Friday, December 6, 2013

Whistleblower Reveals Sickening Game Government Workers Play With Clients on TTiVLIVE Tonight!

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After seeing last week's program on which I described how my wife - who is fighting for her life from Stage IV Colorectal and Liver cancer -  lost her Medicaid because I had applied for Obamacare, a woman who has worked with the Michigan Department of Human Services for many years got in touch with me to describe a sickening game being played by social workers throughout Michigan.

She says that social workers receive "Brownie Points" every time that they deny services to clients who qualify for them, that these points are good for promotion, and that race plays a factor when deciding which clients receive what services.

This is a huge scandal, and it is beyond sickening! This goes way beyond my family's personal situation, as this woman tells about other cancer patients and clients of MDHS who have also been denied much needed benefits by social workers in pursuit of Brownie Points that can be traded in for promotions and pay raises.

To watch the live video broadcast right here tonight, Friday Dec. 6th 2013, as this woman's testimony is broadcast for the very first time. For those who have limited bandwidth, you can listen to the audio stream at

EDIT: The interview with the MDHS whistleblower begins at 31:00 minutes into the broadcast linked above.

Then I want you to call in to the show with your own Obamacare or Social Services horror story. The number to call is 218-862-9829. You don't necessarily have to live in Michigan to share your story, but if you do then you will go to the head of the line.

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