,Only By The Mighty Power Of God & His WARRIOR ANGEL'S will This Come out Blood Free,My Heart is Heavy with this Concern,Is There another way,Of Sound Mind & Spirit You Know who Their coming against No! Normal Man ,If They Go Ahead all Should have already started to pray,If They Are sent by God Then We Must Pray In Jesus Name The Blood Of Jesus Over them Blessing's My Brother our prayer always for Your Wife & Family,Home is Surely where you Belong with Your Loving wife God Heal Her In Jesus Name Praise the Name of The LAMB OF GOD JESUS FOR US ALL

  10. The tribes of Israel fled enslavement, crossed the Caucus

    Mountains and became called Caucasians. There are decendent of the tribe of Judah in Israel and the "so-called" Jews, as the Jewish historian, Benjamin Freedman calls them, refer to them as Palestinians. There are real Jews, called the Neturei Karta - Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism who try to warn people like you who have been led into the Jewish trap as Jesus tried to warn you in John 8-44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s
    desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the
    truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of
    his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
    So who is working for the Devil here? YOU AND HARRY RILEY. Remember the USS Liberty.

  11. Bobby Just To Correct something EVil Plan I spoke of,Not A-Spring Evil Plan is DC Gov Has One,You can Be sure,Harry behind 90% of After BundyYou Know It Will Be False Flag,No! One Out of A-Spring Will Have to fire a shot,It will be done By one of Gov's to Blame it on A-Spring ,Bobby, Bobby Only if Sky's Filled with Angel's & Surrounding PLP Of Spring will they Have a Canape Of Protection Jesus Please sent Your Mighty Warrior Angel's to do Just that Lord,Praise & Thank You Lord, Don't let One Be harmed or arrested

  12. patrick varencausMay 11, 2014 at 3:59 PM

    Tell me one thing bud ??? Who is your adversary ??? The devil ? or a brother like all are flawless and may be wrong !? Wath are you for ? Selfrighteous pharasy who loves to lay on his butt and quote scriptures but never move a finger to bless,or walk that 2nd mile when ask for 1 ? or someone who walks the talk !!?? I can smell your hypocrisy from here ( i m in canada) :p

  13. I am Clay Douglas. I am the Free American. I did help stat the Militia in 1994 and was demonized by the ADL and SPLC for it. I started my Radio show after watching what the BATF did to the Children at Waco. I helped start and am on the board of directors for Timothy Bible College, working on my Masters in Political Science and Divinity..You better get your nose fixed... or come meet me in Texas and I will do it for you.

  14. This is a mind game and designed to scare people off. So what if the FBI has moles planted? That was a given from day one. Militia members need to ignore the idiots telling them to pack into one campground is all.

    Will anything come of this as far as impeachment? No. But will media coverage maybe wake up a few more people, get more on board t hat our government is corrupt to the core and something has to be done? Yes!

    Fear mongering does nothing to help the cause of freedom, in fact I call it anti freedom and m kes the author of this article highly suspect as a government plant!

  15. Exactly, black, white, Mexican American, native American , etc etc we all are living under the tyranny of an out of control federal government. And if we do not make a stand as brothers and ignore the race baiters who say we should be fighting each other nothing will change and the USA as we know it is lost.

  16. After reading your post and the resulting comments, I have serious concerns about the credibility of much of it.

    A few questions: What other plan has any stated intent to turn the Red Tide that is inundating our Republic? Why does the Gen V rumor keep surfacing when even he rejects the assertion that he is involved with OAS? OAS' own website states unequivocally that they demand resignations, not impeachment, because Clinton proved impeachment doesn't accomplish the goal--getting rid of Obama and his bad company. So why keep talking about impeachment? Why does it matter what other organizations join OAS when OAS is drawing millions of committed patriots with pure hearts and noble intent on its own? Why do you persist in denigrating any effort to correct the downward path of our great nation unless your objectives coincide with those of our corrupt bureaucracy? What difference does it make if the FBI is placing moles in OAS--OAS isn't doing anything secret or illegal. FBI miles should be all over the Obama administration is they want to stamp out crime. (But then Eric Holder runs the FBI, doesn't he?)

    Thank you for bringing these matters to light. I look forward to your responses.

  17. If this is Col. Riley, all I have to say is that you should have appeared on the show as you had agreed to do then you could have answered this charge yourself. The door is still open to you at any time sir.

    You have had 6 months to make OAS into something viable, but there are still NO permits, not even a place to relieve yourself has been arranged. "Bring a bucket and a poncho to hide yourself?" Really?

    The very lives of American citizens are hanging in the balance here. I am NOT going to send my viewers into a dangerous clusterfuck that can't even provide a roadside pisser.

  18. Brother, we are only going to get ONE chance to "Cross the Rubicon." I will give my body and my life for that one chance, but this isn't it.

