Friday, May 2, 2014

"Obama Must Die" FB Page Generates Death Threats For Page Owner

"Barack Obama Must Die." That is the name of a new Facebook page that has already earned the page owner over a dozen death threats, even though he states that his only motivation is to show that Barack Obama, like all biological organisms, must eventually succumb to nature and expire. At least that is the legal motivation that keep this page, and other similar pages, on the popular social networking site.

"J," the creator of the page, also says that part of his motivation was to show the hypocrisy of the Left which didn't seem to mind pages with the names "George Zimmerman Must Die" or "Cliven Bundy Must Die" that have been allowed to remain up by Facebook.

This parody Facebook page has drawn the Liberal Left in like flies, and some posters have been none too shy about wishing the most vile forms of death on not only page owner "J," but on his children as well. "J" children, ages 11 and 16, have been threatened with being burned to death.

As a Libertarian, this author has been in heated debates with those on the Left and on the Right; but my experiences have shown that only those on the Left are prone to making such disgusting remarks, and the further Left one leans, the more that signs of true psychopathy are revealed. Just last year, for the "crime" of disliking the blasphemous album art of rap "artist" The Game, this author's children were also threatened with being burned alive as they slept in their beds; my wife was threatened with gang rape. (Click to read that story and watch the video.)

In other words, Liberalism is a mental illness.

Asked if he had been contacted by the Secret Service for what may (in some alternate reality) be interpreted as a threat to the President of the United States, "J" said that he had not. He had not, as of this writing, even been contacted by Facebook concerning the "Barack Obama Must Die" Facebook page.

In conclusion, the question must be asked: Is some one expressing their 1st Amendment right, regardless of how politically incorrect or offensive their statement might be, grounds for expressing the desire to murder that person and their children in the most shocking ways imaginable?

Click to visit the "Barack Obama Must Die" Facebook Page.



  1. RICHARD RALPH ROEHLMay 2, 2014 at 9:41 PM

    Oddly (and to my surprise) I have discovered that editors on left leaning websites, especially those labeling themselves 'progressive', have proclivity to censor or ban bloggers that make commentaries that might dare challenge their political agenda.

    The worse offenders of editorial censorship are,, and I am both flummoxed and amazed how insecure and intolerant they are.


  2. SPLC is the same.



  5. Oh wow, I just saw this. Well sir, I live in Alpena Michigan. Should you wish to put your money where your mouth is, there is a "Tough Man" competition every year at the Alpena County Fair. I would be pleased to let you take your shot at that time.

    Now what, tough guy?

  6. Oh yea. I'm trying to rent space at my local steam thresher show this
    july and set up a table with info to attract patriots . This video will
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  7. I had the nicest reply ready to post. just like every other attempt,im
    smacked down. I thought i was already verified. im tryin to reply to
    your comment back. ok. here it is again... wow that was 8 months
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    Thank you. My only tranportation, a power scooter broke down and my son
    rented one for the day and let me set up at his campsite His friends
    love me and my opinions. some are very strong patriots. I'm planning
    for this spring and I dont want to just preach to the choir. I do have
    a new scooter now but didnt get it till almost winter.Till then I'm on
    social sites,, uvlog/yafanna1, kageshi/fay_oh ,oovoo/fay_oh. As
    always your family is in my prayers. God bless you every day,... again
    Thanks Bob.

  8. Mr. Powell, is it your mind or is it script when you blame all on Mr. Obama, when he is one man a puppet to the system and elite/leaders of this globe. why focus on one man that is a image of the true wolves of this operation of the New world Order when most simple, he is in office for amount of time and only does lip services nothing more, he is replaceable that is why they have position's most of the stupid topics are all distraction's from mainstream media to distract people from the important pieces of the puzzle or pieces of the chessboard while we stay in the circle room of distraction the news that is needed to hear never is heard and put out of the minds and if someone brought it up you be looked at like you have no idea what you are talking about, i like your show but i see it is in a circle room and the topics get someone in depth but not enough, if you know that the war is nothing but a political chess game and the media is nothing more that a staged event like we see in all nations and then blame on the so called terrorist which are nothing more than people rebelling to the Satanic system, the Amercian troops without knowing are enforcing the New world Order laws and ways to live in the so called peace act and the terrorists that are showed and named are really the soldiers of the nations that hail the Satanic system and use them for fake terrorist attacks and the people that are being imprisoned and tortured and killed for no reason are people like us that see this corrupt system and have no desires to follow or except or praise and comply or conform to which so ever because it is not the way of life so why not give out information like how we are being poisoned by the food we eat and water we drink and the air we breath and how the music and television are part of the brainwashing and keeping people distracted to a reality that is deemed we should live and they behind the scenes preparing for the burning of the globe and how they have a weapon for our weather and natural disasters known as HAARP and the project blue beam where they use holograms to project out in space a comment and tell through there news media that it will hit earth and use to pretend that there are UFO's and how that the history of man kind has been manipulated since the beginning of man and how we all nation known as USA is a nation filled with all types of the human race or just all humans but of different language but all are still human and that they only created the United States is for a experiment of all races of the globe and use this nations people as test subjects for the future purpose of a controlled globe and that we are head right into.

  9. Bobby hasn't had time to learn everything. He's a busy man and he hasn't realized how helped he could be with a little guiding. Plus, some of his opinions hinder some of the learning he needs. Send him links. If you're nice about it, he might look at them.

    Here's a group of search terms that expose the government, the FBI, Boy's Town, politicians and pedophiles from Nebraska to GHWB.
    "conspiracy of silence paul bonacci alisha owen" <<-- This shows you that the media and government are in it together.

    Here are links I'll contribute, for you and him and anyone else. The first one is short and to the point the 2nd one is very weighty and needs to be listened to WITHOUT DISTRACTION! The last one is prophetic for Christians. It says that Obama is going down and shares some difficulties

    "Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World"

    “Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations”

    "Please Watch - Coming Events in America Starting 2015 - The Church Get Ready""