    EVERYONE I trust has pulled out of OAS or has stopped promoting it citing exactly the reasons that I stated in the text and in the video. If the truth be told I'm actually late to the game; I've been a bit busy lately.

    This information came to me late last week and with OAS just a week away I had to do something, hence the atypical show with no graphics, music, or whatever; just info.

    Please read my reply to "hmriley" above.

  19. I've already taken a screenshot of this comment, so don't bother deleting it. The poster (who I do not know is really Col. Riley) states that, "Why doesn't Rich Hall tell me who the FBI agents are....He had concerns
    about some people's loyalty and maybe allegiance to OAS, but I never
    heard of FBI agents."

    Who do you think they work for? Does someone actually have to use the words "FBI mole" for it to register? There is only one agency, maybe two, that have a purview here: The FBI and ATF. Either way, it's not good for the People.

    Should I change the title to "ATF Moles"?

  20. The "idiots telling them to pack into one campground" are the OAS leadership. As for me being a government plant, lol, not a chance. They don't have enough money to make me lie for them. If I say something "I" am saying it, nobody has me on a string, nor will they ever.

  21. Incidentally, Harry, You might be surprised to learn that Rich Hall got notice of the reference to moles within OAS, in an email from me yesterday.

    Rich did deny making such a claim about his cause for leaving OAS in those emails with me. However there's a major incongruity going on, because Rich's statements now, do not jive with what Rich has said directly to several other persons on OAS at the time of his leaving there! Those persons are in quite regular contact with me, and received my entire email exchanges last night with Rich Hall.

  22. Dixie Patriot

    1) The removal of 7 (seven) people from office, which is OAS's stated goal, can NOT possibly remedy the systemic corruption to all 3 branches of government, and gross violations to the Constitution itself, not even in the extremely unlikely event those removals so occur.

    2) OAS's demands are NOT congruent with the Constitution, no matter how often they give that Document lip-service, and not only advocate the discard of constitutional process in the removal of these people by populist demand, but also indicates in Phase-3 of that plan the institution of a "tribunal", populated by hand picked persons, which is nowhere a part of the United States Constitution, but is conspicuous in being a part of the military martial law handbook. Furthermore if those 7 individuals should be removed, it only cements the idea that we are somehow a populist democracy, undermining the terms of the Constitution itself!

    3) What OAS represents is the publicly stated plan, by open conspiracy, to overthrow the Constitution, and to institute some other form of government, which is what is known as "TREASON".

    4) What OAS has successfully done is publicly lay the groundwork for scapegoating conservatives, the religious, and ex-military for being traitorous and intending the armed overthrow of the government, just as that notorious DHS document indicated a few years back. Yes, there will be armed militia on the shores of Virginia, and it matters not that they are in lawful possession of their firearms there, as a raid upon them in the dark of night would provide sufficient support for the institution of that martial law.

  23. I think you need to talk with Rich Hall, not me. This is not priority with me as I'm preparing to depart for D.C. in the morning. Please find your answers with Rich.
    As I've said before I don't care if FBI, ATF, your grandmother is a member of OAS just a long as they are civil, courteous, respectful in their dealings. We have nothing to hide.

  24. You are the one scare mongering to drive people off...

  25. I'm doing nothing but presenting two side of a story here. If you had actually watched the video you would have seen where I said that it was "above my paygrade" to tell anyone whether or not they should go themselves, and heard the counter argument posed by my second guest.

    You should also take note of the comments in this thread. Joe Bennett, although he is a nice enough guy, is a third-stringer sent in to replace Col. Riley as my guest at the last minute. Col. Riley would have had the chance to respond to those allegations himself, and if you will notice I have left him an open invitation to do so whenever he wants.

    But he won't even respond to my comments (assuming that "hmriley IS Col. Riley himself,) he just denies and runs, so what does that tell you?

    See Mary, I'm not a partisan journalist like most of those that you see on the internet these days. As evidenced by this episode, I do my best to get BOTH sides of an argument out there and THEN add my two cents.

    If the facts scare you, GOOD! You should be scared. The People of these United States are about to fall under Satanic Tyranny. What we've seen thus far is merely a warm-up.

    The Devil knows that there is no way he can control a nation of 100 million gun owners, because unlike our Father in Heaven, he is NOT omnipotent. He relies on humans to do his dirty work, and the only thing I see coming out of this POORLY planned event is an opportunity for Obama & Holder to say, "LOOK! THIS is why we need stricter gun laws, as a matter of fact, here's an Executive Order banning assault rifles."

    It also gives the government a nice and tidy list of who to go after first when the shit really does hit the fan.

    If you're going to cross the Rubicon, you don't advertise your plans, and that is exactly what has been done here.

  26. Bobby, if you're interested, I and another ex Media representative for OAS are discussing at this moment whether or not we should appear on your show.

  27. I've already discussed it with Rich, as of last night, and pointed out the incongruity of his current explanation, with his previous explanations. You have nothing to hide, particularly not even the advocacy of the overthrow of government by terms not in agreement with the Constitution, which is curious for a movement allegedly desiring to restore that Constitution. It should be noted that I was the person most conspicuously making calls that OAS had to have its demands referenced to that Constitution, but then I was banned by you.

    And, Harry, I wish you success with that "coke cake" you're baking at this moment.

    What's curious is where you're baking that cake, as you were to have a Noon interview with Caravan to Midnight today, but claimed you had to catch a flight. Honesty and Integrity are not just words, Harry.

  28. Here is a video that people need to watch, particularly those who are still clinging to idyllic beliefs of this country that are no longer in play.

    This is a lecture by a retired Army Ranger, Sgt Major Dan Page, and he is detailing what is about to happen in America.... not what MIGHT happen, but what is going to happen, what is planned.

    This is not going to to happen sometime in the distant future, but in our near future, days and weeks, very likely

    This, fundamentally, is WHY OAS is such a HAZARD.

  29. Thank you for your thoughtful response. 1) You are correct, Sentientstorm. It won't solve all our problems, but it is a good start. Getting them out of the way, will allow us (Americans) to focus on the really hard work: purging the incestuous bureaucracy of all traces of Marxist ideologues and their useful idiots.

    2) There is nothing unConstitutional about resignation (it worked well with Richard Nixon), or populist about the American people demanding that their government employees obey the law.

    3) Nowhere has OAS stated any intention of overthrowing the Constitution, quite the contrary. OAS is rescuing our government and reviving it under the Constitution. Recheck the definition of 'Treason'--that's what has been happening over the past 100+ years.

    4) How do you persist in charging OAS with an armed overthrow of our own government. Our Constitutional government has not even been in control for over a hundred years. (See #3 above.) It is our goal to reinstate our Constitutional government and return control of that government to the People--where it rightfully belongs.

    5) The criminals currently in fraudulent control of our nation need no excuse to implement martial law. It is already in effect. Pay attention.

    6) Let me remind you of the American Revolution when the exact same sentiments were expressed. It's amazing what happens when the Will of the People perseveres and the Grace of God intervenes. We can accomplish anything we set our minds to when we unite in common purpose. Whatever the result of our effort, it will be historic.

    Thank you for allowing me to correct your misunderstandings, and I wish you well in your quest to right our ship of state.

  30. Manuel E. Vega IIIMay 12, 2014 at 10:43 PM

    Why are you believing these false rumors? There is no militia being set up in campgrounds in VA and MD. They are wounded warriors. You are dork for believing in such fabricated nonsense. Get a grip Marine! I don't see you making an attempt at restoring this nation. You're all talk and no substance. Good luck with your show. Former follower here. Semper Fi!

  31. Your second guest in my opinion, was making a case FOR attending OAS. His arguments were weak. And, yes, there ARE FEMA Camps!

  32. Last comment: This DoD retired is fear-mongering. Some of his points are valid. However, he doesn't have the resolve of a real American!

  33. patrick varencausMay 13, 2014 at 6:25 AM

    a pharasy <yep!!

  34. patrick varencausMay 13, 2014 at 6:26 AM

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_-

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  36. What a rip-off! I went to D.C., but was not seduced by an FBI honeytrap.

    Crap. Why even show up?

  37. I think the ACLU will stand up for his rights. Or the Klan can help him stand up for his rights.

  38. The honey traps actually sound like a good reason to go.

  39. been watching the live ustream of operation american spring,and just want to give a big shout out to the folks down there,only a few alternative news sites talking about this dont know why? infowars has nothing up there,dont know why,i just dont know anymore my brains scrammbled we either support things like this or we dont,pete santtilli and mark connors and a couple others have live stream,no more,do you know something bobby im 48 and i do believe if america falls then we all fall very fast,ive never been to america and dont realy like your criminals in goverment,but what you stand for we need to support you,peace and bless.

  40. Re: "Teetering on the brink of a second revolution."

    A little too optimistic.

  41. I did nothing of the sort. My guest, the former DC coordinator for OAS, said that they would likely be identified and put on a list, and that they MIGHT be harassed and/or arrested. You need to pay attention.

  42. Clayton, I'd like to do that sometime in the near future. ATM though I'm not doing a whole lot besides taking care of my wife and the family. Please remind me in a week or two when, hopefully, things have settled down a bit. The best way to get in touch with me so I'll be sure to see it is to send an inbox to the TTiV facebook page.

  43. This is crap for one thing the Koch brothers tea party is worst then the other two and if you were really children of Christ you would already seen through lies

  44. this is a prejudice thing and Christ is not involve in prejudice against the president of the united states repent

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